I was really disappointed when I read it, I don't know what it was specifically but the whole book just seemed weak! This is AU so no spoilers.


Next chapter descriptions (so I don't have to find a way to incorporate them into my story thereby slowing it down and being boring)

Appearance for classes Harry Jess Dan Astral all have concealed weapons (daggers)

HARRY – uniform – black open robe to the floor with hood

Gryff crest

Sleeves pushed up to elbow

White dress shirt with sleeves at elbow

Top buttons undone

Gryff tie loose

Black trousers and boots.

Large multiple silver rings and wristbands, eyeliner and black nail varnish.

Piercing still in

One shoulder record style bag.


Girls - belly shirts

One deep purple (astral)

Bright green message:

- Who pissed in voldemorts gene pool? – On front

One emerald green (jess)

Bright purple message on chest:

-Opinions are like assholes: everyone has one but some smell worse than others

Both - Tight black jeans with flare at bottom

Boots earrings, bracelets and rings

Limited but gothic makeup

Dan - Black nail varnish and eyeliner

Baggy black jeans loads pockets and chains

T - Shirt black white writing

- I can only please one person a day.

Today isn't your day and tomorrow isn't looking good either

Everyone else normal uniform or teachers garbs like in movie 3 PoA (only everyone 4 yrs older and Ginny is Goth-like make up now)

Timetable – Harry

Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lunch Lesson 3

9 – 11 11.15 – 1.15 1.15 – 2.30 2.30 – 4.30

Monday DADA, free period, Lunch, Transfig

Tuesday Charms Runes + spell creation Lunch, free period

Wednesday Duelling, free period, Lunch, Transfig

Thursday DADA, Charms, Lunch, free period

Friday Duelling, free period,Lunch, Runes + Spell creation


He stood up and slowly made his way into the room that he could tell Jess and Dan were sleeping in, when he saw them it only served to confirm his suspicions that they were in the same alcohol induced sleep as Astral, slightly pouting about the fact he had been left out he stripped and crawled in with them. Dan as if sensing him rolled over and wrapped an arm securely around his waist. Feeling both the presences of his bonded nearby, he finally gave into his exhaustion and fell asleep, absently wondering whether Snape would be able to charm his robes back to black, if not, then breakfast tomorrow would serve to be amusing at least. He fell asleep with a grin.


Morning, an event so common, so inherent to the running of the earth that few people truly appreciate it anymore. In the past the coming of morning was believed by the Egyptians to show the victory of the sun god Ra against the night god Apophis. The Greeks thought it was the symbol of Apollo beginning his ride across the sky in his great chariot. Others believe it is the waking of Mother Nature to once again breathe life into her children. However this magical, spiritual quality of morning has been lost throughout the ages as now others only appreciate its simple beauty as the sun rises and the animals call in the new day. But today these people who appreciate the mornings are few and far between, and as the sun shone through a particular window in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry it succeeded in waking a room of people, who coincidently, were not in the mood to appreciate the beauty of anything in their current state much less the morning, and of a school day no less.

Harry was woken up by the sound of painful groaning and a sense of echoing pain in his head. He clenched his eyes shut against the sunlight and tried to ignore the bloody awful chirping birds that seemed to be screeching just outside the fricking window as he searched his head and memory for what he had done to cause the pain – wait a minute – he opened his eyes and added his own groan to the chorus occurring behind him.

"What the hell did you guys do last night? You've given me a bloody hangover and I wasn't even there!"

"Well we had to lessen the pain somehow and you were right there all pain free and fine" Dan moaned his head buried in Harry's neck.

"Well you can bloody well have it back then," Harry cried.

"No please mercy its awful enough already" Dan replied hugging Harry to him tight

'Please stop talking" as small voice that sounded suspiciously un-like the normal Jessica whimpered from the bottom of the bed where it was clear she had crawled to try and avoid the sunlight, and failed spectacularly.

"makeitgoawaymakeitgoawaymakeitgoaway…" Dan kept muttering into his neck and Harry gave into the demands if only to stop his own pain obtained via their bond. He gathered up all the pain from the three of them and Astral in the next room who was similarly afflicted, and sent it out in one large empathic burst to its new recipient. One Severus Snape. Harry pitied the potions students that day, especially if Snape hadn't counteracted the Headmasters prank yet.

"Thank God" Jess breathed and Dan relaxed against Harry' back.

Harry chuckled "I know I'm good but I'm not God quite yet darling"

Jess smiled and resumed her crawling off the bed as she dragged herself off to wake Astral and claim the bathroom for a shower. Dan groaned against Harry's neck again and began kissing a spot right behind his ear bringing forth a deep throaty moan. He moved his lips down the side of his neck kissing and paused to nip lightly at the point where shoulder met neck before returning upwards suckling and biting. At the same time one of his hands moved up caressing Harry's chest before reaching a nipple, which he pinched, tearing a gasp from Harry while his other hand moved down to fondle Harry through his boxers, with much more skill than Parvati Harry absently noted. Harry could feel Jess's arousal through the bond between the triad and it added to fuel to his own desire as he quickly rolled over and grinded himself against Dan causing both to moan loudly. Dan pulled Harry into a hot open-mouthed kiss before Harry quickly pulled away his face twisted.

"Your breath stinks" Harry could hear Jess's snort of laughter from the living room as she dissolved into giggles at that and the look on Dan's face that she could see through the bond via Harry's eyes.

"Well damm" Dan said, " You just so killed the mood!" he whined and tried to pull Harry into a kiss again. Harry pushed back twisting his face away.

