Part 5

Luck must have been on his side. Peter thought wryly.

He had passed out last night; whole body burning with high fever. When he woke up again, he found the chains on his hands and feet were removed. With nothing tying him down, escape was merely finding a way out of here.

The room was quiet. Peter slowly pushed himself off the bed and crawled towards the window. He was still very weak from the whole ordeal, but a little bit of his super strength was returning to him.

Nearly there. Peter moved cautiously, not wanting to make any noise or attract any unwanted attention.

"Doctor, thank you for coming. My friend is very sick…" Peter's keen hearing suddenly picked up a conversation somewhere in the giant mansion. The voice that he knew so well sent a pang of fear directly through his heart. Panic gripped him and all logical thoughts were abandoned. He had to get out of here NOW!

The adrenaline rush must have supplied him this burst of energy as Peter dashed through the remaining distance towards the window. Smashing the glass with his elbow, Peter hardly paid any attention to the cuts on his hands. He heard a distant cry of dismay; the only warning he needed to move faster. Without looking back, he was out to the outside world through the broken window in no time.

Blue sky. Bright sunshine. He was OUT of the dark cell.


Peter heard his name being called. Too late, Harry. He moved away as fast as his battered body allowed. He kept moving. That was his only thought in mind – get away from this nightmare.


"MJ?" Peter whispered hoarsely. He couldn't believe his eyes. Is that really she?

"Yes, Peter." Marry Jane touched his face gingerly. Her eyes were swollen and red; it was obviously she had been crying. "You were unconscious for 2 nights. I was so scared."

"What…? Where am I?" Peter looked around, unable to grab the reality of what was going on.

"You don't remember? You were found unconscious on a street behind some building." Mary Jane wiped the tears off her face, "You were taken to the hospital."

"Oh…?" Peter tried to recollect exactly what happened. All he remembered was the instinct to "get away". He vaguely recalled the escape from Harry's mansion and kept crawling from buildings to buildings. He was too weak to produce the super web that would allow him to swing away. All he could do was crawled like a spider. He must have fallen from the building when his strength finally gave up.

Yep, definitelytook a fallfrom some buildings. Peter looked at his left leg that's all bandaged up.

"It seemed like you fell down from the building. The doctor said you were lucky you didn't break your back. Your left leg suffered a bone fracture and should be ok in a week or two depend on how fast it healed." MJ confirmed what happened.

"Peter…" MJ continued somewhat hesitantly, "What happened to you? You were missing for a week. We were all so worried…"

"I…" Peter didn't know how to answer. "I… Harry…"

"Speaking about me, Peter?" The voice froze Peter on the spot. It couldn't be…

Harry walked into the room. And he wasn't alone. Aunt Mary was standing beside him. Harry's left hand was around her shoulder, comforting the old lady as she cried upon seeing Peter.

"Peter, don't you ever do that to me again boy." Aunt Mary sobbed, "Your aunt is too old to take this kind of excitement."

"Yeah, Peter," Harry smiled, his hand still rested on Aunt Mary's shoulder, "Be a good boy. You don't want to upset these two lovely ladies, do you?"