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Summary: Last time on SCHOOL WOES! the Teen Titans were invited to attend school all the way in Gotham City. The first day was already terrible. No one would leave them alone. Robin met a crazy fan girl named June who just loves him so much. Beast boy got stuck in weight lifting class. Cyborg had art class with a gay art teacher that liked hitting on him. Starfire made many friends but had Robin taken from her by June. Lastly, Raven had to go through torture of the first day in physical education. During the weekend, a fan of the Titans invited them to her house. Raven Demon gave the heroes a good time. The second day of school wasn't any better. Raven met up with her rival, Jinx in her first two classes, but they ended up fighting in drama class and were sent to the principal's office. When Raven was there, she noticed how oddly familiar the principal was and also noticed his last name was Wilson. Robin met with Gizmo who had tried to make Robin look like a bad student. Beast boy also confronted his own big problem. He met up with Mammoth in weight lifting class. Mammoth seemed so much stronger than him but Beast boy showed that his animal forms can be very useful after all. Beast boy beat Mammoth and told Raven but she didn't believe him and the changeling became upset. Later, after finding out their problems, Cyborg and Robin cheered Beast boy up saying that Raven really likes him and that he should try to take advantage of the situation. Later, Raven is hung up on the school flagpole for not hearing her teacher calling to her. The third day would probably be just torture for a certain telekinetic. Raven and Jinx went to detention to find out that it had been a trap when Raven sees that Mad Mod has arrived. Jinx and Mad Mod chase Raven around the school in order to capture and get rid of her. Raven finally manages to barely escape their grasp with the help of her friend who find out something fishy is going on.

A few weeks pass by and the Titans are at the homecoming dance. Who else is there but the HIVE? Raven and Jinx finish their little dispute at the party. The homecoming dance is ruined and the HIVE are taken back to jail. It is then that the Teens become really suspicious. They decide to go see the principal. Instead of the principal being in the chair, it is the cause of their problems all along: Slade. The Titans battle it out with Slade Wilson in the school of woes. The Teen Titans beat Slade who ends up escaping once again. They retrieve to real school operatives from Slade's prison in the school basement. On Monday they endure their last day of school having to drop out since Robin says, "We don't need an education. We're superheroes!" Everyone says their good-byes to the Titans as they drop out early not even being in the second semester or even close! From then on, the Teen Titans enjoy the good life they once had and our story continues to the end of the dreaded school season into what I'd like to call the SUMMER WOES!

troubled-ego: We now present our feature presentation...


A dark night loomed all around Jump City. Stars dotted the midnight sky and the moon shone brighter than any lightbulb. Soon all that faded away as the moon began to descend and the ebony sky with the twilight stars began to fade away. The sun arose to wake the sleeping city. But taking a look at a tower slightly isolated from the city, we creep inside and feel the presence of five teenagers each with their own extraordinary gift, slumbering.

The sun peaked into her dark, gloomy room scaring the shadows of the night away. The teenage girl began to stir for sleep could not hold her in its spell any longer. She lifted her head and sat up on her bed yawning and stretching her arms upward. The girl scratched the back of her head getting her fingers stuck in her messy purple locks and forced out a groan of pain and frustration. She finally opens her eyes to reveal two cold violet eyes matching her tangled hair. She tried yanking her fingers out of her bed hair but as if the hair held it's own firm hold, it would not release her fingers so she yanked once more and fell off her bed landing head-first onto the floor. She sighed as she finally freed her fingers of the dreaded purple mane. She groaned in annoyance as the sun peeked through her window and shone on her face. The rays of the sun reflected off the gem on her forehead called a chakra and the reflected light danced on the ceiling. The girl stood up and heard a knock upon her door so she walked over to it and ever so slowly opened the wall that separated her from the rest of the world.

"G'morning Raven." a green boy greeted her while smiling sheepishly.

Raven sneered. "May I ask, what is it that you want?"

