Sign language/animal sounds
Black Speech

Early the next morning the guards came down to the cells and opened the door to the man and Gimli's prison. The three were immediately on their feet and the Hobbits were startled awake in the next cell.

Two Uruk-Hai moved towards Aragorn and Boromir, restraining them while two others unchained Gimli and dragged him out of the room. The Guards ignored the prisoners protest and left the room without a word.

Gimli was taken through the caves until they came to another cell, but not set up for holding prisoners but instead for breaking them. The walls were lined with instruments make to cause as much pain as possible with the smallest amount of effort possible.

Gimli was forced to one side of the room and then lifted so that his wrists could be placed onto a set of chains which were the right height for a fully grown man or elf but they left him dangling almost two feet of the ground.

The guards then left him alone and it wasn't long before his arms started to shake for the exertion of having his entire weight on them.

Gimli was left for over an hour before Rondir entered the room. The man crossed the room to a shelf opposite Gimli where he gathered some items which the dwarf couldn't see; Rondir stood listening to his captive's heavy breathing, his body weight making it harder for lungs to draw the amount of oxygen they needed for his body to work normally.

Rondir turned back to his prisoner, who glared at him silently trying to pretend that the stress that his body was under wasn't affecting him. The man stood staring at Gimli for what seemed to the Dwarf as hours before he spoke.

"You know, my family kept your friend for over one thousand years, we beat him until he hardly had the energy to breathe any more and then we beat him some more. When he was almost dead we would lock him away in the depths of these tunnels and leave him there for weeks at a time, with only small amounts of food and water without any contact with any other living creature, until he thought that we had forgotten him, and then were would take him out and if he was willing to obey us then we would beat him again and send him off to work. If not then the whole process would start again and each time we would beat him for longer, lock him away for longer and give him less food, until he couldn't cope anymore. But every race is different, you don't break a horse in the same manner as you would tame a dog, it was a very good why to break elves because of their need for nature and the stars, but I know that it will not work for a dwarf."

"Of course it won't, dwarves don't break." Gimli stated proudly.

"And as you are the first of your kind we have had the pleasure of breaking," he continued, ignoring Gimli's comment, "We will just have to keep trying different methods until we find one that works, we need to find what will hurt you the most, with the elf it was his love of nature so we took nature from him, and also interestingly enough singing seem to help him as well, so we stole his voice. Now all we have to do is find your weakness and then you will be ours."

Rondir moved closer to him.

"Shall we begin?"

Gimli was thrown back into the cells two days later. The guards dumped him on the floor without placing him in any of the cells, trusting that he wasn't in any condition to escape and wouldn't be for awhile.

"Hey you can't just leave him their!" Boromir complained when the Orcs started to leave the room.

"Your lucky we even brought him back, if we had it are way he would be tonight's dinner, so shut up." The guard snarled back before continuing up the stairs.

From what they could see, Gimli was covered in welts and slashes from some form of whip, his left shoulder was bulging out of its socket and many of his fingers were bent in the wrong direction. His left leg had a large gash in it revealing the white bone underneath and his lower right leg was had a bump where the broken bone was pushing against the skin from the inside. Miraculously enough Gimli was still awake however incoherent.

"Gimli? Gimli?"

The dwarf seemed to hear him but didn't have the energy to look at Aragorn.

"Gimli, make some kind of noise if you can hear me." Aragorn prompted.

The dwarf grunted softly and they saw he eyes open briefly before they closed again a few seconds later.

"Gimli, please wake up, Gimli." Pippin said from the Hobbits cell, all four of them were pressed up against the bars to try and see the injured member of their group.

"Let him sleep, Pippin, we can't do anything for him right now, except let him know we are here for him." Aragorn told the hobbit, reaching through the bars to touch the Hobbit's shoulder.

They sat in the semi light of the cells, all watching the Dwarf's chest rise and fall, all hoping it wouldn't be his last. Aragorn and Boromir both tried to get the Hobbit's to sleep, promising that they would wake them if anything happen but they would nave none of it, none of them willing to sleep while their friends fate was uncertain.

