Yumigirl06: Have fun Odd?

Odd walks in slowly.

Ulrich: Dude, what did she do?

Odd: She... she... she made me eat...

Yumi: Spit it out already!

Odd: Cabbage...

Everyone cringes.

Yumigirl06: A fate worse than death... the dreaded cabbage...

Yumigirl06 turns and cues the band.

Band: DUN DUN DUN!!!!!

Jeremie: So, what's happening in this next chapter Yumigirl?

Kiki: Well, that's the thing... I can't tell you!

Jeremie: What? Why not?

Ulrich points downward, shaking his head.

Ulrich: Cause it's right below the talking we're doing now... and I thought you were a genius...

Yumi: Well... sorry about this Ulrich, but he does still make better grades than you...

Odd, Jeremie, Yumigirl: Ooooooo........

Odd (to Kiki): I don't know what hurts more, Yumi's comment or my stomach...

Ulrich walks off screen with his head hung low, followed by Yumi, who now feels stupid.

Yumigirl06: Well... that was... yeah... while I go find out what happens via spy gadgets, hehehe, you read this chapter. This is the last one, sadly, but there's hope, for there will be a sequel!!! Whoo-hoo!!! It will be called Aftermath... that's all I'm giving you... cuz I'm evil...

Band: DUN DUN DUN!!!!!

Yumigirl06: I didn't cue you guys...

"Go. Now! I'll find a way to get her back." Ulrich said pointing back to the way they came. Kiki shook her head.

"No Ulrich, what if you need help? I mean, this is Xana we're talking about, right?" Ulrich nodded.

"True, but if I can get them separated, then me and Yumi can handle him. Jeremie?" He said calling out the blonde's name.

"He can hear you but he can't answer. Tell him what you want, then he'll try and do it." Kiki told him.

"Ok. Jeremie? This is Ulrich. I need you to see if there's a program for separating Yumi and Xana. And I need it as soon as you can possibly get it." He said, looking down to see X-Yumi start to stir.

"Go!" He said pushing them out of the way. Ulrich put himself between the girls and X-Yumi. She stood up groggily, grabbed her fans and jumped back a few feet, facing Ulrich.

"Get out of her Xana!" Ulrich shouted as he readied his sword. X-Yumi unsheathed the fans and went into a fighting stance.

"Never." Ulrich jumped up, engaging the fight. Jeremie typed away furiously on his computer, looking for the program that will separate Xana and Yumi. Odd walked up behind Jeremie and leaned over to watch the screen.

"Whatcha doing Einstein?"

"Yumi's being controlled by Xana."

"Yeah, I noticed." He said sarcastically. Jeremie ignored it as he continued to type quickly.

"I'm going to start running the program to separate them as soon as I can find it." Odd nodded and fell silent as Jeremie continued his work. Kiki and Aelita ran as fast as they could, trying to reach the entrance.

"Errgg... I hate running away from fights... especially the ones that have my friends in them." Kiki stopped, with Aelita soon following. Kiki looked back, fists clenched and teeth gritted. Aelita placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"It's okay. Ulrich knows what he's doing. To him, this another training session here. He'll get Yumi back, then they'll be safe and sound with us again." Kiki hung her head low.

"I know, but I feel helpless Aelita. I haven't really done anything to help the group."

"Don't even start that Kiki. You know full well you've done a lot to help us. Now let's get going. We'll get out of here, then after this' done, we'll have a sparring match. Jeremie uploaded some weapons for me." She said with a smile on her face. Kiki nodded slowly and started to run towards the exit, Aelita following suit. Ulrich came down hard with his sword, slashing as he went. X-Yumi dodged the blow, and let fly one of her fans. Ulrich blocked the fan with the sword and jumped back a few feet. X-Yumi ran towards him, picking up her fan, then, at the last second, jumped behind him. Ulrich turned around, but wasn't fast enough as a swift kick to the face sent him flying several feet. Right before he hit the ground, he put his hand down to the dirt, flipping himself back up to the right position. He brought his sword back, acting like a javelin, and threw it.

