Author's Notes: Well, here I am working on this in tandem with my Midnight Society application and my original work Stare Into the Abyss. There are so many things I should be doing instead, but I just feel like writing these last few days.

Anyway, this one will be similar to in some ways and different from in others my other story, Let the Music Be Your Master. I think I can actually do better with this one if I try. Here we go...

Lights, Camera, Action!

Chapter 1- The New Girl on Campus

Kagome Higurashi surveyed her handiwork on the dorm room she would be staying in for the rest of the semester. She had just transferred to Redrock College and had come a couple weeks into the semester. She hadn't stayed at her last college for more than freshman year. It just didn't fit. So hectic, too vast, and far too crowded. It was her mother who recommended trying a smaller school as opposed to the large universities she had been trying thus far.

The dorm itself was rather nice. Cream walls and a soft purple carpet in the center of the room covering off-white tiles. Kagome had covered her bed in white sheets with a green blanket, comforter, and pillow cases. She had set up her desk with very meticulous care. Computer, stationary organizer, the drawers all organized by what sort of contents they held, and a small space in the corner for snacks during study time. Rather than get a TV, she had simply gotten the software and hardware she needed to get cable on her computer. The minifridge sat in the corner. Kagome's as-of-yet unknown roommate had only left a few bottles of water and two cans of Sprite in it. The microwave sat on top.

Well, it was a Friday afternoon and Kagome didn't have to start classes until Monday. She decided the best thing to do right now would be to go and see when the next meetings for the film and TV clubs would be. One nice thing about this campus was that it was so much smaller and more intimate. Not at all like those massive universities where you could get lost very easily. This one also seemed much more old-fashioned. Red brick buildings and brick-paved pathways, lots of patches of lawn with tall trees full of birds and squirrels, and ivy covering several hill slopes. It all looked so peaceful and hospitable.

Kagome entered the modest college center building and approached the front desk where a woman in her fifties was going through a list of calls she had to make and one of the seniors from campus was mulling over a handful of events posters. "Excuse me," she said pleasantly, "but you could tell me when the film and TV clubs are scheduled to meet next?"

The boy looked up from his work and started to very obviously check her out. Good thing she had gotten used to it by now. Like any other rational human being, Kagome had more than a fair share of self-conscious moments regarding her looks, but she was becoming a little more secure. She had long, black, wavy hair that she just let hang free since it never really wanted to be styled, grey eyes, pale skin, and a slender frame which she worked hard to maintain. She dressed simply, but still enough to show off with blue jeans and a green T-shirt that hinted at her curves without revealing too much. She decided to take the looks she was getting as a compliment. For now.

"Actually, those two clubs are one-and-the-same. Hang on a second..." The boy leaned back in his chair a bit and looked through a red brochure that had been tacked to the wall behind him. "You're in luck. They just started a meeting fifteen minutes ago. You know how to find the studio?"

What luck! Not only were the clubs the same, but she would get to meet the people in them today! "Thanks! I remember how to get to it from my campus tour. Thanks, again!" Without another word, she took off toward Regis Hall. She remembered being told that the studio was on the ground floor below the entrance and close to the rear exit. It was situated there because the building was built within the corner of a slope that left room for that sort of construction. Navigating the halls, and going down the stairs, Kagome realized that the studio would be easier to find than she thought. She heard music palying loudly from around the corner. She turned to see the third door on the right standing wide open and the music coming from there. Yup. That was the studio, alright.

Kagome took a second to straighten herself out and walked up. She looked inside to see a small set with a desk and chairs and more stage furniture off to the side. The tyical array of lights and three cameras on tripods were also in place. A window in the wall gave her a look into the director and editor's booth and she saw the strangely moving tops of a few people's heads. She walked further in to see several dry erase boards, a corkboard, and a couple couches forming a sort of lounge.

