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Chapter 7 Dinner and Happy Endings Part 2

Recap: Mac and Harm are done making dinner and are going to sitting on his couch to eat.

They were ready to eat and sat down together on his couch along with the sleeping kitten. Mac and Harm brought their plates over along with the kittens food, Mac had picked up on the way over to Harm's house.

"Mischief...." Mac called quietly to the sleeping kitten. The kitten stirred, sniffed and opened its eyes all at once. She yawned and rushed to Mac, as she sniffed all around for the food. Mac set the dish of food on the floor and the kitten rushed to the food, gulped it up in one bite, and found a spot to lay down in one of Harm's chairs.

Harm and Mac set their food onto the table in front of the couch and sat down to began eating.

"Cheers," Harm and Mac said, as they clinked their glasses of sparkling cider together. They relaxed on the couch and ate, as they enjoyed each others company. After a few minutes of chewing their food Mac broke the silence. They had been avoiding talking about the kiss they had shared, but inside they both wanted to know about how the other felt about it.

"Harm, can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead," he replied looking at her curiously.

"Do you really think we were fraternizing? Just like the Admiral said."

Harm didn't know what to say. He really thought that they had been, after all they had kissed, but they had kissed before over the years. 'So we weren't really breaking the rules, were we?' The thing that had worried Harm was that he had known they were breaking the rules and hadn't cared anyway. 'Maybe I love her so much that I wouldn't care if we got caught,' he thought to himself.

"Harm?" Mac asked pulling him out of his thoughts. "Do you want to know what I think?"

"Yeah," he replied slowly.

"Yes we were fraternizing and at that moment in my office we knew and didn't care.

That kiss," he added after she was done talking, "was intoxicating," he admited. "Every time I think about it I get flooded with this powerful, wonderful feeling. I know it sounds crazy but I just want more than just to be friends with you. That kiss woke me up to how I feel about you. That leaves me with two other problems," he said. "I don't know how you feel and then there are the regs. But what I know for sure is that I love you Mac. I don't want another day to go by without telling you how I truly feel."

"I love you too," Mac said absorbing all that information. She leaned into kiss him and a sweet smile broke out on her lips, as they kissed. It was another kiss that could have been considered one of the greatest ever. They sunk into the kiss and Harm pulled her closer to him. Mac suddenly pulled apart. "But what are we going to do if people find out, we would be breaking the rules and we could be court marshaled."

"I'm not going to tell them," he answered. "Are you?"

"No," she said, as another small smile crept onto her face.

Harm smiled back. "Now there's that beautiful smile."

"What smile?"

"That one," he said touching her lips with his finger. "I knew I had been making you feel better all day."

"Oh yes, you have," she agreed. "Must have been that charm."

"Yes," he said, his ego boosted. "Its one of a kind."

"Don't flatter yourself," she said smacking him with a couch pillow. "You like to do that a lot."

He grabbed a couch pillow behind him and swatted her back. Meanwhile the kitten had crawled under the chair to sleep and get out of the way of flying pillows. Mac got a mischievous look in her eyes. She hit him back, then ducked as he throw his pillow, which missed by inches.

"How about a little pillow fight?" Harm asked, picking back up the pillow.

Mac shrieked and ran around the opposite side of his couch.

"Mac you can't run forever."

"Maybe not but I can try," she said, running into the kitchen, making Harm chase after her. They rounded the table, each on either side. Harm kept trying to hit her with his fuzzy couch pillow, but he kept missing and it was making him even more determined to tackle her. It surprised him that she could easily block his attempts to smacked her and he was even more surprised that her pillow kept connecting with his face. Harm chased her all around the table while Mischief kept staring at them from the living room like they were crazy.

Mac saw that she was losing ground and ran leaving the kitchen. She was looking for a new pillow because she had lost her's somewhere in the kitchen. She ran into Harm's bed room spotting pillows instantly. She grabbed a big one and stood ready to parry Harm's attacks, as he charged through the room. He leaped onto the bed with her and they began fiercely whacking each other. They were having so much fun. Soon Harm had gotten Mac's pillow away from her and now she flopped down on her back in surrender.

"Ok...ok, she said. "I surrender." She put her arms up, but instead she was met with Harm's hands that were tickling her. He had found all of her weak spots from earlier and now his hands concentrated on those spots.

"Harm...Harm," she pleaded.

"I just love tickling you," he replied.

They were so preoccupied with each other that they didn't even hear Mattie come into Harm's apartment. She had a wonderful time with her dad and now she was coming to get her magazine that she had left on the table, before heading to bed. She spotted the magazine sticking out from under the couch and she noticed the dinner plates left on the table. She had wondered where they had gone to, until she heard laughing coming from Harm's bed room. Carefully she walked closer.

"Harm," she said starting to walk into the room. "I left my magazine and I was....," but her voice trailed off when she saw them lying on his bed kissing and tickling her more than they had before.

"Oh my go...when I told you guys to go to bed early I didn't think you would take me seriously. I'm obviously interrupting so I'll just go," Mattie said trying to escape.

"Wait, Mattie!" Harm said getting off of Mac and stopping Mattie. "I need to explain before I say good night. You see...I'm in love with Mac," he said kissing her.

Mattie was smiling, as she looked at them. "This is soooooooo romantic and cute and I can't wait to tell Jen!"

Harm and Mac broke apart. "Mattie what do you mean your going to tell Jen?" Harm asked.

"I just want to tell Jen who will probably tell Harriet who will tell-

"Mattie," Harm interrupted. "You can't tell anyone."

"Why not?"

"Because we don't want everyone to know yet. We are not supposed to be breaking rules."

"Why?" Mattie asked not understanding.

Harm took the next few minutes, with Mac's help, and informed Mattie of their working position and how they couldn't tell anyone.

"So this is like... forbidden love," Mattie said excitedly. "You could make a movie out of stuff like this. A Navy Commander falls in love with a Marine Colonel but rules and regulation keeps them apart. Can they keep their love secret or will they be exposed? I would pay to see that. This is the stuff of movies."

"I think that's enough tv for you," Harm said.

"So you won't tell anyone about our new relationship?" Mac asked.

"No your secret is safe with me, as long as you tell me about what happened earlier in your office. Jen said something about fraternizing."

Harm and Mac rolled their eyes at the teenager's remark. After being satisfied with their explanation, Mattie said goodnight to them and headed down the hall to her apartment. A hard rain started to fall outside.

"Would I be out of line if I asked to spend the night," Mac said.

"No why would it?

"Well we haven't even had our first official date yet and I don't want to move to fast. But I really don't want to drive home when it's raining like that."

"Don't worry," Harm said sure you can spend the night. I'll get you a t-shirt to change into."

"Mew..." Mac heard as the kitten tried to jump on the bed. Mac bend down and picked her up.

"You know what," Mac said to Harm.

"Huh?" He asked, as he dug through his pj's looking for something that could fit her.

"All it took was a little Mischief to bring us together. I mean think about it. If you hadn't gotten me Mischief than she would have never gotten lose than she would never have ended up in your office. I wouldn't have come in your office searching for her and we might have not ended up on the floor. Then you might not have asked my to dinner."

"All... but I was going to do that anyway."

"Yeah, but she basically brought us together."

"I guess she did," Harm said finding small pj's for Mac and then going over and scraching the kittens chin. "She must be good luck then."

"She must have been just what we needed."

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