Secure: But not against magic.

The fight started again but this time there were more fighters for the side of the light and the fight was much more even now that the Aurors were there and could get through the shields that had been put up by the Death Eaters.

As they were fighting Jack saw the Quidditch guy making his way towards Voldemort through the crowd.

Jack watched out of the corner of his eye to see what was happening but couldn't make out what they were saying over the noise.

Jack turned his attention back to the Death Eaters around him and stunned one that was trying to kill Daniel, who was trying to stop another Death Eater near him.

Sam was doing fine except that she had acquired a nasty cut down one side of her face.

He turned back to the fight between the Quidditch guy and Voldemort who seemed to be an even match. Voldemort had a powerful shield around himself but the other didn't so he had to dodge a lot of the curses that came his way. Jack also noticed that the Death Eaters seemed to steer clear of the two probably because of an order from Voldemort or the fact that they weren't as strong and could be pulverised by a stray curse.

After about an hour of curses being fired and guns blazing, Voldemort realised he was losing and Apperated away. Closely followed by the remaining conscience Dearth Eaters.

All the conscience soldiers on the light side cheered. After the celebration had died down everyone got to work reviving the injured.

After most of the work had been done to clean up, General Hammond came over to Jack with a very annoyed expression on his face. He took the silencing charm off his CO and waited to for the man to regain his composure.

"What in Gods name is going on here? You better have a dammed good reason for this Colonel!" The General said, not bothering to control his temper.

"Well alright but I will need to find someone who is more up to date with news in Brittain."

"Fine, meet me in the debriefing room in 5 minutes or there will be hell to pay and bring SG-1 with you."

"Yes sir."

Jack walked off to find the man who had apparently been called from a game of Quidditch.

He found him talking to Daniel in a corner of the room.

"Hey Daniel, Hammond wants us in the debriefing room pronto." Jack said without preamble.

"OK Jack. Shall I go find Sam and Teal'c for you?" Daniel asked.

"Yeah. Thanks."

After Daniel was gone he turned back to the guy Daniel had been talking too.

"Look I need some help with my CO. He wants me to explain but I don't know what is happening out there. I spend nearly all my time here. Could you come explain? I need to know anyway."

The guy thought for a minute. Jack spent this time trying to work out who the guy reminded him of.

"Fine but I have to get back soon. So it has to be quick."

Jack led him up to the debriefing room and found that Daniel had succussed in getting the team together.

"Alright. General, Major, Teal'c. This is… Well actually who are you?" Jack asked.

"Harry Potter." He said holding out his hand to Sam, Teal'c and the General. 

Jack was stunned. "Your kidding right. Harry Potter? The Harry Potter?"

SG-1 and the General, looked on in surprise. It was very hard to catch the Coronal off guard. This guy seemed to be able to do it by saying his name.

"Yes, The Harry Potter and please don't start Voldemort gave me a big enough headache, without you adding to it." Harry said, rubbing his forehead.

"But I thought you were still in school!" Jack continued not caring if he added to Harry's headache.

"I am. What? Do you think that I wear my school uniform for fun?" Harry told him while plucking at his robes.

On closer inspection Jack could see a crest of a lion on the chest of his robes, the symbol for Gryffindor, one of the Hogwarts houses.

Sam took this chance to interrupt.

"Wait so Brittain is sending teenagers to fight their battles? Sorry but last time I checked the Queen had a perfect sized army under her command."

"No it's just me that's helping in the battles." Harry sighed, which showed that he had had enough of repeating the story over and over for different people. "Voldemo…"

"Don't say the name!" Jack yelled at him, making everyone else in the room jump.

"Why would the name of this man upset you so much, O'Neill?" Teal'c asked.

"Because it is just not done OK no one says You-Know-Who's name." Jack replied.

"Whose name?" Sam asked.

"That tall man with the spooky red eyes."

"What that guy? He looked like a light breeze could knock him clean over." She said disbelievingly.

"Anyway," Harry said interrupting the bickering, "That guy has been after me since I was born. So I decided to be active in the fight against him. Anyway even if I wasn't he would come after me."

"So why's he after you?" Hammond asked.

"To tell you the truth I don't know. My Headmaster thinks that he is protecting me but keeping me in the dark." Harry told them.

"So there's a mass murderer after you for reasons you don't know?" Daniel asked.

"Well that's not completely true, I don't know why he was after me in the first place, I do know he is trying to kill me now 'cause I almost killed him when the killing curse backfired on him, leaving him as a shadow of his former self and me with this scar." He lifted up his fringe showing them the scar that made it impossible for his to go anywhere without whispers following him.

"Ok I know this stuff, but what has been happening resently, last I heard he was a spirit in some forest in Albania or something." Jack said impatiently.

"Yes well two years ago he managed to come back by kidnapping me and using my blood, his servant's hand and his father's bone."

"So that bastard is back, why weren't there notices sent out earlier? Last time something like this happened everyone got an owl to came and fight. We just got an owl telling us not to approach him if we see him, and that was when I was having a bloody conversation with him."

"The governments trying to hush it up so as not to alarm the public, or in other words so that the British Minister of Magic doesn't have to admit that Dumbledore and I aren't crazy and that he was warned but didn't act. If he had listened then this mess wouldn't have happened. But it has gotten out of hand and he had to admit it." Harry explained.

"So if this madman has been killing at random then why doesn't the whole world know?" Samantha asked.

"Memory charms. But I don't have time to explain that now I have to help out with the wounded then I have a Potions class to get to before Snape skins me alive and turns me into a potion. Cya."

Harry shook everyone's hand and turned to leave. But remembered something and turned back, "Oh yeah some people are coming round later to put up some wards, we don't need Voldemort get a hold on this place."

Jack scoffed at his back as he walked away, "Bit late for that, you know the President asked for wards on this place as soon as it started."

"Wait the President knows about all this Magic stuff?" Sam asked.

"Sure, all the Muggle leaders of the world know about magic so if we need to we can put adds in the Newspaper or use part of their land and so on."

"OK so what do we do now all these people know about the gate and…" Daniel started to say when there was a loud THUMP and the sound of someone rolling down a set of stairs. They all ran down the stairs to find Harry in a heap at the bottom of them.

Carter checked his pulse.

"He's alive." She said.

"Ok let's get him to the infirmary." Hammond said.

"Sir I don't think we should move him he might of hurt his back in the fall."

"Are you guys coming or what?" Sam and Hammond turned to see Jack turn the corner with Potter floating in front of him.