Secure: But not against magic.

Dr Daniel Jackson walked down the hallway towards his friend Major/Dr Samantha Carter's lab. They had been working on a alien artefact trying to work out its use and the writings on the side. They had been working on it for a few days now and they had finally agreed to stop and get some food and sleep before continuing.

He met up with Sam half way there and they walked the rest of the way talking about the different possibilities of what the object could be. When they got to the lab they got straight back to work and continued for the next few hours.

At about 1700 hours Coronal Jack O'Neill and Teal'c, the other members of their team SG-1, interrupted them.

"What you doing kids? Still working on that Do-Hicky from P6X-117?" Jack asked.

"Yes, we haven't got very far I sort of recognise the language on the side but I can't place it." Daniel replied.

"This is much more advanced then anything we have ever studied before, sir" Sam informed him.

"Well I have complete confidence that you will both work it out in the end." Jack said. "But I think that you should both get home and rest. That's an ord…"

Just then an alarm rang throughout the complex. They all ran out of the room towards the Gateroom where most of the problems in the SGC happened. As they got closer they could hear gunfire and strange words in a different language.

They changed course to the closest armoury.

"Daniel do you know that language?" Jack asked.

"Yes, it's a mix of different languages though it is mostly Latin. But they were saying the strangest things." He replied.

"I want to know how they got into the complex. The gate hasn't been activated so they must have come in with one of the teams or they are from the surface."

"How would they get though the guards, Sir?" Sam asked.

"If it's who I think it is then they wouldn't have come through the front door Carter."

They ran towards the gunfire. When they entered the room they saw a large group of people in black cloaks and white masks. They fired at the group, while looking at who else was in the room.

General Hammond, and Doctor Fraiser were in one corner still awake, along with a few airmen. There were other people on the floor around the room, either dead or unconscious. Some more airmen were coming in through another door.

The attackers weren't using guns though they had sticks and were shouting different words and lights were coming out of the sticks towards them.

Teal'c covered Daniel while he checked to see who was alive and who wasn't. Sam shot a look at her CO and was shocked to see that he had abandoned his gun and had a stick like the attackers. She stored that information way for after the fight and turned back to what she was doing.

The people in black stopped firing suddenly and a tall man walk forward from the back of the group. Hammond ordered them to hold fire.

All attention was put on the tall man. He was one of the most ugly things Sam had ever seen. He had almost white skin and red eyes. His nose was almost nonexistent except for two snake-like slits that could almost pass as nostrils.

"Holy shit!!!" Jack swore. "But your dead!"

"You know this man Coronal?" Hammond asked Jack.

"Of courssse he knowsss me you ssstupid Muggle. All Wizzzardsss know Lord Voldemort." The man said.

"Leave them be, they never did anything to you." Jack said.

"They were born that isss enough of a reassson for me." Voldemort retorted.

"That doesn't give you the right to kill them, when will you see that our race would have died out if it weren't for Muggles." Jack yelled.

"Are now I recognissse you, O'Neill. You know your father would ssstill be alive if he wasn't ssso ssstupid. He wasss sssuch a Muggle-loving fool." Voldemort sneered.

"Maybe your right but at lest he was an honest man that fought for what was right, rather then a stupid half-blood snake." Jack retorted.

Just then 5 owls with letters in their beaks flew into the room and landed on different peoples shoulder's, one of which went to Jack. Jack reached up not taking his eyes off of the man in front of him. He took the note and opened it. He quickly read the note and snorted.

Warning to all Witches and wizards Voldemort is back. Watch out for him but don't try to take him on contact the Ministry of magic and aurors will be sent to you.


The Ministry of Magic, USA

"Bit late I'd say." He commented. Then he turned to Carter and whispered to her, "Get out of here go to the canteen and wait there for me. Just gather everyone there. Also send the warning to close off the whole base. Go."

Carter passed on the message and they started to leave but when the Death Eaters saw this the fight started again. Jack created an anti-apparition ward but he knew it wouldn't last long.