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Draco looked down at Hermione, who had grown limp in his arms. Maybe she's okay with this. He wrapped his arms about her tiny waist loosely and watched for her reaction.

Hermione looked up at Draco in slight surprise and saw a hopeful smile on his face. Wow…he looks so much better whenever he smiles, he's so…handsome. Omigod! Hermione, what are you thinking? This is Draco Malfoy…but…he seems so nice right now…She couldn't help but to smile weakly in return.

Draco saw her smile and felt his heart leap. She's so gorgeous…He felt himself leaning closer to her, he saw her eyes droop expectantly, their lips were just a few inches apart…

"LUMOS!" A voice cried from behind Draco, startling the two. Draco turned quickly and pushed Hermione behind him instinctively. The glowing tip of a wand was nearing them and revealed Professor Snape holding it.

Behind the protection of Draco, Hermione felt the heat rising to her cheeks quickly. What just happened…did we almost kiss?...Omigod…

"Draco…what are you doing wandering the corridors so late? Really, I don't like punishing students of my own House, but this is inexcusably past midnight. And you are Head Boy." Snape lowered his wand slightly so that the white-blue light was no longer shining in Draco's eyes.

Feeling the pressure, and thinking it unwise to stay hidden, Hermione slowly stepped out from behind Draco. She gulped as she slowly looked into Professor Snape's eyes.

Snape looked to Hermione sharply and quickly turned his wand on her, "Granger…" He glanced at Draco then back to Hermione. "Mind to tell me what you are doing out in the corridors so late? And trying to get my students into trouble no less…" he sneered maliciously.

Hermione froze. Knowing full well that if she told the truth Snape wouldn't believe her, she gulped slowly, racking her brain for an excuse. No dice. All she could think of was what had almost happened moments before.

"We were doing our rounds, Professor. As you know, we are Head Boy and Head Girl, and it is our duty to do so." Both Hermione's and Snape's heads jerked towards Draco. Ouch! My neck!

"Really?" Snape turned on Hermione again, who tried to act naturally and not blow their cover. "Granger, tell me about this."

Hermione gulped again, "Well, Professor…you see…" She tried not to glance to Draco, but instead calm herself, "We were tipped off that quite a few students were planning to pull pranks tonight, because of today's Quidditch match." She felt Draco shift beside her as Snape's eyes narrowed.

"Then why were your wands not lit? I don't suppose you have an excuse for that too, do you?" Draco cleared his throat, about to answer, but Snape quieted him quickly, saying, "I'd like for Miss Granger to answer, if you don't mind, Draco."

Snape didn't take his eyes, or wand, off of Hermione as she tried to remain calm. "Well, we thought if we walked around with our wands lit…that, possibly, the pranksters would see the light and get away before we had a chance to apprehend them," she gulped. Seeing doubt on Professor Snape's face, she quickly added, "But, Professor, we did have our wands out so that we could perform an Impediment Curse once the unruly students had been found."

Snape studied her for a moment, then turning to Draco, he said, "If this isn't true Draco, I'd like for you to tell me. You won't be punished for doing so…" He sneered at Hermione again, "Only she will."

Hermione glanced at Draco, this is his chance to humiliate me, and I bet he did all that before to tease me. And I fell for it…She saw Draco open his mouth to speak, oh here it comes…

"It is all the truth, Sir," he paused, "Surely you wouldn't doubt the word of both the Head Boy and the Head Girl."

Snape considered Draco and Hermione for a moment, "No…I don't suppose I could…" He lowered his wand so that it was no longer pointing at Hermione. "Just, finish your rounds quickly and get back to your dorms. It's very suspicious that you are wandering the corridors together, and some of the other professors may not take it as lightly as I." Snape turned with a swish of his cloak and swept back down the corridor the way he came.

Lightly? You call that lightly? You effing interrogated the shit out of me!! Hermione thought crossly as he turned down a hidden passageway and out of sight.

Draco grabbed Hermione's hand and turned her toward him, "Now…where were we?" He grinned smugly and leaned in once again.

Hermione reacted quickly and stuck her hands up defensively, stopping him just inches from her face. Her hands rested on his chest for a moment and she quickly removed them, her cheeks flushed.

"What?" Draco watched her questioningly.

Hermione didn't dare to look up at him, "We can't. I-I have to go…" she sped off, following the path that Snape took earlier, hoping that she could find her way back to her dormitory.

Draco stood, staring after her in the dark sadly. what just happened…?

Hermione turned onto the hidden passageway and found herself at a fork. On the right was a staircase leading down. Well, I'm already in the dungeons, and I don't believe I want to go any lower. The passage on the left seemed to slope upward slightly. Left it is…

She ran for five minutes before finding herself at a triple fork. One passage led off to the kitchens, another to the Divination Tower, and the other? Unknown. Well, I know that the Heads' common room can be reached by taking a shortcut along the Divination Tower, and it's already late enough. I don't want to be caught by another teacher. I suppose I should just crash there tonight.

Hermione reached the statue of Ulrich the Unifier and glanced around, after being sure that no one was around she whispered into the statue's ear, "Widdershins." She then stepped back while the statue came to life. He shook the dust off of his hat then eyed Hermione.

"Well, Miss Granger! How pleasant to see you! Come right in!" He waved his hand across the air and immediately an elaborate door appeared in the wall behind him.

"Thank you, Sir Ulrich," she smiled politely and gently pushed open the door which leads into the Head Boy and Head Girl's common room. Hermione closed the door behind her and heard Sir Ulrich slide himself back into place on his marble base.

Hermione looked around the fire lit room. The walls were marble with gold finish and the ceilings were high with arcs. All about the room were pictures of previous Head Boys and Girls, sleeping soundlessly in their frames. Above the mantle was a large, framed picture of the Four Founders of Hogwarts.

Hermione smiled at their peacefully sleeping pictures and looked around some more, now…where is that linen closet? As if reading her thoughts, a small door appeared between two of the giant bookcases that lined the walls of the room. She smiled, feeling at home in this wonderful room, she could be herself here, sit for hours upon hours, reading undisturbed.

Tempted by the books, she walked to the bookcases, but a stifled yawn brought her back to her senses. She needed rest. Today…Well, yesterday she should say, was a long, tiring one.

She walked to the narrow wooden door of the linen closet and opened it. Immediately, a pile of bottle green and scarlet blankets fell upon her. Well, when I thought I needed blankets, I didn't mean this. Oh well…there's no way I'll get cold… She picked the first blanket off the top of the pile absent-mindedly and walked over to the large couch in front of the fire.

She moved all the pillows to one end and fluffed them before laying down into them and covering herself with the blanket. Soon she found herself in a restful but dream-filled sleep.

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