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Gravitation Revisited: Magnetism

Uesugi Eiri swiped the back of his hand across his sweaty forehead. He flicked golden bangs out of his face; they were sticking to his forehead and nose annoyingly. He mentally reminded himself to get the ragged locks cut first thing tomorrow morning.

Eiri cranked up the air conditioning in his beat-up 1983 Subaru GL station wagon. The car hissed in protest.

Only six more miles, baby, Eiri groaned silently. Just get me home and everything will be peaches and cream.

The sweating seventeen year old sighed heavily and tried desperately to fan himself with one hand while driving with the other. The air conditioning was clearly broken and decided to be very temperamental about whether it wanted to blow out cold air or hot air. Eiri preferred the former in the sweltering August heat, but the Subaru refused to give it to him in bouts any longer than five minutes.

Eiri narrowed his azure-eyes and clenched his jaw tight. He blinked harshly, trying to ease the sting of his colored-contacts. His eyes were beginning to play funny tricks on him. However, the teen couldn't tell if it was the contacts blurring, the temperature making him delirious, the sun in his eyes, or the heat waves rising from the pavement. The road did seem awfully steamy looking all of a sudden… Eiri flopped back in his seat and let out a ragged breath. The heat was definitely getting to him – it was the only logical explanation.

The blonde gripped the steering wheel and pressed harder on the accelerator. It didn't matter how fast he went; there was virtually no one out on the express way at three in the after noon on a Sunday.

"Five more miles," the teen mused aloud. "Five more miles and then I can go home, blast a working AC, and flop down in my cushiony bed…" Eiri's gruff tenor slowly trailed off in a sweet daydream.

After spending the last four days Nagoya playing at gigs in the local clubs with his band, Mys•fôr•shun, Eiri was far from in the best of moods. The motel the band stayed at was a run-down little shack with ripped tatami mats to sleep on, a rotting hard wood floor, and no food. What little money the gigs had made them was spent on eating out, and even that was used sparingly. The whole adventure, in a word, was disastrous.

Now, however, with visions of an ice cold shower and a plush bed to lie on, Eiri was slipping into a catatonic reverie.

The young singer sighed dreamily and leaned his head back against the seat. He closed his eyes briefly to help relieve the sting of his eyes. Images of sinking into the king-size cushiony bed that he shared with his flatmates filled his mind's eye. However, Eiri quickly remembered that he was driving, and rather carelessly, despite the lack of car's on the road. He snapped his eyes back open.

The teen blinked harshly. The road before him seemed very smoky all of a sudden…

What the…? Eiri furrowed his brow and sniffed in thought, squinting hard. He caught a quick whiff of toast. The blonde froze. Toast…? No… that's not toast…

Eiri gasped and slammed on the break, sending the car to a screeching halt. He snapped his wrist to turn off the ignition and fumbled with his seatbelt. Why was it the only time you really needed to get the blasted things off you couldn't?

The singer stumbled out of the car, which was now hissing and sputtering. The whole front of the car was crackling with small new-born flames. The area around the car was turning grey with smoke.

Eiri sighed wearily and collapsed onto the shoulder of the road. The concrete burned from the heat of summer right through his khaki shorts. He groaned.

The teenager reached into his pant pocket and pulled out a five year old cellphone. The screen was cracked, all the displays were upside down and backwards, and the ringtone (which there was only one of) sounded like a castrated cat.

He punched in the numbers for the fire station. He had the number memorized by now – this wasn't the first time his car decided to burst into flames.

However, by the time he was nearly done with the phone conversation, the flames began to close in upon themselves and died down.

Eiri rolled his eyes. He informed the secretary on the line to disregard his comments.

He'd just have to call a tow truck, instead.

When he was done, the vocalist stuffed the welfare phone back into his pocket and stretched his legs out before him.

The man from the towing company had informed Eiri that they only had one guy working today and he probably wouldn't get around to the teen's beat up Subaru for another three hours, at least.

I hate Sundays, Eiri groaned mentally. Things always go wrong on Sundays, and you've got no one to help you because they're all on their day off.

Eiri was further informed by the towing company that he should just leave the car there and they would call him when they got around to picking it up. Grudgingly, the blonde gave the company his cellphone number.

But where the hell was he supposed to go in the meantime?

Eiri tried his cellphone again, calling his brother for possible help.

"Hey, bro," came a fuzzy, barely comprehendible, voice from the other line. Eiri's brother had caller ID. "What's up?"

"My car overheated," Eiri stated matter-of-factly. The other man laughed. "It's not funny, Tatsuha!"

"Right, right – sorry. Where are you?"

The vocalist frowned. "The highway. I'm about four or five miles from home."

"Oh, why are you still there?" Tatsuha inquired. "Everyone else is already home."

The band had taken three cars with them to the gigs in Nagoya. In one car was Aizawa Taki, the band's second vocalist; Shirozawa Ma, the guitarist; and Mimuru Ken, the violinist. On the way to Nagoya, the second car contained Nakano Hiroshi, the second guitarist, and Uesugi Tatsuha, the bassist. The third car then carried Uesugi Eiri, a vocalist, and Seguchi Tohma, the keyboardist.

The car arrangements were decided with little effort. Taki, Ma, and Ken met in kindergarten and have been inseparable ever since. Tatsuha and Hiro were close friends, so there was no argument there. An Eiri and Tohma were "hook-up buddies", as they liked to consider themselves.

Their other band mates knew to leave the two alone.

When the group departed from Nagoya, Eiri was in a foul mood. Tohma and he wound up getting into a bit of a quibble, so the genius keyboardist hoped along with Tatsuha and Hiro.

Eiri was left behind for the ride home alone.

He growled. If only I hadn't stopped for a damn bottle of water at that run-down convience store. Then I would be home right now, with the others, and my car would have never blown up.

