Title: Dessert
Summary: The Hogwarts House Elves have come up with a spanking new dessert for Harry's birthday…and its perfect for Draco's "personal" gift to Harry…kind of a PWP, really. Smutty fluffy slash ensues. Yay!
Pairing: Harry/Draco, as if you couldn't tell. Which means that this is a...
Warning: Slash! Which is boy-on-boy-loving goodness. And so, this will be...
Rating: PG-13, although this is likely to change if I continue this story.
Disclaimer: Do you honestly think JK Rowling would approve of what I'm about to do with her two of her most delicious characters? In other words: Not mine.
Authoress' Babblings: Okay, so this story was just an idea sparked when I was having my supposed-weekly drink with one of my dearest friends (one who, by the way, has christened my hair as "Draco-Harry-AfterShag-hair"). We were at a wonderful chocolate-haven-type place, and somehow we managed to find ourselves on the topic of fanfiction (my doing, no doubt) which then led to, well, this. It's kind of plotless - okay, who am I kidding, it's utterly plotless - but I just needed to get some Harry-Draco chocolate goodness written. So there you go. Now, without further ramblage...

by juxtaposed

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Harry, happy birthday to you!"

That sing-song-y chant filled the Great Hall, right before a wild burst of cheers and applause, as the birthday boy in question, a certain Harry Potter, grinned widely. Said boy then proceeded to close his eyes to make a wish, before bending over to blow out the candles on the magnificent multi-storied cake, completely unaware of the effect he was having on several people across the Hall, especially one platinum blond Slytherin prince.

Draco Malfoy fought back the urge to pounce on the birthday boy, pin him to the table and proceed to snog –then shag – him senseless. Instead, that ever-familiar smirk settled over his features, hiding his true thoughts and desires as he watched the Golden Boy's brilliant green eyes flutter close; as he observed the slight tug of fabric across the Gryffindor's body when he bent over; as he stared, captivated, by the perfect O formed by the full, inviting lips of the Boy-Who-Lived as he blew out his candles.

Merlin, Draco thought, with a furious possessiveness. Doesn't he know how goddamn sexy he looks? Why the hell is he doing that, out here in public, where anyone can see him? As if it isn't bad enough already that he's the Wizarding World's Savior and has every other witch and wizard after him. Does he have to parade the fact that he's so goddamn sexy?

Just then, the subject of his thoughts turned to look at him, and when their eyes met, gave him a soft, sweet smile, one which Draco was absolutely compelled to return, dropping his cold mask for a brief second. For that moment, there was nothing and no one else that existed except the two of them, gazing lovingly into each other's eyes.

But only for that moment. Then, there was a sudden climax in activity as the 18 candles on the mountainous cake went out, people began to clap and congratulate Harry profusely, and a shower of presents materialized in front of Harry, practically burying him.

"Er, thanks…" Draco could hear Harry stammering nervously, and shook his head with a smile to himself. No matter what, Harry had never gotten used to too much attention, and it always made him a little unsteady. But it always good to watch Harry blush and fidget; Draco found it irresistibly adorable and inexplicably sexy, and was right then suppressing some kind of deeply buried instinct to pull Harry off into a secluded room and kiss him for being so cute, then make him blush and fidget.

A sudden rush of arousal flooded his body, and Draco mentally impeded himself, prohibiting himself from going any further in his lustful thoughts. But it was difficult, when he looked at the stain of color on Harry's cheeks, at the way Harry was nervously chewing at his lower lip – Draco wanted nothing more than to be the one doing that.

Yes, he would tug at the raven-haired boy's soft, full lips, and listen to him moan. Then he would slowly begin to nip at all of Harry's other sensitive spots, and Harry would cry out, sometimes softly, sometimes so loud they would need a Silencing Charm. And then, Draco mused, he would…

Bring this to a crashing halt, his mind was insisting disapprovingly. It would serve no purpose for you to think about all this right now, and get yourself all worked up, when you cant do anything yet to, ah…relieve yourself. With a growl, Draco forced himself to return his attention to the activity surrounding his boyfriend.

Harry was right now tearing open a red-and-gold-wrapped present, he seemed to be about halfway through the monstrous pile already. Draco couldn't help but hide a smile at Harry's eagerness, it was rather cute, he had to admit. He watched, as Harry lifted up a box of Chocolate Frogs and beamed happily at Ginny Weasley, who grinned and punched him lightly on the arm. Then Harry moved on to the next present, and the next, and the next.

