Nothing's Ever Easy

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A/N: This story takes place after New Way of Life. If you haven't read that story then it would be best if you find it otherwise this story will most likely confuse you. Here's hoping you enjoy this.


          Dawn sat cross legged on Andrea's bed, facing Kit and Andrea, who both rested against the headboard.

          "But I don't get it," Dawn said. "How long have you been able to do this? Were you born with it or what?"

          "I wish," Andrea had to scoff. "My friends and I started getting into the supernatural when we were freshmen. Witchcraft, sorcery, whatever. Then we decided to learn something that didn't involve invoking evil unknown forces. We did some web searches, took out some books, and we started to learn how to bend spoons and stuff."

          "Well, when did you get all door closing?" Dawn asked her.

          "By sophomore year we were a hit," Andrea said. "It's like our minds were growing. We could bend spoons, move cups and things across the table, and by junior year that's when we got into the big stuff."

          "When you met my cousin?" Kit spoke up.

          Andrea nodded at her before facing Dawn again. "We could float things, breaking the laws of gravity. That was a huge deal and something most people like us take forever to do even once, but we were doing it. The thing is though, during the middle of our senior year the side effects got too much. The headaches we got were starting to affect our grades so eventually Kit's cousin and the others just stopped. But I couldn't."

          "That explains why you're the only one here," said Kit.

          "Exactly," Andrea said. "Now look at me. I can shut a door, a window, so much without even thinking about it."

          "That actually sounds kind of cool," Dawn had to admit.

          "I know," Kit smiled.

          "Now the question is, you two up for it?" Andrea asked them, a sort of mischievous smile on her face.

          Kit and Dawn exchanged a look before both replying, "Yes."

          "Thought so," said Andrea. "First thing's first. You have to get your mind totally clear for this. My mom's going to be gone a while so we have a lot of time to work on it."

          Dawn really couldn't hide her enthusiasm. It all sounded like it would prove quite interesting.

          "Hi-dy ho, neighbor-inos," Xander greeted, entering the house, a pizza box in hand.

          Buffy and Angel looked up from where they sat cuddling on the couch.

          "Hey," Buffy returned Xander's greeting. "How was work?"

          "Well, it's just my first day and they promoted me to delivery guy," Xander told her. "But I'm pretty sure that was just because I was working in the kitchen and sort of ate two whole pizzas. Which reminds me." He sat his pizza box down on the table in front of them. "I bought dinner. It's got extra cheese and some form of green topping. Made it myself."

          "Uh huh," Buffy nodded a little uneasily. "That sounds… all kinds of good."

          "Now if you excuse me I'm going to cry myself to sleep in my room," Xander said, heading upstairs.

          "Call us if you need any help with that," Buffy called after him.

          Angel opened the lid of the pizza box and made a face. "Is pizza supposed to have the cheese before the sauce?"

          "Maybe it's an Italy thing?" Buffy suggested then her face fell. "Or a Xander's in an inventing mood thing."

          "I agree," Angel said, dropping the box lid down. "What do you say we go out to eat?"

          Buffy glanced at the clock then back at Angel. "Where's Dawn?"

          A while later in Andrea's living room, she, Dawn, and Kit sat lined up, legs folded, eyes closed, all seemed to be concentrating on either something or nothing at all. They had been sitting that way, perfectly motionless, for close to fifteen minutes. It took them nearly an hour to stay still, as someone usually had to sneeze or scratch.

          "All right," Andrea finally spoke. "Kit, you first. Take your spoon."

          Kit, who sat next to Andrea, did as she was instructed and focused on the spoon she had brought into the living room. Her eyes started to water as she continued to look at the small silver object. Andrea watched her in silence, seeing the younger girl's efforts go to waste. After nearly five minutes of none reaction, Kit released a heavy breath and dropped her spoon.

          "It's no use," she stated. "This is impossible."

          "No, don't get that in your head," Andrea said immediately. "It'll only cloud your mind. Dawn, it's your turn."

          Opening her eyes, Dawn took her spoon and looked it over. Andrea had said negative thoughts or thinking that pulling it off was impossible would actually make it impossible. Dawn stared at the spoon and thought about everything she had learned and seen just being the sister of the Slayer. Finally, getting rid of all thoughts entirely, Dawn focused on her task. Andrea watched her in anticipation, but kept a calm look on her face.

          Suddenly, a groan escaped Dawn's mouth followed by a gasp as the spoon seemed to curve backwards, slowly; so slow that if you blinked you might miss it. The spoon curved back a little more and stopped. Dawn panted lightly as if she had been put through a workout.

          "You did it," Andrea smiled. "Dawn, you did it."

          "Oh, yea," Dawn returned her smile then let off a sharp breath. "Whoa."

          "You better relax," Andrea cautioned her. "Doing this takes a lot out of a person and actually pulling it off the first time around is a one in a million chance."

          "No," Dawn said right away. "Let's do more."

          "Yeah," Kit agreed. "I have to do that, too. Come on, Andrea."

          Andrea shrugged, giving into the younger two. "All right. Let's continue I guess."

          Buffy sat down a cookie tray on top of the kitchen island then removed an oven mitten she had put on. Angel walked into the room then, making the blonde look up at him.