She peaked around the corner and had to restrain her laughter at the sight inside. There were four people in there, all around her age. The one closest to the door was a girl with long dark hair and eyeshadow in a purple sweater and jeans. She was busy working with an editing machine along with a skinny little boy with red hair in a hoody and cargo pants. But what was really funny was the two guys behind them banging their heads as they sat in a pair of swiveling officer chairs. One was a guy with black hair in a small tail with several earrings dressed all in black. The other one was a tall, lean guy dressed in baggy black cargo pants with a red T-shirt under a black button-down with red and grey dragons printed on it. His black hair hung down to his waist and he started singing along with the music as the chorus came up.

"God of thunder/And rock and roll!/The spell you're under/Will slowly rob you of your virgin soul!"

Kagome couldn't help it at that point and she burst out laughing. It was just too funny watching him banging his head to the rhythm guitar as he practically roared out the lyrics along with the singer on the speakers.

Apparently, she must have been audible over the blasting music because before she could contain herself, the music went off amidst protests of the two dark-haired guys. "We have company," the girl at the desk said.

Kagome looked up and calmed herself as all eyes fell on her. The young man in black immediately smiled while his friend pulled the hair back out of his eyes. Kagome couldn't help but stare a bit. That long hair had hid one of the most beautiful faces she had ever seen. She caught herself absently wondering if he was single before thinking it was silly to think that way of someone she hadn't even officially met yet.

"Ki-" the long-haired boy said before stopping himself. His brow furrowed in confusion and Kagome had to wonder what was going through his head. He stood up and took a couple steps before giving his head a light shake and frowning slightly as he looked away. What was he doing?

"Hey, guys, I... I gotta go drain the lizard. I'll be right back." Despite attempts of protest by other members of the group, he strode out anyway, brushing past Kagome and obviously trying very hard not to look at her. Well, that was rude!

"Sorry about that," the other boy said. "Inuyasha's not exactly a people person."

Kagome looked back to the remaining people in the room. "Oh. Well, my name is Kagome Higurashi. I just transferred here and wanted to join the TV club."

"Awesome," the red-haired boy piped up. "The four of us are the only ones running it right now. I'm Shippo Takashiro."

The girl next to him spoke up next. "I'm Sango Ishikawa."

The other boy then rose up and moved toward Kagome with a very smooth smile on his face. "And I'm-"

"Miroku Masanobu, you sit the hell down this instant!" Sango snapped, giving Miroku a dark glare.

Miroku simply smiled softly and sat back down in his swivel chair.

"Miroku's a little... forward with women," Shippo said in response to Kagome's confused look.

"That's putting it mildly," Sango said, still looking a little peeved.

"Hey, I don't want to sound intrusive or anything," Kagome chided in, "but that other guy, Inuyasha was it?"

Miroku nodded. "That's right. Inuyasha Takamura."

"Is he always that... rude?" There she'd said it. What he did was really rude, there was just no getting around it.

The other three all looked at each other flatly, clearly expecting Miroku to be the answer man on that one. "Well..." he said thoughtfully. "Yes and no. He's never been much for manners, and he's usually just really quiet. And uh... well you kind of... might want to give him some space. I mean more than most people would have to."

What the hell was that supposed to mean? "What do you mean by that?" Kagome asked indignantly. "What's wrong with me?"

"Nothing," Miroku defended. "It's just... it's probably not my place to say but..."

Sango rolled her eyes impatiently and beat Miroku to it. "The thing is, you bear a really wierd resemblence to Kikyo, Inuyasha's ex-girlfriend. She dumped him only a week before school started after this little... incident, and he hasn't been taking it well."

"Poor guy's got bad rejection issues," Shippo added. "Just give him some time and space. If you can get past the rough exterior, he's not so bad."

Kagome was still annoyed by Inuyasha's behavior, but she couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him. Alright, she'd give him another chance. But he had better adjust that attitude! She was going to be a part of this club and she wasn't about to let his "issues" get in her way.


In the bathroom, Inuyasha was still just taking his time. He couldn't believe he had mistaken that girl for Kikyo. She looked similar, yeah. But she had different eyes, different hair, different taste in clothes... Argh, why he couldn't he get that woman out of his head?! It hurt like hell to be dumped, but there was no way he was about to let her come out better than him.

