"I don't like the look of these sausages Merry," Said Pippin, staring doubtfully down at the offending piece of meat, "why, they aren't even half the size of the porkers back home! In fact, I think three of these would barely-"

"Pippin! You're giving me a headache."

"But Merry!" Exclaimed Pippin, turning to stare in astonishment at his frustrated friend, "Can't you see? They're not even as long as-"

"This isn't the Green Dragon anymore Pippin," said Merry exasperatedly, "you really shouldn't have come with us. You've been a confounded nuisance for the past three days anyway, and poor Frodo! When you asked him for his sausage yesterday, he looked like he was about to scream!"

Pippin stared stonily at the rocks he was sitting next to. "I see," he said slowly, "you like Frodo better than me, don't you."

"No! Pippin, don't be ridiculous! I-" Merry began hastily.

"No, no, it's quite alright," said Pippin, blinking back tears. "It's obvious you don't want to be around me any more. No, I can see it quite clearly now. I'm going to go talk to the elf."

Pippin stood up and tossed his small sausage in Merry's face. Merry spluttered and let it roll down his shoulder as Pippin stormed off huffily.

Legolas was sitting by himself outside the circle of the company, perched motionless on a large rock like an elegant bird. He gazed far off over the tall, blue, mountains in the distance, his eyes focused on something that no one else it seemed, could see.

His thoughts wandered from his home in Mirkwood with its lovely streams and tall elegant trees, to the darkness of Mordor, and the threat it was imposing upon all his kindred. For a moment, it seemed the elf bent slightly on his rock, as if carrying a burden, but whatever it was passed and he resumed his straight-backed pose.

He gazed at the beauty of the landscape, and not for the first time felt hope stir within him.

"Gloomy looking place, don't you think so?"

Legolas nearly jumped. The small, foolish hobbit had appeared almost silently.

Pippin was standing at the elf's elbow which brushed the top of his head. Legolas didn't answer but instead glared at the hobbit.

"You know you haven't told us your name yet?" Pippin said trying to get the elf to speak to him as he was feeling very unwanted. "Well you probably know this already but my name is Pippin, well not really, it's actually Peregrin but I prefer Pippin or Pip if you like. See Frodo over there? He's my second cousin- well, once removed from his mother's side. And Merry… well, lets not talk about Merry. So, do you have any family?"

But still he received no answer from the elf. Who turned back to stare at the mountains in front of him. So Pippin walked back to the fire and snatched the sausage back from Merry as he was about to eat it.

Legolas watched the hobbit leave and instantly felt sorry for the hobbit. He took one last look at the landscape in front of him then followed the Hobbit back to where he had been sitting with Meriadoc.  

He crouched down next to the hobbit and drew an arrow from his quiver. He then used to arrow to write in the dirt.


He then looked up at the hobbit and pointed at the name.

But Pippin didn't seem to get it so the elf pointed at the name then at him.

Still no reaction.

After a few tries of trying to get the Hobbit to understand he got up and walked over to the rest of the group.

"If you want to say something just say it, don't try to confuse me." Pippin called after him, annoyed by the elf.

Legolas sat down with Boromir, Gimli, Frodo and Sam as they waited for Aragorn and Gandalf to return from scouting the area.

"You know Pippin is only trying to be polite." Boromir said.

Legolas looked at him then went back to staring at the fire.

"You think that your better then us don't you? Just because you're an elf and you're immortal." Boromir continued.

Legolas ignored him.

Boromir stood and walked over to where the elf was sitting by the fire. He reached out to grab the elf but Legolas was too fast for him and dashed off into the trees around them.

"Where is Legolas?" Aragorn asked when he and Gandalf returned.

"Who?" Boromir asked.

"Legolas, the elf who has been travelling with us for the past three days."

"Oh is that his name. He seems to think that we aren't good enough for him to waste his breath on speaking to us."

"It's true when I tried to start a friendly conversation with him he turned away and ignored me." Pippin added.

"Where is he?" Aragorn repeated.

"He ran into the trees and good riddens if you ask he." Boromir snapped pointing in the direction where Legolas had disappeared.

Aragorn took a deep breath trying to calm himself.

"Boromir, would you ask a blind man to see or a deaf man to hear?"

"No." he replied confused.

"Then why do you ask a mute man to speak?" Aragorn asked before running off into the trees. Leaving the fellowship in shock at the new discovery.