Trapped Love

This is my first Story so I hope you all like it!!!

Chapter 1
Faulty GR

"Finally!" a young lavender haired woman yelled while twisting the last screw on her machine. "Now maybe that 'Prince of all Monkeys' will stop bugging me about it."

As if on Q the prince himself walked outside to see how things were going. "Are you done with my gravity room yet woman?" hollered Vegeta as a walked over to her. "Yes actually know come inside so I can show you how to work the new upgrades" Bulma commented back.

"Alright fine" Vegeta said

Ounce they got inside Bulma explained how to use the new upgrades and how they work. "All right Woman you can leave already" Vegeta said while growing impatient

"Okay see ya later Veggie-chan" Bulma giggled while a mad voice in her head screamed 'How dare that selfish aragont pig! He didn't even say thank you!!!'

"What did you just call me Woman!?" Vegeta yelled

"I called you Veggie-chan because you never call me Bulma! What do I need to spell it out for you?? And besides you didn't even thank me for all my hard work!!!"

"Woman don't EVER call me that again is that clear?"

"Well Veg-
Bulma was suddenly cut off when the room started to shake violently

"What the hell is going on Woman??!!" Vegeta yelled while trying to keep balance.

"I have no i-dea Vegeta!"
Then the shaking stopped and they both let out a sigh of relief.

"Well that was odd I wonder if it was an earthquake?" Bulma wondered out loud.

Vegeta stepped behind Bulma and shoved her to the door.

"Woman leave already I need to train!"

"Alright im going al-"Yet again Bulma was cut off when the GR room tilted on its side.Bulma went flying into Vegeta rather fast and they landed on the back wall.
In the process Bulma had hit her head on a control while flying back ward and her head was now all bloody!

Vegeta glanced down, trying to figure out what was going on when he saw Bulma laying on his lap.

"O Kami what the hell is happenin-"Vegeta was cut off too when the room re- turned around and he along with Bulma were thrown to the floor. Before he new it all went black and neither of them knew that they were now far from home.

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