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"What did you say, Weasley?" Malfoy asked. His lip was curled into a snarl, and Ginny was suddenly afraid. Crabbe and Goyle were with him now, and all three looked outraged.

"I said we're through. I might be pregnant, and if I am, I'm raising the child alone." Ginny answered. Malfoy looked shocked, but Crabbe and Goyle were still advancing. Goyle grabbed one of Ginny's arms. The usual procedure--he and Crabbe held the victim while Malfoy hexed them. That was before Malfoy started to change. After this sudden burst of news, he was dumped, he seemed back to normal.

Malfoy raised his wand, but not to hurt her. He wanted to find out if she was carrying a baby for himself. The first few syllables were barely out of his mouth when Harry stepped in between him and Ginny. Malfoy's eye contact was broken from her stomach and the spell ended improperly. A few sparks shot out of Malfoy's wand as he stared angrily at Harry.

"Potter." he hissed.

"Get out of here, Malfoy." Harry ordered. Malfoy was fuming, but he knew not to fight Harry. Wand or not, he would lose. Years of Quidditch had paid off for Harry's strength, and Malfoy had duelled Harry enough times to know that maybe a little of Hermione's wand work rubbed off. He turned and stalked around the corner with Crabbe and Goyle following.

"Thanks..." Ginny said. She meant it, but still felt awkward between him. Harry didn't reply, but headed off down the hallway towards his class. Ginny sighed. She deserved it, but it hurt so bad.

She was glad she had a break before her other class of the day. She found Ron and Hermione kissing by the library. It was so like Hermione it made her smile.

"Hey." she greeted, trying to sound casual. They both turned to her.

"Hi." Hermione replied, smiling. Ron was silent.

"I just ditched Malfoy. I still fancy him, but it can't work." she announced softly. While talking to both, her eyes were only on her brother. He seemed to loosen up.

"Good thinking." was all he said, but the look her gave her was less cold then before. Despite herself, Ginny smiled.

"Harry's still mad at me." she said, her smile fading. Before either could reply, she hurried on. "And he has a right to be. But I still want him as a friend, even though I ruined anything else."

Ron and Hermione were silent. Then Hermione spoke.

"You hurt him. I don't blame you, because you didn't know, though. I'm sure he'll get over it in time. He's a nice guy. But it'll take awhile for him to be your friend again. Because of the Malfoy thing, and him seeing you two in the middle of--" Hermione said. She stopped at the look on Ron's face.

Ginny sighed, and nodded. "You're right. Well, I'm going to go to the library to study for Charms class today. My next class is Care of Magical Creatures, but that's not for awhile. See you both later."

Hermione nodded, and she and Ron hurried off to their next class hoping they would not be late. Ginny headed for the library. She ran into Malfoy on the way there. He was alone.

"So now you're running into me again?" he asked, smirking lightly. Ginny blushed.

"Excuse me." she replied. Malfoy didn't move.

"Just tell me...I need to know. Are you pregnant?" he asked. His tone was less angry, but it was sharp. Ginny froze, and looked up at him.

"I don't know." she said softly.

"My father will know." Malfoy groaned. Ginny didn't ask how. Word would spread, and Lucius Malfoy was always in on any gossip. She didn't know what to say. There was a moment of silence, then Draco walked off.

Ginny was left alone in her thoughts until she remembered she had to get to class. She entered the classroom just in time. McGonagall flicked her wand at the door to ward off any late students. Ginny just barely slipped through. She seated herself beside a Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood.

Luna had transfigured her Quibbler into a simple textbook, a trick many had used when the Quibbler had published Harry's remark that Voldemort had returned. Luna hardly noticed Ginny's arrival, but Ginny was grateful. She needed time to think. Luna was buried in the magazine, and thankfully did not talk Ginny's ear off.

McGonagall did not allow Ginny any time to gather her thoughts, and plunged into the lesson. Ginny couldn't transfigure her fork into a pig. All she got was a hot pink fork. Luna's didn't change at all, however some had managed to turn their forks a light pink, and even made them rounder. Ginny was glad when the lesson ended. She rushed out of the classroom, and met up with Hermione.

"Hi Ginny." Hermione said.

"Hermione!" Ginny said eagerly. "Can we try the spell again tonight?" she asked, smiling. Hermione's face fell.

"I researched the spell, Ginny." she replied. She made no move to continue, so Ginny pressed her.


"And your glow is a legitimate option. Its..." she paused. "It's...oh, Ginny..." Hermione said, struggling to keep her voice low. "...the baby will be a stillborn. A female stillborn." she finished.

Ginny's hands immediately flew to her stomach. She felt the tears come, and vaguely realized that she had wanted to have the baby. Yes, she would be a young mother. But she had a child in her, and loved it. But now...

The world around Ginny began to spin. It flickered gray, and then black spread across her vision. She felt her mind spinning, and her legs gave out.

She lost consciousness, and like a rag-doll, she crumpled to the floor.