Beast boy paused to think and scratched his head. "Well, y'know how Slade kinda tricked us into going to school and he tried to slowly humiliate and destroy us?"

Raven nodded. "Naturally, I was there."

The shape shifter scratched the back of his head once again. "Right. Well, since we now know it was all fake, Robin decided to go to the beach on the summer vacation. Since we all quit school and stuff and since we didn't do anything else real fun in the past months."

"The last day of school was yesterday."

"Yeah! So we're all going to the beach today since it's the first day of summer vacation. Maybe we might see some old friends from school!"

Raven pondered. "Nah, I'll stay home."

"Stay home?! You can't stay home! All of us are going!" he insisted.

"I'll be fine by myself." With that said, Raven shut the door in Beast boy's face.

Beast boy was upset. He's been rejected again and he hated that. While thinking about other times he's been rejected he growls.

"Today is the beach day!"

Beast boy twirls around to see Starfire walking by him. "Hey Star."

Starfire notices the glum look on Beast boy's face. "What is wrong Beast boy? There is something bothering you, correct?"

The changeling sighed. "Raven said she's not going to the beach today."

"I can handle this. It takes persuasion on Raven's part." she pushed her friend aside and knocked on Raven's door. "You shall get ready Beast boy."

"Yeah, I'll make breakfast." he smiled and scampered away to the kitchen.

"Wonderful!" she continued knocking on the psychic's door. "Raven! Raven! Open up please! If you do not, I shall be forced to retrieve Cyborg so that he can knock your door down! Raven!"

After some talking to a wall, Raven finally opens the door to Starfire. "Can I please take my shower?"

Starfire blushed not knowing her friend could be busy. "Oh, I am sorry to bother you."

"You want me to go to the beach."

"How did you know?"

Raven smirked and pointed to her head. "I'm psychic."

"Right." Starfire sweat dropped for forgetting her friend's obvious talent.

"Must you always try to persuade?"

"I am just wishing that you will come and join us. Also I am hoping that you will bring the swim suit I have purchased for you at our trip to the mall of shopping."

Raven thought of that time when they first went to the mall together a day after the Puppet King incident. "If you're going to annoy me...I might as well come." she sighed in defeat.

That defeat made Starfire jump up for joy and scream, "Glorius!"

The telekinetic waved her hand in front of her hyper Tamaranean friend. "Yeah, yeah. Now can I please take my shower?

"Yes you may."

"Thank you." Raven shut the door.

Starfire cheerily skipped down the stairs of her beloved home into the kitchen where the morning action was always to start.

"Dude! Making that tofu crap again?" Cyborg joked, raiding the fridge for something to eat.

Beast boy crossed his arms over his chest and turned his head away. "I'm making breakfast for everyone except you!"

"Is that supposed to make me feel bad?" Cyborg shut the refrigerator door carrying some eggs. "You wouldn't mind moving over, would ya?"

Beast boy shot a death stare at his metal teammate and snatched his eggs. "Fine, I'll make your stupid breakfast too!" The vegetarian set the eggs down while examining his own breakfast. Tofu eggs sizzled with soy sausages in the skillet. The aroma traveled throughout the tower. Beast boy poured everyone a drink that looked like chocolate milk and set all the filled cups on the table.

Cyborg looked at the chocolate milk and took a whiff of it. "Smells like real chocolate milk..." He then looked carefully at the liquid swimming around in his blue cup. "Looks like real chocolate milk..." Then he took a huge gulp from the cup. His eyes shot open and he raced to the sink to spit the concoction out. "Eyuk! Now they have chocolate soy milk?!"

Beast boy turned around to yell at Cyborg again. "It's not that bad! Why don't you just starve then?"

The Tamaranean sniffed at the aroma floating around the air and mixing with the oxygen. "What a pleasant smell." She looked over to her two teammates who were arguing over food. Then Starfire noticed how the pleasant smell changed. Starfire looked over to the stove and saw something burning. "Beast boy..."

