To all my Fans:

screams and runs


Im so sorry,

But during the school year I have no time whats so ever to update, and plus im moving so again I have no time!

Im really sorry.

Now what I would like to say:

clears throat

Okay well I know that a lot of people have reviewed this story, wether they be good or bad and I would like to know if I should finish it.

I personally like the idea of COMPLETELY rewriting it. Because I think that the whole story has many errors and it moves too fast. What do you think?

keep it the way it is

rewrite it to make it better?


I think I am tempted to take it off.

But don't worry. I am keeping my other story up.

Sorry for wasting any time.

Please review and tell me what you think. And as soon as I get some I will continue both. … well depending on this one!

Later! waves and casually breaths