"Shooting Sword!" He yelled as let it fly. X-Yumi tried to jump out of the way, but it caught her in the leg. She let out a scream that would've made even Sissy want to stop hurting her. She grunted, pulled out the sword, let the digital program close the hole, then stood up. Her eyes flashed blood red as she ran up to him. She threw one of her fans at him, then the other, hoping to catch him off guard. He just barely managed to evade them, and ran to meet X-Yumi, both of them having no weapons. They met each other with a flurry of punches and kicks.

"Almost done." Jeremie said as he found up the program and set it up.

"Hurry up; I don't know how much longer Ulrich can last." Odd said, his adrenaline level rising quickly.

Ulrich blocked most all of X-Yumi's punches, sending roundhouse kicks, dragon punches and, his personal favorite, the tricycle kick (that's it, right?). X-Yumi was pushed back several feet from each move, but soon caught on and started mimicking him. This caught him off guard and he paid the price with a roundhouse kick to the face. Ulrich hit the ground hard coughing and spat out blood. He wiped his mouth, stood back up, and countered her attack, but to no avail. X-Yumi sent a punch to the stomach and an energized kick to his side that sent him back to the ground. X-Yumi walked over and picked up one of her fans and his sword. She walked back over to him, getting ready to finish him off. Ulrich tried to sit up, but was greeted by an enormous amount of pain that sent him back to the ground coughing and holding his side.

"JEREMIE!!!!" Ulrich shouted out as X-Yumi brought her attack down on Ulrich. Jeremie watched on as the program loaded to 100%, then quickly pressed the enter button.

"It's running!" Jeremie said, with Odd grasping the chair in a death lock. Kiki whipped around quickly, stopping dead in her tracks. They had just reached the entrance to the parallel world and could hear Jeremie saying he started the program.

"I heard Ulrich's scream." Kiki said quietly. Aelita stopped and lifted her head up to the sky.

"Jeremie? What's going on?"

"Ulrich... he's..." Kiki held her head low, knees giving out and falling to the ground on them, expecting the worst. What Jeremie saw next on the monitor made him gasp.

"He's alive! The program worked!" Kiki held her head back up as Aelita's laughing and cheering became the dominant emotion there. Ulrich opened his eyes to find X-Yumi holding her head and stumbling around the clearing. Yumi's eyes became their normal state and she was lifted into the air, ash and dirt flying up. Her body fell limp as a swirling light enveloped her. Ulrich stood up painfully, still holding his side and ran up to the light just as it receded. Yumi floated down gently, eyes closed and unconscious. Ulrich ran up to her catching her before she hit the ground. He went to one knee, letting her legs rest on the ground and him holding her head in the crook of his arm. He used his other arm to gently wipe away some of the ash and dirt from her face. Her eyes fluttered open slowly, sending a loving smile to Ulrich's face. Yumi looked up at him, confusion in her eyes.

"Ulrich? Is that really you?" Ulrich nodded, and Yumi pulled him into a tight embrace. He broke it after a minute and slowly helped her up to her feet.

"You were being controlled by-" He said as a laser's hit separated him from Yumi. Yumi pulled her fan out and held it up, ready to fight. She looked over to where the laser had come from and gasped. There, standing in all his evil glory, was Xana himself. He wore a tight white muscle shirt that had the red Xana symbol with a black denim jacket over that. His pants were dark blue, loose fitting jeans, with black shoes. In his right hand he held a powerful gun specially designed for him, and on his left arm was a gauntlet that extended to a shield on his command. His short black hair was spiked up in all different directions and his eyes were a blood red. His voice was deep and his words harshly said. If it had been anyone else, they would have run in fear of their lives, but Yumi stood her ground. She stood in front of Ulrich as he got back up, holding his shoulder. Ulrich bent down and picked up his sword, moving next to Yumi.

"Give up now Xana, or else." Yumi threatened. Xana laughed.

"Why should I give up now? I have you two right where I want you. I have the most powerful fighter and the brains of the group here in my presence."

"Oh, we should feel so special." Ulrich said scowling.

"But you should... to see the most powerful being in Lyoko and then be defeated for good by him... that's an honor." He said holding up a small floppy disk. With a wave of his hand, he summoned a memory device. He placed the floppy in there, then, with a wave of his hand, sent the device away. The screen on Jeremie's computer flashed a warning sign.

"Oh no! Xana's created a program to stop the devirtualizing process!" Odd, Kiki, and Aelita gasped.

"So, if Xana defeats Ulrich or Yumi in there..." Kiki started.