Inuyasha splashed a little cold water on his face to snap himself out of that train of thought. He just had to stay away from the girl for a while. She looked like a new student. Hopefully he wouldn't have any classes with her. Maybe she would turn out not to be so bad after all... Yeah, and maybe parakeets would fly out of his ass!

Why did women have to be so damn complicated? He suppressed the urge to growl in frustration over his situation. He dried off his hands and languidly stalked back to the studio.


"Anyway," Kagome said as she sat on one of the sofas, "how about I order us all some pizza and you can tell me about this place."

The votes were unanimous as Inuyasha slinked in. "What's going on? What did I miss?"

"Kagome offered to buy us all pizza," Shippo answered. "She's going to be joining the club."

Kagome looked up at Inuyasha with a friendly smile but noticed the look of dread that crossed his face when they made eye contact. He would be a lot better looking if he didn't look perpetually pissed off. "Are you okay?" she asked gently.

"Fine," he snorted and stalked off back into the booth. The heavy metal blasting through the speakers resumed.

Sango heaved a sigh of exasperation while Miroku and Shippo just rolled their eyes. Sango got out of her seat and sat next to Kagome. "Tell you what. We'll help you with a peace offering." She made sure to keep her voice low enough that Inuyasha wouldn't hear her in the booth. "We'll all pitch in and get Inuyasha his own pizza. I swear sometimes that he's hollow. There's no other explanation for how he eats. Anyway, we'll get him his favorite pizza and tell him it was your idea after asking what he likes."

Kagome smiled at the idea. "Great! Let's get out of the way so I can order our food. With that blasting in the background, I don't think the pizza place would ever be able to hear me."


Inuyasha was starting to feel better when he found his music rudely interrupted again by someone switching it off. "Hey!" He looked up to see Miroku.

"Pizza's here, bro." And with that, he slipped back out into the main studio. The smell of fresh pizza soon wafted in after him as if to fill the void and mock Inuyasha as he sat there. He quickly got up and stalked out to see three pizzas out.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome said, giving him a little wave before pointing to a pizza box set on the desk with the teleprompter computer. "That one's yours. I got you a pepperroni and sausage stuffed crust."

Inuyasha looked at Kagome in surprise then over at the pizza. He lifted the lid and sure enough, saw his favorite sitting right in front of him. He glanced at Kagome from the corner of his eye and grunted out something that sounded like "Thanks." He then took the box and moved to go back into the booth again.

"Where do you think you're going?" Sango snapped.

Inuyasha looked back at her and just sort of jerked his head in the direction he was moving in before she had stopped him. As it wasn't obvious, for god's sake.

"The hell you are. I'm not letting any food in there under any circumstances. You're eating out here." Sango gave him one of those don't-you-dare-argue-with-me looks and Inuyasha sighed in defeat. He went up onto the set and began to eat at the desk.

"I suppose that's the best we're going to get out of you, isn't it?" Shippo said sarcastically.

Inuyasha just gave him a dark glare. "Roast in hell," he muttered.


Kagome couldn't believe that Inuyasha was still being so cold. She looked to Sango for help, but the other girl simply rolled her eyes and mouthed "He gets like this sometimes."

Sango then cleared her throat. "So Kagome, do you have experience in TV production?"

Kagome swallowed a mouthful of pizza and smiled. "Well, I did some stage acting in middle and high school and helped a friend out with some film projects in senior year. I was also on the high school TV club doing news. Last year when I was at the university I took acting lessons and a scriptwriting class. I was hoping next semester I could learn to direct, though."

"That's great," Miroku said. "We're a little short-staffed around here and we need more people and more regular shows before we can get our new budget approved next semester."

"What shows do you have right now?" Kagome asked.

"At the moment we only have our news and review show that we tape every Saturday at noon," Sango answered, sounding a little crestfallen. "Shippo wants to do a comedy show, but we need more people."

Shippo himself then jumped in. "Yeah, and Inuyasha is mostly just a technical guy. Plus he's working on his radio project too."

