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"Huh? Wha-... What happened?" The teenager asked as she clumsily sat up in the elevator. She looked around the shook up car to see if the other passenger of the elevator car was okay. Unfortunately, he was not. She crawled weakly over to where he lay to see if he was conscious.

"Ulrich! Ulrich! Wake up. We need to find a way out. Please wake up Ulrich." The older teen stirred and opened his eyes to look around at the black haired girl.

"Yu- Yumi? What... happened? Ahh!" He winced when he tried to sit up. He grasped his left arm and squeezed out a tear of pain.

"What's wrong? Is it your arm? Let me see." Yumi carefully helped him to get out of his light green button up so he was just in his sleeveless dark muscle shirt. She took the sleeves and tied them behind his head and situated the makeshift sling so that his arm would slip in easily. She also found at the other side of the elevator car one of Odd's drumsticks that he must have dropped. She took her pocket knife and cut the sleeves off her own long-sleeved black shirt, set his arm back in place with the drumstick, and tied her torn off sleeves to his arm to hold the arm and stick in place.

"Okay, this is the tricky part." She told Ulrich.

"You'll need to slip your arm inside the sling so we can try and figure out way out of here." He tried to lift his arm into the sling, but his whole left side fell limp in the process. He hung his head low and sighed.

"I can't do it, Yumi. You'll need to help me get it in there. I'm too weak right now."

'Wow. That's the first time I've heard him say that he's not strong enough. He never talks like that.' She thought silently to herself as she helped him get into the sling. It took about 5 mins., and a slow, steady hand, but Yumi was able to get his arm into the shirt sling. She slowly stood so she didn't get dizzy and helped Ulrich up to his feet.

"Where did you learn to do that? That was pretty cool." He told her. She blushed slightly.

"At this medical school camp my parents sent me to one summer. It came in handy this time. But right now, we need to find a way out. How about this?" Yumi looked up to the emergency exit above their heads. She unlatched the doors and pulled herself up. She looked down to Ulrich and pulled him up to the top of the elevator car.

"Now what, Yumi? I don't see any doors nearby." Ulrich said, clearly fatigued and panting slightly.

"We have to climb the ladder over there until we come to a door. Hopefully it'll be the door to the control room. Maybe Jeremie will be there so we can get you some help." Ulrich looked to the ladder and went cold. He knew it would be painful, but he also knew it was the only way he'd be able to get out of here. Suddenly, the elevator car began to slide down again.

"What?! We didn't land at the bottom? Ulrich, we need to move fast. There's not much time left until we go down with this thing again." Yumi said as she helped Ulrich to the ladder. It hurt slightly, but he was able to climb the first few steps. He looked down to Yumi, who was making sure he got up okay. He noticed that she hadn't even tried to grab one of the ladder's bars; she was making sure he got up first. The elevator, in the meantime, was slipping father and faster away by the second. Yumi felt the elevator falling from under her, but she wanted to wait until Ulrich was safely up before she started so she didn't rush him and hurt him more.

"Yumi! Hurry up! Get up here before you fall!" Ulrich hooked his good arm around the ladder bar and stuck his leg out for her to grab. The elevator blew tons of smoke and dust in Ulrich's eyes just as it plummeted to the ground so he couldn't see and had to look away. He never felt Yumi grab his leg. He felt hot tears start to fall down his face as he held onto the bar. When the dust cleared and his tears washed away all the dirt in his eyes, he looked down. There, holding onto the ladder about 15 feet below him with only one arm hooked around the bar, was Yumi. She looked up to him and gave him one of those looks that said she was okay considering what they'd just been through.

"You okay?" She asked him even weaker than before when she finally gained her footing.

"Yeah. How about you?" She nodded at him.

"I think so." She said as she tried to get up to him. She raised her right arm up, and let out a wail of pain.

"What's wrong Yumi?" Ulrich asked her, worry spread all over his face.

"It's... my... shoulder. I think... that it's dislocated. I have to climb up with one arm, but it's not that hard. Just don't pass out on me or anything. I won't be able to catch you, so if you get tired, tell me and we can take a breather."

"Okay. Let's get started." He said, and they both started to make their way up the long ladder. About 10 mins. into the climb, they heard a loud snap, and stopped to hear where it came from.

"What is that? It sounds like it came from the top of the shaft." Ulrich told Yumi, who was looking past him. She saw what it was. It was a part of the assembly room's machinery; a claw with sharp extensions used for picking up parts for repair, and it was going for Ulrich's head.