Beast boy spun around and saw what Starfire was warning him about. "No! My tofu eggs!"

Cyborg clutched his stomach in a fit of laughter as he witnessed the green hero panic over his food.

"Hey guys," Robin greeted. "What's burning?" His answer was soon answered as Beast boy shouted for his tofu eggs.

"You'll be okay little'll be okay..." The changeling comforted while talking to his burnt eggs. The latter three looked at him like he was insane. After all of the chaos, breakfast was finally finished and everyone began digging in. Soon enough gentle footsteps were heard coming down the stairs. It was a person clad in blue boots and a matching cloak wrapped around her body. Beast boy flashed a smile at the telekinetic before offering her some breakfast.

Raven sat down and picked at her food. "Did you cook?" She asked, her gaze on Beast boy.

"Yeah. You like?" Beast boy smiled.

"It's okay. I just asked because it tasted weird." She admitted. Beast boy's face fell and he heard Cyborg snicker. Beast boy returned a death glare at the metallic teen.

"So," Robin took time to chew his eggs. "You going to the beach with us?"

Raven nodded. "If I don't, someone will have my head." she glanced at Starfire who smiled sweetly.

The Teen Titans finished eating their breakfast. "Whose turn is it to clean dishes this month?" Robin asked. Starfire flew over to the calendar that was hung by a magnet on the fridge. "It is you, Robin."

So the leader played bus boy and gathered all of the dishes. "Why don't you guys get ready while I'm cleaning the dishes?" Boy Wonder suggested while wiping a plate clean.

Starfire clapped her hands together. "What a wonderful suggestion Robin!"

So all four of the teens went back to their rooms to get ready for the beach. After Robin was finally finished with the dish washing, he also traveled to his dormitory to dress himself in swimming attire. Soon enough, all the Titans were ready. Raven hid her bathing suit under her cloak and she didn't let anyone bribe her into taking her cloak off. She didn't want anyone to see what was under it. In the T-Car, Cyborg blast up 50-cent music. All of the Titans, except for Cyborg, covered their ears.

Curious about the meaning of the song's content, Starfire inquired, "What is the meaning of this club and what do people do there?"

"If you listen to the song, Star you might understand." Cyborg answered. He was enjoying the music.

"What is the meaning of getting rubbed and what does this sex mean?"

When Starfire asked the last question, Raven almost spit out the can of iced tea that she was drinking. She would have, but Cyborg would kill her. Beast boy and Raven exchanged disturbed glances at each other while Starfire—sitting in the middle of the two—looked as innocent and confused as ever. Even Robin was shocked. 'We have a lot to teach her.' he thought.

After some more disturbing questions that were unanswered (Starfire wondered why no one was answering her questions so she would repeat them several times), the T-Car parked at the beach. Everyone stepped out. Beast boy, in his purple swimming trunks grabbed a white, green, and red striped beach ball out of the trunk of the T-Car. Robin, in black swim trunks with a red stripe going down the sides, took out his yellow surfboard. Cyborg, looking the same, took the beach towel and cooler full of drinks. Starfire carried suntan lotion. She was wearing a green bikini with some red Hawaiian flower design on it. They all walked to the shore. Raven walked along too but she didn't carry anything.

Beast boy took a look at Raven. "We're at the beach now. You can unwrap that silly cloak."

Raven blushed. "I rather not."

Starfire smiled at her telekinetic friend. "Please Raven. Show them the lovely bathing suit I have purchased for you."

Raven looked at the sand. "I don't want to."

Beast boy grabbed the cloak. "Come on Raven!" He tugged on it but since he had been working out and he had gotten stronger, he hadn't realized how hard he tugged at the cloak and it slipped right off. The three Titan boys stared at the crimson faced Raven in a black bikini. Starfire smiled brightly and giggled.

