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Chapter 1- Past Time

None of the Justice League expected any of this to happen. Who would? One of their own being blamed for robbery and MURDER!?! It wasn't right, it couldn't be right. The entire League plus a new member but Flash, sat around the table arguing trying to point out how it can't be true. Flash sat alone up a few floors wondering how HE could be blamed for something like this.

'I would never do anything like that,' he thought sadly to himself. He glanced over his red uniform. 'I'm a hero not a killer!' Flash wanted to cry out all of his pain and frustration but didn't. Flash knew there was something that had to be done to stop this. He picked up his bag prepared to leave. 'The League doesn't need a criminal....' Flash just couldn't help but wonder how something like this could have happened....

2 weeks earlier

Flash sat around the table being his normal goof-off. He didn't seem to concerned that the entire team had gathered up in one room. He was too busy playing some video game like his life depended on it.

Superman announced, "Gorilla Grodd and a few other villians have gathered up around a bank.. Team we must go at once!"

The entire team nodded and began to head off while Flash continued his game not even noticing that the League was off. Only when Hawk Girl yelled his name did he disconnect his brain from the game and head to join the team.

"You won't get away with this!" Flash yelled as he ran circles around the villians. Flash suddenly though found himself floating. Grodd had used his telepathy to hold the speedster mid-air. Batman was taking on the Joker who had appeared there suddenly. Superman was taking on Lex Luthor. Hawk and Green Latern were taking Saphire, and J'ohn was taking on Shade. Even with all their combined efforts the League was getting themselves thrown about like rag dolls.

Flash found himself soon enough held against a brick wall with his oxygen supply being cut short by Grodd's strong grip. Flash wanted to yell for help from his friends, but his voice was slammed short when the speedster was slammed into the wall. Flash groaned in pain after he was released and slid down the wall. He had left an impression on the wall from being hit so hard.

"Flash!" That was the only real sound Flash could hear before Grodd prepared to finish the young member off.

Flash didn't really see what happened next. It was just a black blur to him and one heck of a breeze. Something rushed past the two and knocked Grodd off his feet. Actually whatever ran past Grodd and Flash ran past everyone else too only leaving a huge gust of wind behind. It knocked every single person off their feet including pedestrians. Before Grodd and his team had a chance to even stand the blur ran by again, once more sending the villians to their butts. The black blur was someone running like they were the Flash, but they weren't.

"Lets move out, for now!" Lex called to his team before creating a blinding light that when cleared all the villians were gone. Most of the JL stood in shock and gazed at Flash, but he only shrugged.

"What was that?" Wonder Women asked glancing around for whatever or whoever helped them.

"I don't... Know," Flash replied confused.

"Don't tell me, you've forgotten me, Flash!" a voice cried out as the black blur suddenly stopped in front of Flash. Finally the team got a good look at him. He looked exactly like Flash, but his costume was black not red.

Flash gasped at who he saw and knew at that moment who it was. "Black Lightning?" Flash gaged out.

"That's right!... I'm back, little brother!" the Flash look-a-like grinned.

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