"Ulrich, look out! Hug the ladder!" He did right as the claw passed him, but not before tearing his shirt off of him. Yumi, on the other hand, was not so lucky. The arm of the claw hit her side and the claws slid agonizingly slow over her good shoulder and down her back, as well as ripped the lower part of her pants to shreds. As the claw slid down her back, Ulrich could hear each and every painful wail that came from Yumi. He wished then that he could've not moved and taken the hit for her. When the screams subsided, Ulrich looked down to a beaten and torn Yumi. She was holding on tightly to the bar, crying silently with her eyes tightly shut, and Ulrich cringed when he saw her back. The back of her shirt was shredded and blood was flowing freely from several severe looking cuts.

"Yumi, talk to me. You okay? Can you keep going?" He asked her quickly. She looked up with him with eyes that said no.

"I... I think so. I have to, and besides, we're almost there. I saw the platform for the control room just a bit farther up ahead. I think I can make it, but let's hurry before I pass out from the loss of blood." She said weakly to him. Ulrich looked up and saw the platform too, and started making his way back up again with Yumi close behind him. When he made it there, he climbed up on his stomach, then turned to pull an extremely weak Yumi up onto the platform. Ulrich pushed the buttons to open the doors, placed Yumi's arm around his shoulders, placed his good arm carefully around her waist to pick her up, and walked through the door to a gigantic desk to use that as a makeshift bed for Yumi. He set her up on the desk against the wall and collapsed from weakness over her legs.

"Ulrich, come on. Get up here so I can watch over you." Yumi told him as she just barely was able to pull him up on the desk next to her. He sat up and pulled out his cell phone to call Jeremie and Odd.

"Yumi, I'm gonna call Jeremie and Odd so they can come get us and take us to the infirmary."

"Okay... tell them to hurry... I'm fine for now; you're the one who needs to be treated first. If that arm doesn't get set perfectly in a couple of hours, they'll have to re-break your arm to set it right." Ulrich cringed when she said that. He was so weak; it took everything he had just to pull out his cell phone. He hit the speed dial button, but passed out while lifting the phone up to his face. His head, in turn, fell on Yumi's dislocated shoulder hard.

"Ahh!!! Are you okay? That really hurt, Ulrich. Ulrich? Oh great; he's gone and passed out." Yumi laid Ulrich's head in her lap and picked up his phone just as Jeremie picked up on the other side.

"Hello? Ulrich?" The blonde haired boy asked into the receiver.

"Hey Jeremie. This is Yumi."

"Oh, hey. Why are you on Ulrich's cell? Why aren't you on yours?"

"Long story, but the basic's of it are we're in the control room of the factory. The elevator's busted and that's what started it all. Ulrich's unconscious with a broken arm, and I'm kinda beat up too, but Ulrich needs medical attention first."

"Okay, Yumi. Odd and I are on our way. Here, talk to Odd and stay awake while I get a first aid kit. We'll be there as soon as we can." Yumi heard a shuffle of hands, some conversation, then Odd's voice coming through the other side.

"Yumi, you there? What happened, man? Jeremie says it's an emergency, so I'm already on my way. Jeremie's coming with the medical kit after I get there. Now, where are you again?"

"We're... in the control room..., but... the elevator's busted.... You'll... have to find... another way..."

"Okay, be there in a few minutes, Yumi. Yumi? Yumi?! Stay with me, Yumi. C'mon, wake up. YUMI!!!" Odd shouted into the phone to try and wake her up. Unfortunately, the phone was far from her ear. She was lying over Ulrich's chest, unconscious from the loss of blood, which had become a pool and dripped off the side of the desk. The cell phone fell had fallen out of Yumi's hand a few inches from her fingers.

"Shoot. Well, that's exactly what I didn't want to happen. Now, I really gotta punch it if I wanna get to them in time." He said to himself as he took off faster than when he first started. He decided to page Jeremie on his computer. Aelita would find the message too, but he didn't care, he wanted her to find out too so she could warn Jeremie too. Odd typed in the message as he said it.

"911! Yumi's passed out too, and I've stepped up my pace to get to them. Hurry. I don't know how long they'll last anymore. –Odd" He pushed the send button and away went the message. Fortunately, Jeremie was digging in his closet for his kit, when Aelita got the message. Jeremie already told her about the situation while he was digging for his medical kit.

"Jeremie, you got a message. It's from Odd. Oh... my... Jeremie, Yumi's passed out and Odd's not there yet! He said to hurry, he doesn't know how long either are going to last anymore."

"Send him a message telling him I'm on my way. See you later. I'll mail you when I get there." He said as he ran out the dorm room.

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