"They'll be gone for good." Odd finished for her, then sighed.

"Well, we'll just have to trust in their abilities and resourcefulness." Xana smirked as he noticed the shocked looks on both Ulrich and Yumi's face. That was soon replaced, however, by looks of determination.

"You thinking what I'm thinking Yumi?" Yumi smirked and nodded, not taking her eyes off Xana.

"Odd's favorite formation?" Ulrich nodded.

"It's 'Yoo-hoo it's us' time." Yumi nodded and took off to the right while Ulrich hit a hard left. Xana lifted up his gun at Ulrich while summoning his shield on the other side to fend off Yumi. Ulrich hit a sharp right, going straight at Xana. Xana fired off shots at Ulrich, who blocked and dodged them. Yumi followed up with running behind him and hitting him with one of her fans. She kept running past him, picking up her fans as she went. Xana grunted as he stepped forward, the fan's blow pushing him. His shield, in effect, fell down a bit and his gun fired away from Ulrich at the ground. Ulrich jumped up in the air and shouted as he brought his blade down.

"Triplicate!" Suddenly, it was three Ulrich's hitting Xana, each one having the full power of his sword behind him. Yumi opened her fans and let them fly. Just as the three samurai's cleared the way, Yumi's fans contacted with Xana's chest. Xana let out a cry as he hit the ground hard, dazed. Ulrich fused, ran up to a weak Yumi and wrapped an arm around her waist, holding her up, keeping her from falling to the ground. He then turned around and started running towards the exit, a plan formulating in his mind. Jeremie whistled and leaned back in his chair.

"What?" Odd asked as he saw the blonde relax.

"Ulrich and Yumi. They've stalled Xana. Ulrich's got Yumi and running to the exit." Kiki let out a sigh of relief, sitting down on a nearby boulder.

"Jeremie." Ulrich's voice came over the intercom.

"I know I can't hear you but listen to my plan. Tell Aelita that when Yumi and I get out of here to destroy the world. It should work just like it did the other time we were in that other parallel world. We're almost halfway there, so tell her to get ready." Jeremie nodded and told the girls.

"Okay, it should work. And when the parallel world gets destroyed..."

"Xana should be too." Kiki finished, jumping off the boulder. Aelita nodded.

"Precisely." Ulrich ran on, cutting down trees as he went. Yumi was halfway unconscious, too tired from being controlled by Xana to stand. Her head fell against his shoulder, a slight smile forming on her lips. Ulrich smiled at that, but it was soon to be replaced by a look of slight fear. A scream came from where the fight had taken place... a very irritated and upset voice.

"Xana noticed we're gone. Great!" He said speeding up the pace. Xana stood up, rage filling every part of him. He held onto his sides and stumbled to a nearby tree, letting that hold him up.

"How could this happen? They weren't very powerful, yet they were able to bring me to my knees. I have to make sure the job is finished next time." He said as he changed into his gas form and exited the world. Ulrich could see a bright light as he was running, signaling the door to the world. He cut the last few trees in his way down and ran for all he was worth through the door. He hit the brakes hard, coming to a complete stop within a few seconds.

"Now Aelita!" He yelled as Aelita closed the door. She folded her hands and went to her knees, attempting to destroy the door. Kiki walked up to Ulrich and took Yumi from him, letting him lie on the ground on his back, more tired than he had ever been in his entire life. He gathered up enough strength to sit up and watch Aelita destroy the door. As she hummed to herself, everyone else watched as the door stayed together. Aelita stopped humming and stood up.

"So, is it gonna work?" Kiki asked, puzzled and worried. As if an answer to her question, the door's frame began to crack, soon followed by the door itself cracking and crumbling. A low rumble could be heard and Aelita turned to the others, getting on her stomach and covering her neck with her hands.

"Get down!" She yelled as the door exploded before them. Ulrich turned over on his stomach and held his hands over his neck. Kiki dropped with Yumi, covering her neck with one arm and her own with the other. Pieces of the door flew everywhere, hitting the young warriors legs and backs every now and then. When the dust settled, Aelita looked back at the door, or what was left of it. A black mark now occupied what had once been the giant door. Ulrich sat up once again and smiled weakly.

"It's... finally... over..." Kiki sat up and turned a still unconscious Yumi over on her back.