Kagome looked over at Inuyasha but he still just kept eating quietly. Was there a single crack in his armor? He didn't seem like a bad guy. Just like he didn't honestly give a damn about what people thought of him.

She shook her head to clear it of those thoughts. "Well, there were a few things I've been meaning to try. You said that you're all meeting here tomorrow at noon?"

"Yes. We do a half-hour of news. Sort of a week-in-review thing. Then we take a half-hour to review books, movies, music, that kind of thing."

"How about I come down and I'll bring you some show concepts and a couple scripts I've been working on?" She knew that they would probably accept, but any time you made such a proposal you felt a nervous sense that someone was going to say no.

"Screw that."

... Well that came out of left field! Kagome looked over at Inuyasha who had his brow furrowed but refused to make eye contact.

"I have to say, Inuyasha," Miroku said bemusedly, "you're really outdoing yourself tonight."

Inuyasha just sent Miroku another of his glares but before he could open his mouth, Shippo interrupted. "I don't see why you're being such a jack-ass tonight. Kagome just wants to help. What, does that stick up your ass have termites, too?"

Before Inuyasha could snap at Shippo, he was again interrupted, this time by Sango. "You have to admit, you've really surpassed your quota for douchebaggery tonight."

Once again, Inuyasha tried to say something back but was interrupted, this time by Kagome. "Look, I don't know what you're problem with me is, but I've been trying to be nice to you this whole evening." She was feeling more than a little indignant over this. After all, she was trying to make peace and he just kept grunting like a caveman. "Can't you just act civil for even a minute?"


Inuyasha stared at Kagome in shock for a second. Very few people had ever stood up to him like that. He wasn't quite sure how to feel about that yet. Still, no matter what he said, the others had him outnumbered and they wanted her to stay. Guess he was just going to have to slog through it. "Fine," he spat. "I'm outta here." With that, he took what was left of his pizza and stormed out.

Who the hell did she think she was, anyway? Then again... why was he so upset about her standing up to him? He was acting pretty cold. And it did seem like a lot of trouble to go to avoiding her. Why was he avoiding her anyway? Because she looked kind of like Kikyo?... Feh, screw that! That bitch dumped him, and he was not going to let that get to him! He would work with Kagome and show that the break-up did not affect him in the least. Yeah, that was the plan.


Kagome got worried a few seconds after Inuyasha left. "Did... did he just quit?" she asked, feeling a little nervous.

Everyone else just laughed. "No," Shippo said after a moment. "He's just having one of his tantrums. To be honest, you're the first person to win an argument with him in a while. He hates losing."

Kagome at once felt a sense of smug satisfaction and a little regret for having snapped like that. Oh well. It was over and done with. She'd just have to work things out with Inuyasha later.

"By the way," Sango said as if she just remembered something important, "I forgot to ask. Where are you staying Kagome?"

"I'm over at Ravecroft Hall, room 223," she answered.

Sango's eyes lit up immediately. "Well, how about that? We're roommates! They should have sent me a letter telling me you were coming, but I guess they lost it or something. I was starting to wonder when they were going to partner me with someone."

Kagome felt more than a little excited. She and Sango were already becoming fast friends and now they would be dorming together. This was great!

"Well, I suppose this means my visits at night are going to be even more interesting than usual," Miroku said with a smirk, causing Sango to turn beat red before she reached over and punched him in the side.

Shippo noticed the look on Kagome's face and answered the unspoken question. "At the beginning of the year, Miroku left a message on Sango's phone telling her he'd be over that night to talk about putting together the news and review show, but she didn't check her voice mail. He came in just as she was finishing drying off from the shower, and I think the rest of the story pretty much writes itself."

Miroku got a dreamy look on his face and Sango gave him another punch. Kagome couldn't help but giggle a little. This year was certainly going to be interesting.


Author's Notes: Well, that's chapter 1 of my new series. Updates on this are probably going to be a little slow as I focus on a few other projects I've been slacking off on (see above). Hope to hear from you all soon.