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Chapter 2: Broken

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You are my heart, my life, my other half

Without you, I am incomplete and alone

I have never in my life felt so lost

This is a pain that I've never known

I need you back, my brother

I just can't get away

From the heartache that's overwhelming me

It's killing me everyday

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It's raining.

The water rolls down my pale skin and soaks my clothes. I've been wearing them for the past two weeks. Just a loose white overshirt and tan trousers. They are covered in blood.

My brother's blood.

I held him that night, hugging him tightly and weeping. My parents were soon in the room and Glorfindel had to keep back the many Imladris elves who wanted to know what was happening. Ada tried to pull Elladan away from me, but I wouldn't let go. I remember loud, heart-wrenching screams.

My screams.

They had to pry my arms off of my twin. I refused to let go. I refused to accept that my brother was dead.

My best friend forever. The only one who I could tell anything to. The only one I would tell all my secrets to.

I would do everything and anything with him. Any prank or dangerous stunt. I didn't care, as long as I was with him.

No one could possibly understand.

No one could ever know what it feels like.

I could laugh and talk with him forever.

But now I feel empty and lost.

I am nothing but broken and miserable.

I sit against a tree trunk in the forest. It has been cut down recently, probably by some horrible traveling human. It's dead.

Like me.

My heart keeps beating, but other than that, I am not alive.

From the pouring rain, a puddle has formed on the forest ground. I stare into it.

I see a pale, thin face with sunken in, miserable eyes. The grey orbs shine with welled up tears.

It happens again, I can't control it. A lump forms in my throat and I swallow thickly, but it doesn't go away. I bow my head and sob in pain and loneliness.

I miss everything about him. His laugh, his humor, his attempts at looking serious during a lecture while a smile tugs at his lips.

When we were elflings, we both used to be afraid of storms. But he'd pretend not to be, just so that I'd feel safe. He'd hug me gently and whisper softly in my ear, and I'd fall asleep against him.

I continue weeping and wrap my arms around myself, my body trembling.

Why? My mind wails. Why did he have to leave?!

I hate him for leaving me.

I don't really hate him, I love him...but right now I hate the world.

I hate everyone in Imladris who tries to comfort me, I hate the border patrol for somehow letting the murderer in, I hate Legolas and how he tries to talk to me and make me feel better, I hate my parents for not leaving me alone.

But most of all, I hate whoever did this. I hate the murderer who took my twin from me.

I don't know who it is, or why he did what he did. But I hate him with all my heart.

Damn him! I want to strangle him. I want to torture him for eternity. I want him to pay. Valar, I want him to pay.

Almost all of the Imladris soldiers have left to search for the killer. It's a wonder that they haven't found him yet, elves are ingenious trackers. The whole thing itself seems impossible. How someone got into the House of Elrond unnoticed, how they left without a trace...

But no matter how unbelievable it seems, it still happened. And no one can change it.

Elladan is dead.

They had a funeral. I heard it was beautiful, with flowers and a carved stone monument. Everyone was dressed in black, sobbing and weeping.

But I wasn't there.

How do you watch the person that means the most to you being lowered into the ground?

I can't.

I ran.

That night, after they took him from my arms, I ran. I was so confused and scared, everything was one horrible blur.

Barefooted, sticks and stones dug into my skin, but I ignored it. I fell in weakness and despair. My knee crashed into a sharp rock and gushed blood. I haven't wrapped it yet, I probably never will. I just limp along through this worthless life.

I haven't eaten or slept in two weeks. By all rights, I should be dead.

So why aren't I?

I wish I was.

I want to die.

Everyone knows that I am lost in sorrow. Immediately after I fled, Legolas came looking for me. He tried to tell me that he knew what I was going through. He said that Elladan was his best friend too. He said that he knew what pain and grief was from losing his mother.

He doesn't know anything.

He couldn't possibly have the slightest clue of what is happening to me.

I refuse to speak with him, or anyone.

But I cannot leave here. I have certainly tried to. Ada has ordered the border patrol to make sure that I don't leave Imladris. And they are doing a bloody good job of it.

So if they're so attentive and skilled, how did a murder get into my brother's room?

It's not an elf from here, because everyone is accounted for. And it wasn't a trusted foreign elf because that night, no one was reported entering the area.

No one.

It doesn't make any sense.

Ada and Naneth have also come looking for me. They have tried talking to me, trying to bring me back home. They have tried to give me food and blankets, but I won't let them near me.

