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Chapter One

"Yes, I've heard all about you, and your parents..."

"How dare you speak to me, you filthy little Mudblood!"

"They're Muggles, aren't they?"

"Who asked you? You're just a Mudblood."

"Yes, Draco's told me all about you."

"What's a Mudblood like you gonna do about it?"

"You know, Granger, Mudbloods and Muggle-lovers are next."

"Yes, you ought to run, thy can tell who the Mudbloods are."

Hermione ran from the many taunts and sneers the Lucius and Draco Malfoy were throwing after her. "Stop it! Leave me alone! Please!" She screamed with her hands over her ears with tears welling in her eyes. Though it was to no avail, for the taints continued pounding in her head just as her feet pounded on the stone floor.

She continued running with her head down and eyes closed until, suddenly, she ran into something, no, someone. Immediately the taunts stopped when that someone's hands rested themselves along the curves of her waist to stop her falling backwards from the collision. She slowly lifted her head to look at the one whom was holding her. As her eyes reached the mysterious person's face, she let out a startled gasp.

Hermione woke with a start and sat upright in her four poster bed, the hangings closed securely. Tonight wasn't the first she had dreamt this dream, no, that wasn't what bothered her. Many times she had been trapped in that same corridor, taunts ringing through her head, alone in that dark corridor except for those same taunts. She had run before, of course, but never had there been another with her, there in the dark. Never before, and if ever, it never would have been...Hermione quickly shook the thought from her head and laid back into her feather pillow. She turned onto her side and opened her hanging ever so slightly, just so she could see the moon hanging in the starry night sky above the Dark Forest that lay across the grounds from her dormitory window atop the Gryffindor Tower.

Hermione Granger closed her eyes, the imprint of her moon stamped on the back of her eyelids to soothe her and fell into, a now dreamless, sleep.

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