The office was completely silent, with a gold bird sat on a perch with its head under its wing, asleep. Several silvery instruments that looked like decorations, and an old hat that actually looked like it understood what was happening. The several portraits of past headmasters that lined the wall were for once also silent and were all staring at the three people situated in the centre of the room. One stood in the shadows casually leaning against the wall looking calm and confident. Another sat behind a large oak desk with blue eyes and a weary air around him, and one young man stood in the centre, with a look of abject shock and extreme anger upon his face.

Harry stood in the middle of the office, staring at the headmaster as if he was confirming everyone's suspicions about himself, that he was in fact completely and utterly insane. It was an hour after the welcoming feast for Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts when he had been summoned to Albus Dumbledore's office. Still in grief over his godfathers death and cut off from his friends all summer Harry had definitely changed. He had picked up smoking as a way of relieving his stress and quickly became hooked. His robes hung off his lean frame as food at his relatives had been scarce, and the rings under his eyes were a testament to his lack of sleep. The earings in his right ear he has got in a sudden fit of anger and teenage rebellion and as of yet no one knew of the tattoo on his back. He desperately wanted a smoke right there, but felt that Dumbledore wouldn't approve, although the old man wasn't exactly on his list of liked people at the moment, 'although that list is extremely short' he mused to himself in a dazed fashion.

His eyes moved slowly between the blue-eyed white haired headmaster, to the stranger standing in the corner. A pair of dark brown eyes stared back at him. The man seemed to be utterly relaxed. Wearing the baggy black jeans and a fitting blood red tank with choker and various bracelets and a touch of eyeliner along with his short spike blond hair he looked dangerous.

"I have no choice in this do I, sir?" he practically spat out the title.

His anger towards the Headmaster clear in his voice, on top of all the other lies and manipulations Dumbledore had subjected him to over the years, he had now just told him that he was to leave Hogwarts, his friends, and train with this man for an undisclosed period of time, and to say the least Harry was pissed.

"No Harry, I am doing what is best for you, please try to understand that." Harry simply glared at him harder for that statement.

"Do I at least get to say goodbye to Ron and Hermione?"

"I'm afraid there is no time for that Harry you must leave as soon as possible."

"Fine" suddenly an icy mask seemed to fall on Harry's face and no emotion was detectable,

"But you will tell them I said goodbye?"



"Are we ready to leave then?' it was the first time the man in the corner had spoken his voice like his face was quiet and calm but also had a hint of humour to it. Harry simply nodded at him. The man walked forwards and grasped his shoulder and the two disappeared with a small pop.

Harry Potter was not to return to Hogwarts for over a year, and when he returned Hogwarts and the wizarding world would never be the same again. Albus Dumbledore sighed and looked at t old hat sat on one of his many cluttered bookshelves and said "I hope I have done the right thing" his only reply was the silence of his office.

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