"Good work guys." Said Odd over the intercom. Jeremie entered the antivirus for the one Xana put in earlier and smiled.

"Okay guys. Ready to come back to Earth?" Everyone on Lyoko that was conscious happily said yes, and typed in the code. One by one, all that had been on Lyoko returned safely to Earth. Yumi came out last, awake with opened eyes, but immediately after stepping out became extremely weak and fell to the ground. Odd caught her and carried her to the control room, Kiki following holding up Ulrich, and Aelita ending the caravan. She pressed the button that took them to the room, meeting Jeremie there. He walked in, hugged Aelita, and pressed the button to take them up to the surface. When they reached the dorms, Kiki took Ulrich to his room and Odd carried Yumi to Kiki's room, lying her down on the spare bed there. Odd then met Kiki in the hallway and pulled her into a tight embrace.

"You were awesome back there. Don't you dare think otherwise." He told her softly as he pulled away slightly. He raised her chin so she was looking at him, then leaned in slowly. Her eyes closed as he got closer and his lips brushed hers. He opened his eyes slightly and smiled as he pulled away. She opened her eyes halfway, feeling nothing but pure ecstasy. She closed her eyes as he moved in again, this time capturing her lips with his; pouring all the love he had for her into the kiss. She moaned lightly as he continued to deepen the kiss, snaking her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. He wrapped his arms tightly around her waist, pulling the two closer still. Jeremie and Aelita came out of his room then, and froze when they saw what was going on. They looked at each other and blushed, then went downstairs, leaving the two lovebirds alone. The two teens broke apart a few minutes later, breathless and flushed.

"I think I'm gonna go catch a few Z's before I go to dinner. I'll call you when I'm heading out." Kiki said quietly to him, both still holding onto each other. Odd nodded lightly and smiled.

"Okay." He said before pulling her into another soft kiss. They broke apart a minute later, and Odd walked her to her room. She opened her door and turned around to him.

"See you later."

"Yeah." He said smiling as he watched her door close. He turned around and walked back into his room, smiling and thinking of Kiki. When he entered, he found Ulrich sitting up in his bed, one leg bent up with the other under that, and smiling at him.

"Say bye to Kiki?" Odd smirked and blushed, putting one hand behind his head.

"You could say that..."

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Angel Soleil runs into the room, back to her insomniatic and insane self. Odd tries to hide, when he notices yet another person....

Angel Soleil: DUN DUN DUN!!

Yumigirl06: I DIDN'T CUE THAT!!!

Angel Soleil: But....I didn't... I didn't know--

Yumigirl06: You're an actor... haven't you heard of lines??

Angel Soleil: Well e'sccuuuuuseee me... ahem... 'and now introducing Trake... who had something to do with something... though I know not what...' heheh... 'I shall now follow my lines... and attempt to pounce him with my half cat self.' WHAT THE CRAP?! KIKI!! DID YOU WRITE THESE LINES??? I don't attempt... I do... and who puts that stuff about lines in there? Its so... well... it makes me look stupid... and mean to poor old Trake...

Odd chuckles evilly, catching Angel Soleil's attention.

Angel Soleil: You did it??

Odd: Wellll... I don't like to brag about my genius....

Angel Begins to chase him.

Odd: not again!! I feel sick!

Trake: Cheese?

Yumigirl06: Just... great... plans for evil... disrupted by idiots... oh well...

Yumigirl06 pulls out bazooka and plasma grenades.

Yumigirl06: Whilst I attempt to referee the track meet Odd and Angel have started, review please... oh and if you were wondering about Yumi and Ulrich from earlier... hehehe... I have footage... roll it!

Turns on video.

Yumi: Ulrich, I didn't mean for you to take it like that... I was just-

Ulrich: You don't have to explain yourself... because there's nothing to explain...

Ulrich walks off, leaving Yumi to herself, tears starting to trickle down her face.

Yumi: But Ulrich... I'm sorry...

Stops video.

Band: DUN DUN DUN!!!

Yumigirl06:.................. I give up..................

Jeremie: Well, umm... anyone wanna handle this one?

Everyone shakes head hurriedly, each one remembering the last time they fought.

Yumigirl06: Let's just let this one run it's course...

Odd: Eventually though, we'll need a raft to save us from hurricane Yumi and her torrent of tears...