Title: The Choice is Yours

Pairing: Harry/Peter (slash)

Summary: Harry's revenge against Peter might turned out hurting them both.

Warning: This is slash (=homosexual)!! The story timeline basically took place after Spider Man 2 (movie). So it does contain some movie SPOILERS!

Disclaimer: I don't own Spider Man.

Part 1

The streets of New York never slept. It was always buzzing with life. But the noise did not reach the top of the building; the magnificent penthouse belonging to Osborn was deafly quiet in the night.

In front of the penthouse's door, stood Peter Parker. The young man was obviously stalling. His finger trailed over the doorbell but didn't quite push it. Peter sighed as he try hard to wrench up enough guts to announce his arrival.

It had been 2 months since the incident of Dr. Ock. Exactly 2 months ago, his best friend, Harry Osborn found out that he, Peter Parker, was Spider Man. At that chaotic moment, the exposure of his identify didn't seem that big a deal; considering MJ's life was at stack as well as half of the city's. He had convinced Harry in no time to "let him go" (he had broken free anyway) so that he could save the city. And he did.

Then he was broken hearted with MJ marrying somebody else. (Of all people, she has to choose the son of that horrible Jamerson who wrote terrible things about him/spider man!) He was down in the dumps and had no time to worry about anything else.

But Marry Jane Watson backed out of the marriage in the last minute. Everything was fine again. Except, of course, this one little thing with Harry Osborn aka his best friend whose father was the Green Goblin and hated Spider man aka him Peter Parker because Spider Man killed Green Goblin.

He had been waiting days and nights for some reactions from Harry. But none had come until one late afternoon. Peter returned to his tiny apartment after an exhausting saving New York city mission. The dim red light on his answering machine was blinking. Harry had left him a short message:

Come to my house, next Friday night at 8:00p.m. Don't be late.

So here he was tonight.

Peter Parker took a deep breath and decided "the hell with it". Two seconds after ringing the door bell, the door swung opened, revealing a cool faced Harry Osborn.

"Hello, Harry," Peter came out with a nervous smile. Harry had obviously lost some weight since they last met but otherwise looked normal and calm.

"Come in, Peter." Harry waved him in.


The two men sat in silence.

It wasn't the comfortable silence they usually shared back in the days they were living together in the same apartment.

This was awkward and tense.

Peter half wondered if he should just leave. But if Harry had asked him over, he should at least wait to hear what his best friend had to say.

Taking a few sips from the offered drink, Peter waited.

"Why didn't I guess?" Harry suddenly spoke up, with a grim smile and shaking his head. "It was so obvious, isn't it? Peter Parker, the only photographer who can take Spider Man's pictures... and you're always so tired ...it's because you have been swinging day and night across New York's downtown..."

"Harry..." Peter wasn't quite sure what to say. Harry didn't seem mad, that's a good thing. So why was his spider sense kept going off the wall?!

"Peter, would you ever tell me who you are if I hadn't found out by myself?"

"Probably not," after some thinking, Peter answered honestly, "You are my best friend, my only friend and I really don't want to loose you."

"Remember how we become friends?" Harry smiled slightly. "The first time I met you in high school, you were such a geek. The biggest nerd I have ever seen. Who would be doing science project in the lab after school when everyone has left?"

"And who would hide under the table smoking? It's not my fault that I thought my experiment had gone wrong when I saw all the smoke." Peter chuckled, "I will never forget your stunned expression when I spread the fire extinguisher at the 'source of the fire', which happened to be your face!"

"Hey, I wasn't 'hiding' underneath the table. I just chose a comfortable spot that's obscure from others' view, which... happens to be on the floor and behind the table you were performing your experiment!" Harry rebuked jokingly.

Both men laughed and for a minute it was almost like old time.

"Some things should never change" Harry said with a hint of fondness. Then his expression darkened and the smile was gone.

"You should never become spider man," Harry continued in a deep, dangerous voice, "and you shouldn't have murdered my father!"

The unnerving silence returned once again. Peter's sense of uneasiness re- emerged in force.

Finally it was too much for Peter.

"Harry, I'm sorry. Maybe I should just go." He said quietly.

"Maybe you should." Harry regarded him with an unreadable stare.

Peter stood up slowly as Harry's gaze followed him intensely. Suddenly feeling light headed, Peter reached out and grabbed the side of the couch, just in time to prevent himself from colliding with the floor.

A cold sweat broke out of his face as his vision rapidly darkened. His breathing came out in short succession and it seemed like it's getting more difficult to force air into his lungs by the minute. The whole room started swimming and soon the task of staying on his feet became next to impossible.

"Something wrong, Peter?" Harry 'said', rather than asked, while he watched Peter swaying on his feet in disinterested amusement.

"What is... going on?" Peter groaned while trying to steady himself. His whole body appeared to be burning up.

Like a hunter fixed on his prey, Harry finally got up and stopped next to Peter. Placing his fingers under Peter's chin, he tipped Peter's face up.

"So naïve... and so trusting, Spider man?" Harry chuckled disapprovingly as he examined the dilated pupils of his friend. His face now inches from the other's.

"There's ...something ... in the ... drink...?" Peter gasped.

"A little too late to figure it out..." Harry reached out and his fingers clamped around Peter's wrist, pulling him away from the couch's support. "I might have slipped a little something into the drink... just something I bought from pest control... to kill annoying SPIDERS... The store assistant was very helpful; had insisted it would kill spiders within seconds... I'm not sure about the side effects on 'humans' though... didn't bother to ask and unlike you, I'm never good at Chemistry. You might know, Peter. You coached me on so many of my Chemistry lessons..."

So this is what my spider sense had been trying to alert me about...Peter thought as his knees gave up on him.

Instead of felling onto the floor as expected, a strong hand closed over his waist; hauling him off his feet. Seconds later he was secured in Harry's arms, his head against the strong chest of the other.

Bending down, Harry's lips brushed lightly across his pale cheeks as if kissing him and paused just below his left ear. Peter heard a soft whisper that carried a deadly promise:

Time to play, little spidey

Before darkness took him and consciousness drifted away.

... to be continued...