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Chapter 17- No Time to Waste!

"Scurred with some wires when I had the gun!" Flash mumbled as everything seemed to become stopped in time. Everything slowed and Flash shut his eyes accepting his fate.

Flash took a huge gasp of breath a few minutes later. Flash stood and glanced around. Flash pulled off his mask and starred at the frozen building. The Dragster Warehouse was stopped along with everything else. Wally then saw his unconscience brother and approached him. Wally checked his pulse and discovered he was alive. Wally picked up the gun and dragged his brother out of the building.

Wally felt his eyes become teary as he saw everything was frozen in time. Wally wanted to cry out his frustration. Everything was for nothing. Wally would have if his brother hadn't moaned. Wally yanked his bro's mask off and starred into his opening eyes.

Harold hopped up and snarled. Harold began running circles around Wally. Wally watched him in confusion.

"Why are you running like that?" Wally questioned. "You're running at normal speed!"

"What!" Harold cried in pain as he starred at his feet.

"Serves you right!" Wally snorted as Harold tried to hit him. Wally easily dodged it. "Looks like I still have my powers though!"

"Forgive me..." Wally shut his eyes and hit his brother hard. "That's all I ever wanted.... Forgiveness from you and acceptance." Wally let some tears fall as he picked up the time gun. "Lets hope!" Wally screamed as he smashed the gun and caused a yellow orb to shoot out and blow across the city. The blast sent Wally into darkness and he gladly accepted it.

Wally choked to breath as he yanked out the tube that was down his throat. Wally sat up and coughed. He then surveyed his surroundings. He was in some infirmary.

"Whoa there kid... You better rest!" a voice suddenly said as it pushed the hero down.

"John!" Wally cried happy to see his friend unfrozen. Wally grinned as the rest of his team mates joined him in human clothing not in costume.

"Didn't think it was fair for your identity to be seen. So we joined in up here!" Hawk Girl explained giving the young hero a hug.

"What happened?" Wally asked.

"We were hoping you could tell us that," Superman, aka Clark Kent, asked.

Wally took a deep breath and began to tell the team about the "speed down." Wally didn't leave out one detail either. The team was totally enthralled in the young hero's story.

When Wally finished he glanced around for approvement. The entire team grinned and gave Wally a high five. Wally then frowned and turned to Bruce Wayne, aka Batman.

"What I don't get is why my powers stayed and why Harold's left?" Wally inquired.

"The chunk of steel that was in your shoulder countered the effects somehow. Harold being fast instead of being frozen like the rest of us became normal...." Batman explained.

"Oh..." Wally gazed at the ground.

"Come on kid! Time to go!" Hawk Girl smiled yanking Flash's mask on and dragging him out to the Javelin. "Lets go!" Hawk Girl grinned after blind folding the hero.

When the Javelin stopped Flash took off the blind fold after being led outside. Flash's mouth dropped. In front of him was the entire city cheering him on and thanking him.

"They would like to say sorry!" Superman told Flash as he pushed him forward.

Flash zipped up to the podium and shook the mayor's hand. Flash felt so enthralled that not only were his enemies and brother in jail, but everyone was happy to see the speedster.

After the ceremony Flash stood next to his friends. "Guess this went too far, too fast, huh?" Flash frowned.

"Yeah.. But it was sure a whole bunch of fun!" John cheered Flash up.

"So next time warn us if you have any brothers bent on destroying all humanity next time, k?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Yes, princess!" Flash gave one of his cocky grins to his friends. He nodded to each of the members with his grin, but it suddenly faded when he saw someone he recognized in the group of people crowding him. His eyes went open as he saw Jenny throw on a hood and disappear among the crowd.

Flash shook his head. "Guess this isn't totally over yet," Flash mumbled under his breath before picking up one of the kids from the Central City Orphanage and took a picture for the paper with the rest of the League.

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