Insp Gina Gold and Sgt Dale Smith were getting married after secretly dating for 1 year. There was going to be a huge wedding and the one rule was you had to bring a date from the station, Des Taviner had planned on
asking Sheelagh Murphy but he didn't have the guts to do so, so he was
trying to talk him self in to it. Des went up to her office and stood outside it, debating with himself wether or not to go in. Sheelagh saw him
standing there so decided to invite him in, cause it was obvious he was
going to stay outside instead S: Des!

D: (Speechless) Huh? What? Why?

S: (Laughing) You going to come in or stand out there all day?

D: What...d...

S: What can I do for you Des?

D: W...w...well I w...wa...was w... I can't ask you this! I got to go!

Des ran out of the room embarrassed.

Sheelagh sat there shocked; she knew he was trying to ask her to the wedding, so she decided to ask him first instead. She got up and went after him

S: DES?!?! I need to talk to you about something!

D: W...what?

S: Would you like to be my date for the wedding?

D: Yeah! I was trying to ask you, but I couldn't!

S: I know! Ok I will meet you at your place tonite at 6pm, sound good?

D: Yep! Sure cya then Sgt.

S: Bye Des.

Sheelagh went back to her office satisfied. Des couldn't believe his luck, he was going to the wedding with a date, who he was secretly in love with, he made a promise to himself then and there that he would not screw this up.

(Later that night) Sheelagh arrived at Des's house at 5:55pm. Des was shocked he expected her to be late, not early. Des was still in his boxer shorts but he had to open the door so he did like that.

D: (Very embarrassed.) Evening Sgt!, I will be upstairs getting ready. Des bolted upstairs. Sheelagh decided to follow him, because he was obviously very nervous and she wanted him to relax so that they could have a great time.

S: (Walks into his room) Des?

D: Oh shit!

S: What is wrong with you?

D: I don't know how to do up a tie!

S: Here let me then! (Sheelagh went over to him and started doing his tie, watching him very closely, she waited until he wasn't looking at her before she kissed him.)

D: (Pulled back) What the hell did you do that for?

S: To make you relax!

D: Well can you kindly not do that again!