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Jimmy ran for his house, flung the door open, and ran for the stairs. But the stairs was blocked by Jasmine, a teenager his mother had hired to help keep the house clean. His mom was going to have another baby (not for a few months) so she needed some extra help around the house.

Jasmine was vacuuming the rug in front of the stairs, and singing along with her headphones.

Jasmine was a pretty girl, fourteen years old, with blonde hair tipped in black. She always wore black. It was somewhat depressing, in Jimmy's opinion.

"Jasmine! Excuse me!" Jimmy yelled, hoping she could hear him over her music.

No go.

"JASMINE, PLEASE," Jimmy yelled louder, not noticing Jasmine taking off her headphones. "PLEASE, MOVE SO I CAN GET TO MY ROOM!"

"Goodness, Jimmy, why are you yelling like that?!" Jasmine demanded. Jimmy rolled his eyes, and started to edge around her. He needed some alone time. After all, the girl of his dreams didn't like him, and a girl he had never thought about romantically seemed to be in love with him.

"So, how'd your date go?" Jasmine asked, wrapping the cord back on the vacuum.

"It " He admitted.

"Confusing? Hm..let me make you some hot cocoa, and you can tell me about it. Ok? It might make you feel better." She said, leading the way into the kitchen.

Jimmy thought for a little while. Jasmine was older, and therefore, probably more knowladgeable about relationships. He decided to talk to her, so he turned and walked into the kitchen.

Jasmine sat down beside Jimmy at the kitchen table, patiently waiting for his story.

"Well..I started on the date with Betty, right? Well, she had told Cindy to meet us there and to bring a guy with her. Cindy brought Carl. And before I know it, Betty's going out of her way to sit next to Carl and spend all of her time with him, and making me spend time with Cindy. At first I thought it was just because maybe Betty had a thing for Carl, but then...then I overheard Betty and Cindy talking, and it turns out..Cindy likes me. As more than a friend." Jimmy sighed, and took a deep drink of his cocoa.

"I see. And how do you feel about Cindy?" Jasmine asked, frowning as Jimmy added marshmallows to his cocoa.

Jimmy was quiet for a while. Too long. He had no idea what he felt for Cindy. He had never really thought about her romantically.

"You don't know how you feel about her, do you?" Jasmine asked, suddenly able to understand. Jimmy nodded.

"I really have no idea how I feel about Cindy. I mean, there are times I'll look at her and notice how great she looks, and there's how she always smells of just doesn't make sense, I mean, we started out as enemies!" Jimmy shook his head. Even his genius mind couldn't comprehend this conundrum.

"Have you thought about asking her on a date?" Jasmine asked. Jimmy thought for a moment.

"I guess that will have to do. I'll go call her." Jimmy ran for his room. Jasmine sat where she was, shaking her head.

"Man, I better get paid extra this week for giving advice!" She said, finally standing up and heading off to help Hugh clean his duck collection.

[Later, at Cindy's house]

Cindy lay sprawled across her bed, thinking about earlier that day. Jimmy knew how she felt about him. And if he had run..that meant he didn't feel the same.

RING, RING!! Her phone seemed extra loud, snapping her out of her deep thought.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Cindy? It's Jimmy..listen, I was wondering...would you like to go to the Candy know..with me? Ya know..on a date?" He asked.

"This isn't something you're doing out of pity, is it, Neutron?" Cindy asked, prepared to hurt him if that was the case.

"No! Of course not!" He sounded surprised at the accusation.

"All right. I'll meet you at the Candy Bar tomorrow. What time?" she asked.

" about three?" He asked.

"Sounds good." Cindy said, hanging up. She couldn't believe this. After all this time..she was finally going on a date with Jimmy.