Title: Mischief

Genera: General, and a little bit of romance

Pairs: Harm and Mac

Summary: Sometimes all it takes is a little mischief to bring our two favorite jag characters together. Short fanfic story.

AN: I don't own anything but the plot. I would love to own the show, but I'll have to keep dreaming. (sigh…..)

This story is dedicated to my cat Cinnamon, and to all cat lovers everywhere!!!

On to the story………

Thursday Morning

Mac's Apartment (Georgetown)

7:40 am

Mac woke up suddenly. She didn't even need to look at the clock to know she was behind schedule, way behind. Maybe if I rush I won't be too late to work. She thought as she jumped out of bed. She grabbed her uniform and rushed into the bathroom. I'm not going to even be able to go jogging this morning, she thought, disappointed, as she slipped on her uniform and hurried into the kitchen. Mac took one of those small travel sized orange juice bottles and stuffed it into her bag along with a blueberry muffin. She ran back into her bedroom to get the case files she had been working on and also slipped them into her bag. Unexpectantly she heard a knock on her apartment door.

"Coming!" She yelled as she grabbed the last file and shoved it into her already crowded bag. She took one final look in the mirror before going to the door.

She opened the door but to her surprise no one was there. Instead she found a small basket on her door step. She bent over and lifted off the letter. I wonder who this could be from, she thought, reading the letter. All it said was, I Need A Home. This puzzled Mac until she lifted up the blanket covering the tiny basket. She gasped in delight and surprise as she uncovered what looked like a sleeping, purring, fur ball. Feeling the blanket pulled away the black kitten yawned, stretched its front paws and opened its eyes. Mac was immediately staring into the cutest, biggest chocolate brown eyes she had ever seen. The kitten mewed curiously at its new owner and sniffed the hand Mac now stuck into the basket. It softly purred and rubbed its head against Mac's hand. She scooped up the purring kitten into her arms. The kitten had no identification what so ever, to indicate where it might have come from. Mac looked curiously at the kitten that had now snuggled into her warm arms. She immediately fell in love with it and decided if it needed a home than that was exactly what she was going to give it. Realizing she couldn't just leave the kitten in her apartment unfamiliar with its surroundings, she decided to bring it to work that day.

End of chapter one. I know that this chapter was short but it's a short story.

Please review with your comments and suggestion. I'm not sure where this story is going. I have an idea though, so if any of you have any suggestions on the next chapter, I would really like to hear them. I'm not sure if I will use them, but it would be nice to know what you guys want to happen. Thanks… Beach chickJASSNL