Title: I knew Author: Jenn Rating: G Summery: Catalina's thoughts, continued just as Nightwing 95 is ending.

I look down at the marriage license, the one Richard. . . Dick, didn't sign. I have to bite back a bitter laugh. I said that all I wanted was to see him smile. Like they say, be careful what you wish for. . . You just might get it.

I told him I knew him. I knew a lot of things, and I should have known more. I knew I'd lose him before I ever really had him. I knew he was still in love with his red-headed girl. I thought I'd lose him to her. Just like I should have known what finally made him smile, I should have known that it wasn't to her that I'd lose him.

I knew why he didn't try to hide that he was talking to Bruce / Batman. He knows I would never give up the secret of Batman's identity, because that would be a good as giving up the secret of his identity. Once you know who one is, Batman or Nightwing, it's very easy to figure out who the other is.

I manage a small smile to the lady who'd been so kind, and then walk away. I know I won't be back. Dick will eventually return to Bludhaven, but he won't return to me. I've lost him, just as I knew I would. There are times when I really hate being right.