"Nevermind," the blonde answered gruffly. His eyes fell to the car and the bottle of water that laid only half-drank on the passenger seat. It wasn't worth stopping to buy it, in retrospect.

"Look," Eiri continued in annoyance, "get Hiro to come pick me up."

Tatsuha clucked his tongue. "No can do, bro. Hiroshi's out food shopping. All our food in the fridge went bad while we were gone." The younger Uesugi laughed. "You shoulda seen it, bro!"

Eiri grumbled something under his breath. "Fine, then call Taki."

"I don't have his new number."

The undividable trio just recently got a new package deal of three cellphones. It was one of those "free minutes" to each other deals that never actually wound up free. However, they hadn't gotten the first bill yet, so they didn't realize.

Eiri absent-mindedly wondered what they would need such a deal for if they were never apart anyway.

"How did you not get the number?" Eiri growled vehemently. Tatsuha tended to be inattentive.

"Did you?" Eiri's brother countered.

"Yes!" the singer snapped.

"Then you call him."

Eiri sighed. He couldn't do that. He had written the three's new phone numbers down on a slip of paper, which he then placed into his pant pocket. That was three days ago, and three pairs of pants ago.

He couldn't think back that far.

"Forget it." Eiri blinked hard. The contacts were burning. Why did Taki and Hiroshi have to be the only ones with licenses besides himself?! "Dammit, when are you gonna learn to drive, Tatsuha?!"

The brother laughed loudly. Eiri's broken phone sputtered against the sound. "As soon as you let me near your car."

Admitting to defeat, Eiri ended the conversation with his brother. It wasn't worth the headache.

He slumped forward and hung his head. His shirt was stuck uncomfortably to his back and his hair was slicked to his forehead. He was drenched in sweat.

If the blonde had to stay in this heat much longer, then, he feared, he would pass out from heat exhaustion. And, if he stayed out long enough, he would then dehydrate, if he wasn't doing so already.

Eiri licked his parched lips. He slowly, weakly, tilted his head up. He was considering grabbing the water bottle, which was no doubt hot by now, when he saw a car pull up in front of his along the shoulder.

The golden-yellow convertible stopped right at Eiri's feet. The paint glinted evilly in the bright sun, stabbing at Eiri's already sore eyes. He blinked again.

The vocalist squinted, craning his head back to see the driver. The man inside the car moved around for a second and opened the door, car still running. He stepped out and around the front hood. He stopped near Eiri.

A man in his early twenties stood before the blonde. The man's hair was black and unruly. The bangs were parted in the middle, thrown haphazardly to each side. The bangs then angled downwards to end right below his jawline. The rest of the hair was pulled back into a low, sloppy ponytail - it was short and stubby. The man's hair, when down, would only come just short of the nape of his neck. Eiri figured the man kept it that way to keep it from tickling him, as hair that length often did when you were already itchy with sweat. It reminded Eiri further that he still needed to get his own hair cut.

The man's stature was lean and his skin tanned just the slightest. He wore white sneakers and form fitting blue jeans. He also wore a short sleeve, button down shirt which was only closed for the last three buttons. It gave Eiri a perfect view of a perfect chest. The blonde gulped, tearing his eyes away, and meeting the man's own.

Deep blue-violet eyes stared down at Eiri in curiosity and concern. The eyes were wide and round, giving the man a child-like essence, where every other aspect of him was rugged.

"Hi there," the man began. His voice was only the slightest bit lower then Eiri's own, still it, too, held its own child-like quality. "I'm gathering you're not just sitting there for the view."

Well, with a view like this… Eiri quickly shook his head and pushed himself into a stand. He brushed off his rear while answering with a small "hardly".

The blonde looked over at the man and blinked. He was an inch shorter then Eiri.

"Car trouble?" the man queried, cocking his head to the still smoking Subaru.

Eiri shrugged his shoulders, looked to the car, and stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Damn thing over heated." He paused. "Again."

The man laughed. It was a sweet, genuine laugh. Eiri blushed.

"Need help?" the stranger offered.

"Nah," the blonde replied easily. "I'm just waiting for a tow truck."

"Want some company?" The raven-haired man gestured to his car. "We can hang out in there till they come. I've got an AC." He wiped at the back of his neck. "It's really hot out here."

Eiri became flustered. "I, um…" If this man new the teen before him was gay, he would surely renege on the offer. "That's ok," he continue, adverting gaze. "They said it would be a few hours before they could get here."

The man blinked. "A few hours?" Before the singer could explain, the man was talking again. "Oh, because it's Sunday, huh?" He shifted on his feet. "You plan on waiting here for a few hours?" he asked with a smile.

Eiri swallowed hard. "Well, they told me to go home and they would call me…" His eyes skittered around nervously. "But, well, I don't have a way to get home, so…"

"Where do you live?"

The blonde turned to stare at the friendly stranger before him. The blue-violet eyes were glittering at him.


The man's smile widened. "That's really close. Only four miles." He leaned his head forward. Eiri tensed. "Why don't I drive you home?"

The blonde's head quickly jerked from side to side. "No, I don't want to be an inconvenience."

The short man laughed. "It's not an inconvenience! I like in Tokyo, I'm heading that way."

Eiri's shoulders eased. "If it's really okay by you…"

"Sure it is!" He tucked a longer piece of bang behind his ear. "Now, let's get into that car before we sweat to death."

Eiri felt himself smiling. "Sounds good to me."

The stranger pulled open the passenger door for Eiri to get in, but then stopped midway. He spun around.

"That's right." He grinned. "What's your name?"

The vocalist blinked. "Oh, right. Uesugi Eiri." He extended his hand.

The man gratefully took the hand and gave it an energetic shake and squeeze.

"I'm Shindou Yuu."

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