Since Gimli had been taken two days before, no one had entered the rooms apart from the guards returning Gimli, so when they heard someone coming down the stairs, they all feared that the guards were returning for Gimli or to take one of the others away. They were completely surprised however when Legolas appeared at the base of the stairs, looking around carefully for any guards.

"Lego…" Legolas's eyes widened and he shook his head vigorously to try and silence the Hobbit. Taking the message they were all silent as Legolas paused listening to try and find out if the guards had heard him or not.

Ignoring the rest of the group, Legolas approached Gimli and began checking the dwarf's injuries. Legolas placed the bag he had brought with him on the floor next to him and pulled out some water and cloths along with a bottle of alcohol to clean the worst of the wounds and try and ward of the infection that was imminent if the wounds weren't treated properly.

Legolas methodically went through cleaning the welts and cuts on the dwarf's body, starting with the large gash on his left leg, he pored a generous amount of the alcohol into the wound before sowing it shut with a clothes mending needle he had taken from one of the women. When he finished cleaning each wound he bound them, until they were all treated as best as they could be with his limited rescores. He then worked to move him closer to the Hobbit's cells so they could help, Aragorn would have been a better choice but the chains the two men were in prevented them from coming close enough to the cell wall for them to be much help, the Hobbit's on the other hand were free to roam their cell.

When he had Gimli lying next to the cell door he took hold of Frodo's hands and placed them on Gimli's chest, repeating the process for each hobbit placing their hands where they would be most useful and least painful for Gimli, before motioning for them to hold Gimli down.

Legolas then pushed a piece of cloth in Gimli's mouth to muffle any noise that came out of the dwarf while he reset his bones. Legolas then moved Gimli's leg and manoeuvred the Dwarf's bone back into place and as he expected the Dwarf was quickly awake trying to get away, making it very hard for the Hobbits to keep him down. Legolas held the leg still while Sam spoke quietly to Gimli until he calmed down again and allowed Legolas to split his leg. The elf had taken two stirring sticks from the kitchen and strapped them in place to help to keep the leg straight while it healed.

When he finished the leg he got up and moved over to Aragorn, who knowing what he needed now, passed him the leather wrist guard that he wore. Legolas moved up to the dwarf's shoulder and knelt next to him, and removed the cloth from Gimli's mouth.

"Legolas, are you well?" Gimli asked, drawing a slight smile from the elf.

"You should worry less about me and more about your own health." Legolas replied with his hands, and Aragorn whispered a translating for them.

"I don't know how you coped with it all those years." Gimli said, his voice strained.

Legolas put his finger to Gimli's lips and then looked to Aragorn, silently asking the man to explain what he was going to do.

But even as the man started to explain Gimli stopped him.

"I've had a dislocated limb before I know what he has to do, just do it laddie."

Legolas held out the end of the leather brace and Gimli bit down on it to stop himself from biting his tongue or lip when the limb was put back into place.

When Gimli took the leather in his mouth he nodded to the Hobbit's who put their weight on the dwarf again to hold him down.

"Alright on three," Aragorn said, "one…"

Legolas pulled the limb back into place before Gimli could tense up, drawing a shout from the Dwarf which he couldn't control.

"You would think that after a thousand years or so you would have learnt how to count elf." Gimli said through clenched teeth.

Legolas ignored him and quickly packed up the things he had brought with him. When he was finished he headed for the door, but stopped when Aragorn called him back.

"I must go, if they find me gone they will punish the hobbits for my disobedience."

"I know you risked much by coming here, thank you, he would not have lasted the night other wise." Aragorn replied, looking over at the dwarf who had lost consciousness again.

Legolas nodded then without looking back again he started up the stairs. The fellowship sat in silence all ready to sleep now that they knew Gimli was cared for.

"Think you could just sneak out did you?" a voice said on the stairs before several people could be heard coming back down the stairs. Someone on the stairs gave a small cry then Legolas appeared, rolling down the stairs, apparently having been pushed, when he hit the bottom he stayed exactly where he fell and a few seconds later Rondir appeared with two Orc guards in tow. Taking in the fellowship in their cells and Gimli cared for on the floor he glared down at Legolas.

"It would seem that you haven't learnt you lesson after all, we will have to remedy that."

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