Author's note: Hi, this is Destiny here. I'm a new author on this site, and I'd love it if you guys would recommend some of the good stories for Jimmy Neutron on this site, please? Well, here goes chapter one!

When? That's what Jimmy Neutron kept asking himself, staring at Betty. They were in the same class now, due to her being unexpectedly transferred to Miss Fowl's room. Jimmy wanted to tell her how much he liked her. But it seemed between Sheen, Carl, and Cindy, he'd never get that chance.

"Psst, Jim, what's the answer to number 7 on our math homework from last night?" Sheen asked. Jimmy rolled his eyes.

"Why didn't you do it last night?" He asked.

"Ultra Lord marathon." Sheen answered. Of course. Sheen's two loves where Ultra Lord and Libby. But the latter seemed kind of annoyed with him lately.

Jimmy took out a sheet of paper, and started writing:

Dear Betty,

I'm glad you're in our class now. Listen, I was wondering if you wanted to check out the newest Jet Fusion movie, "Gold Arm" with me, you know, as a date?


Jimmy Neutron

The bell took forever to ring, but once it did, Jimmy jumped out of his chair and handed Betty the note. She looked confused, but started reading. Nervous, Jimmy took off for the cafeteria, Sheen and Carl close behind.

"What was that note you passed to Quinlan, Neutron?" Cindy demanded, walking over to him.

"Since when is it your business, Vortex?" He asked acidly.

Carl took Jimmy's occupied state as an advantage to snag his pudding cup. Sheen noticed, and followed suit by taking Jimmy's fries.

"Well, I think you're little alien girlfriend would care!" Cindy yelled back.

"Who asked you?! And April is NOT my girlfriend!" Jimmy yelled at Cindy's retreating back. Then he looked down at his lunch. "Hey, where'd my food go?" He asked.

Carl, chocolate pudding lining his face, shrugged innocently.

Jimmy rolled his eyes and ate the sandwhich that was left.

"Jimmy?" Betty said gently. Jimmy whirled around instantly.


"Look, maybe we should talk in private." Betty suggested, eyeing Carl suspisciously. Jimmy nodded and followed her out into the hall.

"Jimmy, you know I like you, right?"

"I was hoping you did.." Betty cut him off.

"Not that way. As friends. Jimmy, I like Nick THAT way. I'm sorry. I guess that kiss may have mislead you...a little.."

"A LITTLE? Yeah, ya think?!" He angrily said. "Look, I don't need to take this, Betty. Goodbye, have a good lifetime!" He took off down the hall.

"Wait, Jimmy, come back!" But Jimmy was too far away to hear her. "Jimmy, school isn't over yet!"

"What did you do to him, Quinlan?" An acid voice came from behind a corner.

"I didn't do anything, Cindy." Betty answered.

"You broke his heart." Cindy said, looking in the direction Jimmy had just run off in.

"Maybe you should stop interrogating me and start asking yourself why you care so much." Betty said, turning on her heel and heading back into the cafeteria.

"I already know..I love him." Cindy said, barely audible, but still to her it seemed to echo through the hallways. "But he loves you.."