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A/N: This takes place after "Haunted".

I'm Sorry

It was late at night in Jump City. So late, anyone still awake called it morning. Usually, the town's resident superheroes, the Teen Titans, were fast asleep. But this was not a normal night.

Starfire lay awake in her room, contemplating the events of the day. Or, rather, the evening. She had never seen Robin act in such a way. She never could have imagined it. According to Cyborg, it was the chemical in the dust that made him so... different. That made him threaten his friends.

That made him hurt her.

Starfire got out of bed. It was of no use; she would not be able to sleep while these thoughts were in her head. Perhaps she could find some form of sleep agent. If she were on Tamaran, she would light some Ometinaga oil and have the pleasant aroma clear her mind. What did people on Earth do when they could not sleep?

"Warm milk," she whispered to herself. She recalled Raven mentioning its use for when one could not sleep. Perhaps its healing properties could ease her mind.

Starfire left her room and walked down the hall, careful not to make too much noise. It would not do to wake the others. And Robin was a light sleeper. He would surely wonder why she was yet awake. She did not wish to tell him that he was the cause.

She gently rubbed her upper arm where Robin had clutched at her earlier. The bruises had finally developed. They were faint yet, but would be much darker by morning. Perhaps she could purchase some cosmetics before the others awoke in the morning to conceal them.

Starfire bit her lip gently. They were what had her the most upset. The bruises. She knew he had not been himself when he had hurt her. It had not been intentional. But he had not apologized, either. It was as though he had brushed the entire incident aside, as though it were unimportant. Perhaps it was, in the grander scheme of events, but she did not like thinking that she was so unimportant to him.

Starfire was several steps into the kitchen/ living area before she noticed the figure at the table. Slumped in a seat, his profile to her, was Robin. He looked terribly unwell.

"Robin?" she whispered. "Robin, why are you still awake?"

He hadn't been startled by her voice, so she supposed he had known she was there. "I could ask you the same thing," he answered.

She approached him cautiously. "I could not sleep."

"Neither could I." He turned his head to look at her. He took in her entire form, his eyes traveling from head to toe, finally resting on her right arm. His frown deepened. "Did I do that?" he said in a horrified whisper.

She self-consciously covered her injury. "It is not that bad," she assured him. "It does not even hurt anymore."

"Anymore," he repeated, coming slowly to his feet. "But it did hurt once." he reached for her and gently urged her hand down to her side. Hesitantly, almost as though asking her permission, he ran his fingers over the dark marks on her skin.

"I never meant to hurt you," he murmured. "I guess I had hoped... that I never did." His hand fell and he turned away, bracing his hands on the table. "I'm sorry," he said hoarsely. "I am so, so sorry."

For the second time in one night, Starfire saw Robin act in a manner that was quite unlike him. She touched his shoulder, and his hand rose to rest gently on top of hers.

"I know," she said