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New Resolutions II Chapter One – A Morning with the Potter-Snape's

Harry sat up in his bed and glanced over at his wife for five years, Leah. He gave a small smile as he moved a piece of her blond hair out of her face. Finally, she was his and his only.

He heard a thump upstairs and shook his head, wondering what his two twin daughters were up to. Lily and Jordan were his pride and joy now. Jordan was the rebellious one. Her short, wild thrown everywhere black hair hanged just above her shoulder with some of it falling into her gray eyes that were just like her mother's. Lily, on the other hand, was the quite and innocent or she came off as that. Curly black hair fell past her shoulders and all the innocence was stored behind her hunter green eyes. Both seven and proud that they had they parents and every other adult in their life around their finger.

It had been seven years since they graduated from Hogwarts and life never slowed down once with them. Leah had finished her Healer training and now was one of the head medi-witch. She loved her job and specialized in helping the children that came through. After five years of playing quidditch, Harry had enough. He had gone through Auror training with Draco and both were ones now. Their main job now was trying to catch the death eaters that got away.

Another thump made him get out of bed to see what they were up to. With them, his Auror training paid off. To say they keep him, twenty-five and Leah, twenty-four, on their guard was an understatement. He grabbed a green tee shirt and put it on with his black boxers he wore to bed.

"Lily, Jordan whatever you are doing, keep it down," he yelled up the stairs of his manor.

"Yes, daddy," they called down.

He shook his head. He doubted very much that they would.

"Master, can I get you anything?" asked Ivy, their house elf.

"Coffee for now would be great," said Harry sitting down at the dinning table.

Ivy returned soon with his coffee and the mornings Daily Prophet and laid it in front of him. He ran a hand through his jet-black hair and closed his eyes. How he hated going to work in the mornings. He always wondered why he couldn't go in at mid afternoon. He opened his eyes when he felt a pair of arms wrap around him.

"Morning Harry," said Leah cheerfully.

"How can you be so cheerful at seven in the morning?"

"What, does Harry need a little wake up call this morning?"

"I already did with the two brats upstairs," he said glancing up at the ceiling.

"Yeah, I heard them too... but I think you will like this wake up call a bit better," she said giving him a kiss on the cheek then on the lips.

"Oh, I think so too but I don't think anything can wake me up more than when Lils and Jorie came in one morning and decided to jump on our bed until we got up," he said giving her another kiss.

"Oh, I can think this one is," she said giving him her famous devious smile.

"Really?" he asked pulling her into his lap.

She gave him a smile and put a hand behind his head being his lips close to hers but...



Two girls came running into the dinning room still in their pajamas. The Potter-Snape's were never really morning people because all them were still in their pajamas, Lily in pink and Jordan in orange.

"Morning girls," said Leah sitting up in Harry's lap.

"What were you girls doing this morning?" asked Harry.

"Nothing," said Jordan.

"Jordan Jade, you need to learn to lie better or have Lily do all the lying because you can't lie with us. Now, what were you doing?" asked Leah.

"Rearranging my room," said Jordan putting on a sweet smile.

"Again?" asked Harry.

"Yeah...can you paint it again?"

"What color this time? We just painted it red!" exclaimed Harry.

"Orange Daddy. Don't you just love that color?" asked Jordan.

"Orange?" asked Leah.

"Her new favorite color Mum," said Lily.

"Go figure. Yes, we will change the color. Lily, would you like to change your room from pink to another color?" asked Harry.

"No Daddy, I like mine the way it is."

"Good. Now both of you go get dressed. Mum and I have to get ready to go to work," said Harry.


"What do your girls want for breakfast?" asked Leah.


Food on the go was a miracle for them. Either Leah and Harry were going to work or Lily and Jordan were going to one of their many sitters.

Both girls ran up the stairs to their rooms.

"Now, where were we?" asked Harry.

"Right about here..." said Leah pulling Harry's head down to hers.


"Damn it Ron...Can't you see I am trying to kiss my wife?" asked Harry glancing over at the fire.

"Sorry mate but Mum said if you want to drop Lils and Jorie at her house today, Damien is going to be there and so will Allie and Kori," said Ron.

"Kori? I thought Draco had her this week?" asked Leah.

"Yeah but he has to work so he asked Mum to watch her," he said.


Kourtney was Draco and Ginny daughter. Their relationship was an off and on thing for the past seven years. They were together long enough to have Kori but then they were off now and shared custody of her.

"So, tell Mum to expect them?" asked Ron.

"Yeah...Dad needs a break and so does Hogwarts I think," said Harry.

"Great! See you two later."

"Bye Ron," they said together.

Ron's head disappeared and they looked at each other.

"Better get ready. They girls will be done before we even start," said Leah.

"Yeah, I guess..." muttered Harry.

"Come on babe," she said grabbing his hand and pulling him to the bedroom.

"Why can't mornings around here ever be peaceful and quiet?" he asked.

"We haven't had peace in seven years, hun."

"Yeah...now I am thinking about regretting that night about eight years ago."

"Hey now..."

"But it paid to see Dad reaction when we told him," said Harry with a smirk.

"Too shocked to speak. Never thought I would ever see that. Though, Jade did most of the talking for him...and I think that might have been the best thing then," said Leah laughing.

"Peaceful and quiet as it ever will be until they go off to Hogwarts in four years," said Harry.

"Four long years."

"Don't I know it."


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