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Chapter 2

"Hey, sis?" Miaka said.

"Yeah?" Kaimie replied.

"Is Shonagar in the kitchen again?" Miaka asked.

"Think so. Why?" Kaimie replied.

"Be right back," Miaka answered.

Miaka went to the kitchen, only to find Shonagar raiding the fridge. A cry of "SHONAGAR!" was heard for miles.

"Yeah, Miaka?" Shonagar said, his mouth filled with food.

"Do you ever stop eating?" Miaka said.

"When I sleep," Shonagar replied.

"AUGH! You are driving me crazy!!!!!" Miaka said.

"Sorry. I'm not trying to," Shonagar replied.

Miaka sighed. She knew he wasn't trying to annoy her. That's just how he is, unintentionally annoying. But she wouldn't leave him for the world. He meant too much to her, despite the fact he's a pain sometimes, with his eating habits and all.

"C'mon. We're headed to Kaimie's room," Miaka said.

"Hi, Kaimie," Shonagar said.

"Hey," Kaimie said.