          "Oh, Angel, any luck?" she asked.

          "I checked around near the school," Angel said. "I don't know where she is."

          "I tried her cell, but it must be off," said Buffy, letting a sigh go. "I'm starting to get worried. Heavy on the actual worry part."

          "She'll probably be home soon," Angel attempted to comfort her. "Don't worry."

          Buffy turned to her cookie sheet and said, "Well, I baked cookies. Had to do something to keep busy."

          At that moment, Gwen walked in. "I smell chocolate chips," she stated, going to grab one of Buffy's cookies.

          "Gwen, no," Buffy said. "Those are still—" Gwen picked up a cookie, as if not noticing or caring about the heat at all and took a bite off it. "Hot."

          "Mm, good," Gwen told Buffy, her mouth full.

          Gwen headed out as Xander was walking in.

          "Uh, hi?" the former construction worker greeted her.

          Gwen simply waved at him as she left.

          Xander turned to Buffy and asked, "Who?"

          Angel answered, "She's Gunn's…"

          "Baby mama," Buffy supplied.

          "What?" Xander shook his head with confusion.

          "She just got in today," said Angel. "She and Gunn did, you know, before the summer and now Gwen's having his child."

          "One Life to Live would be so jealous of this situation," Buffy commented.

          Meanwhile, in Gunn's bedroom, which was the downstairs den, Gwen sat on his bed finishing off her cookie. Gunn sat in a chair turned backwards, watching her.

          "I still can't believe it," he said.

          "Me, either," said Gwen, licking her fingers. "Who knew a blonde that thin could bake like this?"

          "No, I mean this," Gunn said, making gestures at her stomach. "You, me, baby on the way. Oh, damn."

          "You're not going to faint again are you? Keep in mind I'm the one putting up with the large amount of peeing and cravings."

          "I know," Gunn said, feeling her pain. "Can I get you anything? Peanut butter?"

          "That actually sounds good," said Gwen. "Bring some melted chocolate and a spoon to go with it."

          Gunn chuckled softly, looking her over.

          "Come on, Charles," the beautiful thief before him said. "Don't go all fond look with me. You're never touching me again you know."

          Fred stood in the doorway, watching them, forming an icy glare. How could this girl just parade back into their lives claiming to be pregnant with Gunn's baby? Something just wasn't right and Fred decided she would find out what and soon.

          When ten o'clock rolled around that night, Buffy sat on the couch, a blanket on her, as she had fallen asleep in front of the TV. Angel came in then, a mug of coffee in hand. Over the summer he had decided that a cup of Joe was much better than sucking pigs blood any day.

          "Buffy," he whispered, shaking her gently.

          She peeled her eyes open, getting a good look at a very handsome face. "Hey," she said softly. "Dawnie here yet?"

          "No. Why don't you go to sleep? I'll stay up."

          "Thanks," Buffy yawned. She gave him a sweet and thankful kiss before going upstairs, taking her blanket with her.

          Angel sat on the couch and picked up the remote, getting ready to stay up for a while. A couple minutes later he heard the sound of keys rattling and went to stand by the front door, preparing to see Dawn walk in. He was surprised to see Willow and Kennedy enter instead.

          "Hi, Angel," Kennedy greeted the ex-vampire.

          "Oh, you're back," Angel said redundantly. He looked at Willow, noticing the red head looked a little forlorn. "Willow, are you all right?"

          "Fine," Willow replied, obviously not sincere. "I could use some tea."

          "Me, too," Kennedy said, having to guide the sad Willow into the kitchen.

          "Angel, hey," Dawn smiled at the tall man as she bounced through the unlocked front door.

          "Dawn," Angel recognized. He pulled her into a sudden hug and said, "Thank God."

          "Uh, it's good to see you, too," said the confused teenager.

          "Dawn, where have you been?" Angel asked, pulling her back so as to get a good look into her eyes. "We've been out on and off looking for you."

          "I was just at a friend's house."

          "You went to some stranger's house and you didn't even call?"

          "Angel, come on," said Dawn, pulling away from him. "Get out of the eighteen hundreds, please. I'm fine."

          "You could have told Buffy or anyone before you just took off after school," Angel continued. "You had us worried sick."

          "Gee, sorry, Dad," Dawn smirked with an eye roll. "I'll call next time. And, Angel, no offense, but whether I stay out late or whatever isn't really your business."

          "Excuse me?"

          "You want me to spell it out for you or something?"

          "You know what?" Angel said, folding his arms in front of his chest and giving her a glare. "I don't really like your attitude. Maybe you should spend a little time thinking about it. You're grounded."

          "Grounded?" Dawn repeated incredulously. "Are you crazy? You can't ground me. You're just my sister's boyfriend, nothing else."

          "Well, we'll just wait until morning to see what Buffy has to say about this," Angel said, never removing his glare.

          Dawn really didn't know what to say to that, but then returned his glare. "I wish Spike was alive." Her eyes shined with tears at that. "He wouldn't let you treat me like this." Dawn shoved past Angel and stomped up the stairs.

          "Dawn," Angel called at the sound of a door slam. He sighed deeply and reached back to rub the back of his neck. "Great…"

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