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Moaning Myrtle's Comeback

She had been the victim of a murder 56 years ago. She had been in the girls' bathroom on the first floor, when something appeared by the sink, and she died an immediate death when she looked into the eyes of a serpent, one that was called the basilisk. She had been depressed before her death, but not as depressed as she was now. Then, she had been a little more content with life, but now, as a ghost, she was poor, sad, lifeless Moaning Myrtle.

No one liked Moaning Myrtle; they would throw books and other things at her. They would taunt her and tease her, making her cry ghostly tears. She felt so alone, and no one had ever come to see her since those Hermione, Ron, and Harry people, and even they didn't come much.

Now, this 56th year after her death had gone very roughly for Myrtle. It seemed that everyone, even some of the teachers, had something against her, and it seemed that the taunts and throwings of books were getting more and more vicious and harsh by the day. Nowadays, people gave her mean looks and missed no opportunity to throw things at her.

One day, Myrtle began to get really fed up with all the cruel acts towards her and came up with a plan. Of course, no one wanted to hear anything she said, and she had no intention in telling anyone. She waited for the perfect moment to carry out her plan.

Partiliss Libelous was a Slytherin whose mouth got the better of her. She was walking with her Slytherin friends one day, and they decided to go see what Moaning Myrtle was up to, and when decoded, they wanted to actually go throw books at her. They headed to the girls' bathroom with their arms full of textbooks, and decided to 'go to the bathroom' and then sneak out and throw the books at her. They went to the girl's bathroom, one at a time, and pretended to Winnie the Pooh (redireas knows this). Then, they sprung out at Moaning Myrtle, who was sitting on the windowsill, and started throwing books at her.

Well, Myrtle was very appalled and annoyed at these girls, and so she carried out her plan. She cried a battle call, and started swooping towards the girls. Partiliss and her friends started shrieking and running around. They finally got enough sense to run out of the bathroom, and the stopped outside of the door. Myrtle, however, kept swooping towards them, and they could only run.

Myrtle chased Partiliss and her Slytherin friends all around the castle and back to the Slytherin door, where they stopped running. They faced Myrtle with fear, and they tried to apologize, but no words came out. Myrtle started yelling at them and 'punching' them, and she punched through their bodies, making them more scared. The girls started begging for mercy, and they had no choice but to wait until Myrtle was done. Myrtle didn't cease from scaring the Partiliss and them until the next morning (note: Partiliss started throwing things after dinner). Myrtle finally realized that they had run past the whole school, and she realized that people could've seen how mean she could get. Then, she called Partiliss a maggot and went back to her toilet, where she was smiling to herself. No one ever came to bother her, and those who did got a fierce chasing and scaring.

The End.

(By the way at the 75th year, Myrtle got SO fed up that she killed a guy from Hufflepuff. Then she went to Durmstrang.)

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