Back to the future is a time-travel story with a twist: Harry goes back in time to teach his parents DADA – but not only in their seventh year but during their whole time at Hogwarts. He also doesn't attempt to change the future but instead tries to bring hope to the hearts of his students. This is a super-power-Harry story but his powers will have a reason. I'm not sure yet if I will cover all seven years and in which depth but that is for later.

Back to the future: part one

How did he talk me into this?

It was shortly after dawn and eighteen year old Harry Potter looked up to the majestic castle that was Hogwarts.; if anybody would have been close they would have been able to hear the young man who looked around twenty- five murmur "I'm home."

But no-one was around to hear his whisper as all living inhabitants of the castle were still asleep. The headmaster of the school, for that is what the castle was, was awaiting him at seven, testing if he would be awake at such an hour – at least that was the Albus Dumbledore of his time had told him.

Harry still could not believe himself that he had allowed his mentor to talk him into travelling to the past and teach for SEVEN YEARS Defence against the Dark Arts – and if that wasn't worse enough he would be teaching his own parents, Sirius, Remus and Snape along with some other "nice" characters like the Lestrange brothers, Bellatrix Black, Peter Pettigrew, Lucius Malfoy... Hell, he would be teaching nearly all future Death Eaters. He would teach them most of what they would use in later years to torture and kill.

Would it be his fault they turned dark? Would he be responsible for the choices they made? This thoughts plagued him as he made his way up to the castle. His only bright thought was that Remus and even Sirius had spoken highly of their Defence teacher – among other things Sirius had mentioned once that something that teacher had said made them chose to become animagi.

The front doors of the castle were still closed as Harry tried to open them so instead he started to get reacquainted with the grounds, the Whomping Willow was not net planted but other then that everything was as he remembered it from his own time more then twenty years in the future.

A noise from the front doors drew him back to the castle where he encountered a man that looked nearly as old as professor Dumbledore. Not waiting for Harry to introduce himself he pointed his wand at him and demanded a name and a reason why he was there. Taken slightly aback Harry answered, remembering that for the first time since he had entered the magical world no-one knew who he was.

"Good Morning, I'm Harry Andrews and here to apply for the Defence post – I'm a little bit to early."

The other wizard eyed he sceptically before he lowered his wand and stepped outside.

"Join me!" was all he said before he started to walk to the Forbidden Forest.

Only when Harry didn't move did he turn around.

"I'm Charles Mortimer the Potions Master of this school. Now would you please join me to the forest as I have to collect some herbs and would like company!"

Once again he turned away from Harry and all he could think was that he would not turn his back to a possibly dangerous stranger. It was unsurprisingly easy to fall in step with the old wizard who was walking rather slowly.

"What are we collecting?" he knew that there were not many herbs that had to be collected on this special morning, the morning after a full moon but for many other herbs it didn't matter at which time they were collected.

"Aconite, you would probably know it as wolfs-bane..."

At this Harry grinned: "or monkswood...!" oh yes, he remembered his first potions lesson very well.

"Yes, also as monkswood. Are you interested in potions?" Mortimer now seemed interested in his young companion not many wizards were interested in potions and even fewer became potions masters – maybe he could steer this young man away from Defence against the Dark Arts and interest him in a potions-mastery.

"No, not really: I did take NEWT´s in it but I never loved it since my teacher hated me. I can brew everything I need like most of the medical potions and stuff like that but I fear that I will never do more. My first love has always been Defence – even though most of my Defence teachers were even more horrible then my potions teacher... most of what I know of it I have thought myself..."

he was interrupted by the incredulous question of the potions professor.

"And then you apply for a post as a professor when you have thought yourself most of it? We need a competent teacher not some young man who fancies himself able to teach!"

Not in the slightest faces by the others speech Harry stopped and looked at the wizard who was a few inches taller then himself.

"I am an Andrews – do you really think I would have learned from competent teachers to DEFENT myself against the Dark Arts?" he raised an eyebrow at the older man who in turn looked startled at him as if he had only now heard his name for the first time.

"Andrews you say? A relative of Reginald Andrews?"

Harry mock bowed at the other man before answering:

"May I introduce myself? The name is Henry James Reginald Andrews – son of the recently deceased Reginald Perciwal Andrews."

Inwardly Harry cringed, yes, he was a relative of Reginald Perciwal Andrews but not his son but his grandson – a fact that he kept quiet as much as possible: Andrews had been Grindewalds most loyal servant but had escaped before Dumbledore had been able to kill him too. What no-one knew was that he had fled to the muggle world had simply change his name and married a muggle with whom he later had two daughters – a witch named Lily Marie and a squib named Petunia Rose.

Lily had gone to Hogwarts – more precisely would come that year – and would later marry James August Potter with whom she would have himself.

He watched as the older wizard processed that he was the son of one of the darkest wizards the last century had seen.

"So you are Reginalds son...I taught him potions while he was here at school... Never thought that a Huffelpuff would turn dark."

At this Harry did a double take: "He was in HUFFELPUFF? I always thought that he was a Ravenclaw – he certainly never told me differently!"

Charles Mortimer laughed at the near indignation on the young mans face: Reginald Andrews in Ravenclaw? Certainly not! He had been one of those students who only opened a book when absolutely necessary but relied for everything else on his more then large inheritance; but even then he had been not ambitious enough for Slytherin – and definitely not brave enough for Gryffindor.

They walked the rest of the way to the forest and as they continued to talk it was only about potions – a subject the young man knew quite well despite's what he had said. When they walked back to the castle they were just in time for Harrys job-interview to which Charles joined him as Harry would need every help he could get when Albus heard his ancestry.

Indeed the headmasters first question was whether Harry was a relative of Reginald Andrews or not.

"Yes, as I already told Professor Mortimer the Reginald Andrews who was Grindewalds right-hand-man was my father who lost oh so sadly his life in an accident earlier this year...and before you ask I have no wish to become a Dark Lord or a follower of one."

Albus Dumbledore watched the young man before him closely, it was not often that he met someone who held such a power as this young man did. He was not sure if he should trust him, especially as a new dark Lord was gathering followers but his written application had so far been the most promising – even though he had no former teaching experiences.

It was Charles silent assurance that made him trust the young man in the end – even though his deputy looked trusting he had a very special and rare gift: he could see intentions. If this Henry Andrews would have planned to follow his father Charles would have never sat there calmly drinking his tea. So it took only a few tests before it was decided that the son of one of the most feared Dark Lords would become their new Defence against the Dark Arts professor.