Nothing's Ever Easy

NOTE: Angel and Buffy are Whedon's property, but this story is mine.

A/N: This story takes place after New Way of Life. If you haven't read that story then it would be best if you find it otherwise this story will most likely confuse you. Here's hoping you enjoy this.


          "Angel!" Buffy exclaimed as the vampire turned her stake around to aim at the Slayer's heart.

          "I'm coming," Angel said, giving his own vampire a swift kick, sending him flying. Angel quickly dusted the living dead creature with a stake before going to Buffy's aid. He staked her vampire in the back, dusting him as well. "Are you OK?"

          "Peachy," Buffy replied as Angel helped her up. "If you ignore the excessive amount of dust and dirt on me."

          "Well, as least we have something in common," Angel said, slapping the ground filth from his leather duster then turned back to the blonde. "You seem to be off tonight."

          "It's nothing," said Buffy as the couple began to walk. "It's probably just the whole Dawn starting school thing tomorrow. Natural big sister panic."

          "Dawn's changed high schools before, remember?"

          "Yeah, but in a different country where spaghetti is a delicacy?"

          "She'll be fine," Angel promised. "If she's like her sister."

          Buffy smiled a light, bashful smile. "That's so sweet in a very corny kind of way. So, anyway, how are Wesley and company dealing with evil at heart?"

          "Wolfram and Hart?" Buffy nodded her answer. "They've moved in OK and work officially starts in the morning. According to Wesley Wolfram and Hart say I'm still CEO. I can communicate with them through the office here in Rome."

          "I still don't know about all this, Angel," Buffy said, uneasiness in her voice. "I mean these Wolfram and Hart guys are like the First's close relatives or something."

          Angel sighed and stopped walking, making Buffy turn to look at the somewhat serious expression on his face. "Buffy, listen. I promise nothing is going to go wrong… for the most part."

          "Thanks," Buffy said dryly. "Big with the relief there."

          Deciding that further talk wouldn't comfort her much, Angel bowed his head down towards her lips and kissed her sweetly, not pulling back for nearly twenty seconds.

          "What about now?" Angel asked her.

          "Much better," Buffy replied, taking his hand as they continued to walk.

          Meanwhile, at his office at his new office at Wolfram and Hart, Wesley busied himself at his desk, going through the many files he had acquired even before the official work day had started. The British man often found himself cursing Angel for giving him the management position. A small detective agency was one thing, but an entire company was another.

          "Well, look who's burning the midnight oil." Wesley looked up to see a familiar female face standing in his doorway. "Wesley, right?"

          "That's right," he replied, standing. "And, as I recall, you're Gwen Raiden."

          "In the radiant flesh," the beautiful brunette replied. "Checked at that hotel for you guys and then I find these fliers saying you've packed it up and moved in here."

          "That's right," Wesley nodded. "Did you need anything?"

          "Yeah, Charles. You know, Gunn?" Gwen said as if the man before her wouldn't have any idea of who she was talking about.

          "You won't find him here. He's in Rome with Angel."

          "Rome, Italy?" Gwen repeated. "Well, got an address."

          When one of the files fell from his desk, Wesley bent over to grab it as he said, "You can find a copy of their address at the lobby's front desk." Once he stood again, file in hand, Wesley glanced around to see that he was alone again. "Gwen?"

          Gunn glanced up from the magazine he was reading to see Angel and Buffy enter the living room of the house. The black man looked the two of them over, automatically knowing they'd had a rough time at the cemetery.

          "Evening, people," Gunn greeted, turning back to his copy of Jet.

          "Hey," Buffy returned the greeting, adding a little wave. "Think I'm going to go scrub the vamp leftovers out of my clothing. Angel, coming up soon?"

          "Be right there," Angel promised with a sly smile, watching the Slayer head upstairs.

          Gunn turned to Angel once he was sure Buffy was out of hearing range. "Did you two get like that from the vamps or did you just roll around on the ground butt naked again?"

          Angel looked at his friend with surprise. "We have never— not completely naked. And that was a long time ago."

          Gunn snickered a little. "Boy, you know you got it bad."

          "I don't know what you're talking about," Angel said defensively. "Buffy and I are in a committed relationship. It's not all about the lust."

          "Hey, Angel?" Kennedy addressed, coming down the stairs. "I think I heard Buffy calling you from the shower."

          "Be right there!" Angel bellowed to the ceiling, practically knocking Kennedy down to go up the stairs.

          Gunn put on his I-knew-it smirk then started to read again.

A/N: I know this chapter is unbelievably short especially after it took me forever to finally get this sequel posted. There may also be some confusion with the Rome and LA timeline, too. Don't worry. I'll fix that for future updates. Please review!