Draco begun to tune out, dwelling instead on how beautiful Harry was. That was, until it was time for the last present – which was placed in his lap by an eager Colin Creevey. Draco had to withhold a snarl, the boy was obviously smitten with Harry. His Harry. He narrowed his eyes as Harry extracted a photo album – apparently filled with photos of who else but Harry himself. Now what was Creevey doing, taking – His eyes widened as he heard Harry exclaim, rather awkwardly, "Wow, Colin. There sure are a lot of photos of me…there must be like a hundred in here…" and Colin's excitable reply, "Actually, there are exactly two hundred!"

What? Two hundred? Two hundred! Two hundred photos of Harry? Draco didn't withhold his snarl this time. Especially when Colin began to point out various photos to Harry, using it as an opportunity to lean in closer to Harry. Draco swept over to the table and aimed a fierce glare at Creevey, who suddenly looked very pale and immediately backed away from Harry.

"That's enough," growled Draco. "You've given him his present."

Harry was giving him a slightly chiding look, but his emerald eyes were glinting with both amusement and gratitude. Draco returned the look with one of his own, only his was filled with meaning. Harry raised his eyebrows almost imperceptibly, and Draco leaned in to his boyfriend.

"The kitchens. After this god-forsaken 'party' is over. You're mine, and I want to do unspeakable things with you, Harry…" He murmured huskily into Harry's ear, and was pleased to see a shiver run through Harry's body, his green eyes darkening in lust as they locked gazes, and then the raven-haired boy nodded almost obediently.

Draco smirked.

His smug smile widened as Harry began to stammer, "Er, let's…let's have some…um…cake…now then, shall we…" and at the blush that spread wildly across his face as he looked at Draco.

Everyone gave their assent, and moved to their seats, where slices of the cake – having been already cut and dished out by House Elves – were sitting, ready to eat. Draco settled himself next to Harry and they both eyed the cake with almost matching levels of longing. The elves, upon hearing that this was for Harry Potter, had all but fallen over themselves to outdo all previous attempts at the Best Chocolate Dessert Ever. And they certainly had, if Draco and Harry, both wild chocolate fiends, were to pass judgment.

It was an enormous cake, large enough to feed everyone sitting in the Hall, even if they all had second servings, or even thirds; and consisted of several tiers. Each tier of cake had a thin, crunchy-but-crumbly cookie base, followed with interchanging layers of incredibly thick, rich chocolate fudge and soft, pillowy, moist cake, and finally, topped with a generous serve of hot, melted chocolate that flowed over the sides, and fresh strawberries. But it was even better when served up individually – each plate, besides having a large slice of cake, was doused further in the chocolate topping, and came with a side plate of extra strawberries and a little jug, filled with even more delightful melted chocolate.

Draco's mind went into overdrive as he looked at the sinfully delicious dessert, then at his equally sinfully delicious boyfriend. Especially after he took a mouthful. And another. And another, and another… His eyes fluttered close as he savored the rich, creamy, velvety smooth feel of the chocolate rolling over and about his tongue. Next to him, he heard Harry let out a soft moan. His eyes flickered open in time to watch Harry's face contorted in bliss, as another moan escaped his throat.

Ye Gods, chocolate really was a hell of an aphrodisiac. Or was it just Harry?

Either way, Draco couldn't resist, he leaned in to murmur into Harry's ear again.

"Do you know what, Harry?" he whispered.

Harry's eyes parted open and he stared at Draco hungrily, shaking his head slightly. Draco let a wicked smile grace his features.

"I want you. Right here and now." Draco allowed himself a private cheer at the look of pure desire on Harry's face.

"And when I get you later…I am going to smear this very cake onto your skin. I will pour chocolate all over your incredibly prone body," he drawled on casually. "Until every single inch of you, every single crevice is coated in the hot, melted goodness. Then I will proceed to lick every last drop off…slowly, carefully, laboriously."

Harry's breathing was noticeably heavier and more erratic.

Draco continued. "You are going to feel my tongue in places you never even knew existed."

Harry's eyes were so wide open the whites showed on either side of his irises; his pupils were so dilated there was only a thin rim of green left.

Draco took this chance to dip his finger into the last bit of his chocolate sauce, then very slowly and deliberately swirled his tongue around it, before enclosing it between his lips.

A small squeak issued from Harry's parted lips.

"Hope to see you soon, Harry."

Draco stood up and left the table.

A few moments later, Harry scrabbled out of his seat and followed suit.

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