Title: Dessert

Summary: The Hogwarts House Elves have come up with a spanking new dessert for Harry's birthday…and its perfect for Draco's "personal" gift to Harry…kind of a PWP, really. Smutty fluffy slash ensues. Yay!

Pairing: Harry/Draco, as if you couldn't tell. Which means that this is a...

Warning: Slash! Which is boy-on-boy-loving goodness. And so, this will be...

Rating: R for sure, now, especially since you all demanded it…

Disclaimer: Do you honestly think JK Rowling would approve of what I'm about to do with her two of her most delicious characters? In other words: Not mine.

Authoress' Babblings: I think you'll all kill me if I keep you waiting any longer, so…

by juxtaposed

Harry's eyes were a deep, deep shade of emerald, half-obscured by heavy, dark-lashed eyelids; Draco's were mercurial, turbulent with heat as they locked longing gazes.

Vaguely, through their haze of want and yearning, they registered that on one of the kitchen tables, the House-Elves had laid out a glorious spread of Harry's chocolate birthday cake, with a large bowl of fresh, ripe, juicy red strawberries, and an immense amount – there were bowls upon bowls, jugs upon jugs – of warm, melted chocolate. But the details didn't matter right now, all either of them was capable of thinking was to get there, to get to the sinful dessert, so that they could proceed, so that Draco could thoroughly ravage Harry, so that Harry could get thoroughly ravaged by Draco…

And then amidst breathless murmurs and fervent kisses and ardent touches they had maneuvered themselves over to the large table, and Draco was pushing Harry back against it, down onto the surface. Harry found the backs of his legs pressed to the side of the table, and his back was arching, he was bent backward at the hips, being pushed down onto the tabletop. Draco was on top of him, one prone body atop another, a careful tangle of limbs and Harry, with that careless sort of grace of his, managed to sort of scoot so that he was comfortably, and appropriately, positioned for Draco.

Fire was building up inside the two boys, as their lips met, again and again and again, as their fingers entwined, in soft silky hair and fisted material and warm smooth skin, as their bodies moved, seemingly to their own volition in a synchronized rhythm. There was more than just lustful hunger, there was more than desperate passion; there was a burning need within both of them to declare and prove and consummate their love for the other. All this was done and communicated without words, through tender looks and fleeting kisses and dancing touches…

Then Harry was tightening his grip on Draco, ever so slightly. "Draco," he panted. "Please…"

He didn't have to ask again, Draco's eyes met his and the blonde nodded, placing a gentle kiss to Harry's soft lips before straightening up and surveying the range of dessert food behind Harry.

"What should I start with, Harry?" Draco pondered aloud, the sound of his low, sultry voice sending sparks throughout Harry. "I believe I said something about smearing this cake on you…"

He reached out a hand to where a plate of chocolate-doused slice of cake sat, and brought it close. Then he sunk his fingers into the cake, coating them in thick fudge and soft cake bits, before he smeared it across Harry's lips. He bent down and pressed his lips firmly against his lover's, and as the kiss deepened Draco delighted in the taste of Harry and chocolate blending together in hot swirls.

"Mmm, Draco…" Harry sighed when they broke apart. "You taste good…"

"As do you, love," Draco smiled, then lifted his fingers to his mouth, and began to lick his fingers clean.

"Draco…" Harry's urgent tone made Draco freeze. "That's my job," he reminded Draco with a smirk.

Returning the expression, Draco acquiesced and lowered his fingers to Harry's lips; the messy-haired boy immediately took them into his mouth and his tongue lapped greedily at Draco's tapered fingers. Draco withheld a moan as Harry's tongue circled around his fingers, but he couldn't control himself and groaned aloud when Harry began to suckle gently, his hot mouth enclosing Draco's fingers, his tongue darting into little niches of Draco's hand.


Gods, this boy was beyond sexy…

As the warmth of Harry's mouth soothed over his skin, Draco couldn't help but picture the same act, but on a different appendage, and his arousal peaked further. He was suddenly aware that he was starting to lose control, and swiftly tried to dislodge his fingers from Harry's insistent lips.

"Harry, stop," he breathed. "It's my time to please you…"

Harry released him, but it was followed with a pout of sorts, one that Draco found despairingly sexy and wretchedly wanton, and he found himself bruising Harry's full, red lips with his own, even as his hand was dipping into the slice of cake again.

