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Fred "Well we promised no more speeches, but we have something new." George "Yes after our speech we received at least one question." Fred "So we have decided that we will answer questions as often as we can." George "Simply post your question in a review, and we will try and answer." Fred "We won't give out the secret recipes to our pranks though." George "Quite right, business you know."

Fred "So on with the only question, why are we opposed to Alicia/ George. I will let George answer that one!" George "Well Alicia is really great person, an excellent chaser, and she has very nice hair, but she is quite taken with Oliver Wood. Besides all you fan girls out there want a chance with me, right? wink Fred "Well now that George is done hitting on the fan girls the floor is now open for other questions."

Freakishly Human "You heard them, start asking!"