"Nu-uh, not till you brush your teeth lover boy"

With that Dan rolled out of the bed and almost ran to the bathroom where Harry could hear sounds of a struggle. He moved to the living room where he could watch and plopped down on the couch next to Astral. The struggle was over fairly quickly when Dan was kicked out of the bathroom and landed on his ass as the door slammed and locked. Dan jumped up and began hammering on the door completely forgetting about magic, and neither one on the couch made a move to remind him as they listened to Jess begin to sing to try and drown out Dan's yelling. Just another normal morning for our intrepid foursome no matter the location.


The Great Hall was buzzing, conversation flowed easily and if you bothered to listen you'd know that there was seemingly one Hot Topic of discussion that morning. As is usual in a school of teenagers they were gossiping, and the staff members were involved in a deep discussion (as professors were too dignifies to stoop to the level of gossiping after all). The Hot Topic of the morning was the new arrivals to Hogwarts, and no I don't mean the First years.

It seemed that Ron Weasley had "innocently" let slip that the new student didn't sleep in the dorm last night, thus explaining the current situation. As the first breakfast of the school year was compulsory for all students to attend to receive their timetable this news quickly spread. However if one were to observe closely one would notice the absence of another student besides our beloved Midnight. Draco Malfoy was not so noticeably absent from the Slytherin table; in fact the only ones to take note of this absence were Dumbledore, a few Slytherins' and one Ginny Weasley (Snape had yet to arrive to breakfast heehaw!). However all ponderings of Draco's absence were forgotten when the current subject of the Hogwarts rumour mill casually strolled through the doors to the hall.

It took Harry a few steps to realize that they were all silent and staring in his direction, he turned his head to look behind him in an effort to find what they were all staring at. Nothing was behind him. He slowly turned back around to find the entire Hogwarts population still staring at him.

"Okaaaay…" He slowly drawled, and resumed his walk to the Gryffindor table, and Ginny only to realize they were all following him with their eyes, "Freaky" he muttered to himself.

As he sat down next to her he said to her "This feels like the time I was summoned to a very important large conference when I was still in my Rocky Horror costume. The boss man was sooooo not happy and I haven't lived it down. But I left the fishnets, corset and high heels at home this time, so what the hell is wrong with these people?"

Ginny in return sent him a bewildered look which clearly said "I have no bloody clue what your on about but I'll humour you anyway."

"You" she said simply.

"Huh, what about me - " he said, noting that their fellow Gryffindors were attempting to listen in on the conversation.

'You didn't sleep in the dorms last night, did you Midnight?"

"No, is that a rule?"

"Actually, I never thought about it that way!" Ginny replied, a mischievous look appearing on her face.

They both chuckled and proceeded to eat, expertly ignoring the expectant look of their housemates still wondering about where he spent the night. They ate in silence, and gradually when the students realised they weren't going to reveal anything else the noise level in the Hall began to rise to its normal volume again. Harry only looked up from his breakfast when his timetable was unceremoniously shoved under his nose. Blinking at the sudden intrusion into his thoughts, he stared at the hand and slowly moved his eyes up the arm it was attached to until it revealed, surprise, surprise, a face! A Bushy haired, pale face to be precise, which was currently looking down her nose at him like he was pond scum. He took his timetable from Hermione with a small nod of tanks, and the cheesiest grin he could mange, which thoroughly creeped her out he was glad to notice.

He looked down at his timetable, absently noting out of the corner of his eye the "glare of castration" that Ginny was sending her brother, who was also handing out timetables, and the way he tried to glare back, officially on the "glare-ohmmeter", reaching the level of "mouse who lost his cheese", therefore not scary in the slightest, and only succeeded in making him look more confused than normal. He smirked internally, and looked over his timetable.

After a quick glance learning the days classes (Monday) he put his timetable in a robe pocket and picked up his mug of super strong blacker than black coffee. Keeping his thoughts to himself so as not to disturb the others who were bickering ahem, preparingtheir first class of which they now knew he was to play a part, he looked around the Great Hall. There was the normal mixture of students, those who looked wide awake as though they had overdosed on Red Bull, some who were madly finishing homework, and the occasional few who had fallen asleep at the table, one had even taken a nose dive into their cereal. Looking round though, he noticed that Draco Malfoy was missing, and that Ginny was sending anxious and searching looks to the Slytherin table.

Turing his attention to the Staff table it took a moment for him to register what exactly he was seeing. Dumbledore was seated at the centre as usual, in lemon and lilac robes that he swore were twinkling at him, a hat perched jauntily on his head shaped suspiciously like a lemon drop with a beaming smile and dazzling eyes that did not bode well for his image of sanity. He also noted with a dazed glance that Snape wasn't present and pitied the potions students for the next couple weeks as he was guaranteed to be in a foul mood. But what really grabbed his attention were the two new professors sitting to the right of Dumbledore engaged in a heated debate. For through what Harry could identify as a complex glamour charm, he could see two faces that looked horribly familiar.

He felt like being sick.

He felt like screaming until he was hoarse.

He felt like getting drunker ten he ever had in his life.

He felt like going up and punching them in the nose.

He felt like running away and never coming back.

He felt like fainting.

For up at the Head table talking merrily with each other and the Headmaster, seemingly without a care in the world were his godfather, and adopted uncle. His supposedly murdered Godfather, and the uncle Harry had been told had committed suicide two days before he left for training.


I've had enough of living
I've had enough of dying
I've had enough of smiling
I've had enough of crying
I've taken all the high roads
I've squandered and I've saved
I've had enough of childhood
I've had enough of graves...

I've Had Enough, The Who

I felt this totally described Harry at end of OOTP!


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