This time, he broke off a handful and spread it along the curve of Harry's neck, from below his earlobe to the top of his collarbone. The creamy cake was smooth and cool on Harry's neck, and Harry let out a soft moan and threw back his head, exposing his neck further as Draco brought his lips to gently graze his ear; then Draco's tongue flicked at the chocolate and Harry issued a soft sound of pleasure. Draco let his tongue trace out a design on the chocolate, through the chocolate, on Harry's skin…

He made his way down the small chocolate trail agonizingly slowly, punctuating the path with little nips, which caused Harry to cry out, wanting and pleading for more… And then when he was done, he did it again. He applied another coat of fudge and cake, and another, and another…over Harry's lean, defined shoulders; his chiseled, muscled arms; and he returned Harry's earlier favor, with the Gryffindor's strong, masculine fingers…

"Draco," Harry was repeating his name, over and over, sometimes soft and breathy, other times loud and yearning; his hands were tangled, weaving, gripping Draco's hair and neck and shoulders and back, leaving little trails of fire burning into his skin; it was doing all sorts of things to Draco, making him lose control…

He was now done with the cake, and his hands sought out one of the little jugs of molten chocolate. Then he tipped it slowly over Harry's broad, strapping chest, drizzled a little spiral just off center, over Harry's heart. And his mouth was seeking out Harry's skin again, cleaning up the chocolate that stood in the way…

Over and over and over again, he repeated this, with different areas of Harry's smooth skin, until the little jug was emptied, then he grabbed another, and another… Draco had now mapped out the front of Harry's torso, from the sloping planes of his chest to the neat definitions of his abdomen. He had thoroughly explored his lover's most sensitive spots, from the rise of Harry's peaked nipples to the dip of his cleft bellybutton.

He could see Harry straining, so close to the brink, needing release from Draco so desperately…it made him smile wickedly as he carefully, but firmly, ran his hand over Harry's arousal, eliciting a loud moan and shudder from the Gryffindor. As much as he wanted to, he knew he couldn't keep Harry on the edge forever – Harry was too close to gone as it was, and as badly as Draco really wanted to lavish attention on Harry's spectacular legs as well, he resigned himself to perform that particular act another time.

And in any case, Draco was barely hanging on to the last of his self-restraint himself. Harry's vocals, low and husky and pleading, had gone straight from his ear to his groin, the same with how Harry looked – flushed and writhing and his handsome face contorted in pleasure – it had all been almost too much for Draco, and he was as impatient as his lover to progress.

Those damned boxers were still in the way, and with a feral sort of growl Draco had yanked them out of the way. Harry was now laid out in all his stupendous glory before Draco, and he was beyond beautiful, more than magnificent, past perfect…

He moved up and gave Harry another fierce kiss, and then Draco had sunk back down and wrapped his lips around Harry, engulfing him in moist heat. He worked his tongue as he had with the rest of Harry, letting it swirl and flick and dance and swipe across the sensitized skin, letting it tease and tempt and torture and taste Harry's length, and was rewarded with loud calls and moans of his name, with insistent thrusts and spasms of his lover's hips, before he felt Harry tense and stiffen, before he shuddered and shouted and erupted with explosive force.

When Harry came, Draco smiled – feeling pleased with himself – then moved up to look at his lover. The Gryffindor was lying, panting, his eyes closed in bliss, his mouth open, his face flushed. It was the most beautiful and erotic sight Draco had ever seen, and he tenderly laid a gentle kiss on Harry's forehead. Harry's eyes fluttered open, and his lips curved into a soft, sweet smile at Draco.

"Draco," he murmured. "I love you."

Draco placed another soft kiss, this time on Harry's lips. "I love you too, Harry." Another light brush of lips on lips. "Happy birthday, love."

Harry smiled beatifically at his lover, still reeling. After a few moments, he took a glance around them, and a certain lust worked its way back into his green eyes. "There's still a lot of chocolate left…" he said innocently, allowing his eyes to flicker to Draco's form – which, much to Harry's chagrin, was still fully clothed – settling his gaze on Draco's obvious arousal. "And you haven't had your turn…"

Draco allowed himself to grin his sexy, lazy grin at his boyfriend. "Are you trying to suggest something, love?"

Harry didn't reply, he reached out and pulled Draco to him; their lips worked each other, heat and chocolate mingled. They were both breathless as Harry murmured, "What do you think?"

"I think," Draco mused, "that it's a very good thing I told the House-Elves to leave us till morning."

And their lips met again. And again. And again, and again, and again…


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