I can see their pain. I can see the suffering in their eyes as they lose their remaining child, second born of their two beloved twin sons.

They loved us, I know. They were going to have another child eventually, another beautiful elfling for them to love and another sibling for us. A daughter seemed like a great addition to the family.

But that dream is now lost.

I will not go home, no matter how much pain it causes them. I know that they might also sink into despair if I abandon them...

But I don't care.

I don't care about anything anymore.

Every night, quite late, around midnight, I quietly walk back to the house.

Just for a while, I stare in through the windows. I look at the places my brother and I used to play. I hear my parents crying.

And I take a knife back to the forest with me.

No one can force me back home, they know that it would just worsen my condition. So they leave me be.

And as I sit against this tree stump, I finger one of the small elven daggers in my hand.

Like I have every other night, I roll up my sleeve. I rest the edge of the blade against my arm and slowly push it deeper, until the skin breaks and blood trickles out. Pulling the knife back, I can clearly see a deep three-inch long cut, crimson covering the limb. I repeat it again, diagonally over the first gash, leaving a bloody X. Sighing softly, I watch the scarlet flow for a while. It doesn't hurt, but leaves me with a feeling of momentary release.

But within minutes, the feeling is gone. I am left once again with the hollow loneliness.

So I repeat it again and again and again.

My arms are covered in blood and lacerations. Slits and gashes mar the skin.

But I don't feel any better.

I never do.

I stand up and let the knife fall to the ground.

My mind is reeling, I barely know what I'm doing anymore.

Maybe I need to do something more drastic. Maybe more physical pain will drown out the heartache.

I scream in anguish and slam my fist into a tree. There's a sickening crunch as my fingers break, but I don't even flinch. Just like with my knee and as I cut myself, I watch as the blood pours freely with a sort of odd fascination. My hand trembles as I pull it back.

Why doesn't it hurt? I feel so numb.

The pain in me, the real pain, is not physical.



I'm all alone.

I had never really been alone before. I never really knew what it felt like.

I want it to end.

I can't keep going.

Slowly, I limp for the House of Elrond.

I have tracked blood into the house, someone will probably soon realize that I'm here. I'm in the main healing room, in front of the cupboard where Ada keeps his herbs and potions.

My brother and I were taught a lot in the lore of elven healing. I remember a certain pain-relieving plant that you had to be very careful how much you administered. A little too much could make an elf comatose, and more than half the jar would kill one, stopping a heart almost instantly.

My hands tremble violently as I lift the jar of herbs off the shelf, blood from my broken fingers making the glass slippery. Almost dropping it several times, I manage to unscrew the lid. I set it on the table silently and shakily take out a fist full of leaves with my left hand.

This is it. I can end it all here. Now. I can be forever rid of the pain. I can be with Elladan again.

Taking a deep breath, I take a single leaf and chew it slowly, my mouth filled with a stinging feeling. But once I swallow it, a warm, painless feeling fills me.

I take more.

But as I eat them, my mind drifts...

What about the feelings I had earlier? What about that deep down sense that's telling me that he's not really gone?

It's lying, I know it is. It has to be. I saw him dead with my own eyes. All of Imladris watched the burial.

He is dead.


The hesitance in my heart is only denial. False hope.

I swallow down more. I can feel my heart beating frantically.

But what if it's something more?

All reason in my mind screams that it's not possible... But what if it is? If there actually is a chance to bring him back, I have to do it. I will do anything.


But where do I start? It's a feeling, that's all. Nothing to follow, no clues or ideas of where to go.

It's an impossible hope.

I've used half the jar now, my breaths are coming slower. My lungs feel tight.

"'Dan," a soft sob escapes my lips. "Where are you?" The tears come again.

I'm here, brother.

My body freezes and the jar drops from listless fingers, shattering loudly on the ground.

'Ro, I'm still here...

Hallucinations. That's all this is. I'm losing my mind.

Elrohir, please listen to me. Brother?

This is not a hallucination. This is real.

Don't do this, 'Ro!

My body shivers involuntarily and my thoughts dim. Everything slips away.

I try to cling to awareness, to the words in my head. The voice that I have longed to hear.

Oh no, what have I done?

Finally, finally I've found him. Finally our link has made contact. I can find him now. I can bring him back.

But it's too late.

I hear footsteps racing down the hallway. They must have head the jar break.

I can't breathe. Everything dims.

My heartbeat echoes loudly in my head. Straining, pumping.


I slam into the floor lifelessly and know no more.

TBC! Peace!