Beast boy scratched the back of his head and sweat dropped. "Uhh...oops!"

Starfire grabbed Raven in a tight hug. "You look magnificent!"

Robin agreed. "Yeah, it's um..." he cleared his throat. Never had he seen so much skin on Raven. "It's very nice."

Raven winced. "Starfire, you're hugging me." That only made Starfire hug tighter.

Cyborg held a beach ball in front of everyone's face. "Who wants to play beach volleyball?" Cyborg shouted.

"Ooh! I do! I do!" Starfire released the Goth and ran over to the tin man. Beast boy also ran over. "Gimme the ball!"

It didn't take long for everyone to look at Raven. "I'll be referee?"

"Oh no you don't!" Beast boy grabbed the telepath by the wrist. "You're playing on my team!"

Raven sighed.

"If Raven's on your team, I'm choosing Starfire!" Robin declared.

"Whose team is Cyborg going to be on?" Raven asked.

"I'll be on Robin's if you guys don't mind being outnumbered." the metallic teen gave a thumbs up.

"It's okay." Beast boy and Raven said in unison. They looked at each other and blushed. Then they both cleared their throats and turned their heads away. Starfire, Cyborg, and Robin smiled. They obviously knew something that they didn't. Beast boy and Raven noticed they were being stared at so they both shouted, "What?" After saying the same thing again, they gave each other a glare. Beast boy scratched his head. "How about we just play now?"

Cyborg served the ball. It flew over to the other side. Beast boy was preparing to hit it when it came down but Raven jumped into the air and spiked the ball. The beach ball slammed against the opposite side. "Wasn't expecting that." Robin muttered. "How'd you do that?"

Raven placed her hair behind her ear. "After watching kids at school play volleyball while doing many push-ups for an hour and a half, I wonder how I wouldn't be able to play volley ball by now."

Robin raised his eyebrows. "Oh."

Beast boy moved over to Raven. "Push-ups, huh? I knew you looked a little different. A little muscular maybe."


The game of volleyball continued. It was a rough game. Cyborg served a lot of tough hits, Robin hardly missed the ball, and Starfire almost blew the beach ball up with her eyes. Raven spiked a lot of times and Beast boy usually got a good hit on the ball, sending it to the other side. Sometimes the ball would hit the net. But after the rough game of volleyball, the winners were of Robin's team. The leader jumped up and down like a little boy. "See? I knew I'd win!"

Cyborg shook his finger at the masked teenager. "No I in team, remember?"

Robin swat his hand. "Yeah, yeah. I know." He gave a high-five to the blissful alien girl.

"Man, you only beat us by two points. We could have beat you." Beast boy explained with a slight annoyance in his voice.

"Yeah right!" Robin ran over to the yellow surfboard. "I'm gonna go catch some waves!" Then he charged at the ocean.

"I am going to perform the ritual of tanning now. Raven, would you like to join me?" Starfire's eyes sparkled in the sunlight. Raven backed away from her bubbly friend. "Uh, I really burn easily."

"Did you not use the lotion of sun blocking?"

Raven rolled her eyes. "Of course I did." Beast boy ran up to the Goth girl a slung his arm over her shoulder. Raven gave him the look that said what-the-hell-are-you-doing-with-your-arm-around-my-shoulder?

"Wanna bury Cy in the sand?" he asked, moving his eyebrows up and down. Raven's eyebrow twitched (mine does that when I'm freaked out). "Uh, your eyebrow's twitching Raven? Is that normal?"

"I need some space." Her gaze turned to the green arm resting around her shoulder. Beast boy looked and blushed. He didn't mean to make her feel uncomfortable. "Sorry about that. Must have been impulse." He laughed while taking his arm off of the psychic.

"Woohoo!!" Boy Wonder screamed, surfing gracefully on a wave of decent size. Starfire ran over to the boy. "Robin! You are surfing the wave!"

Robin waved. "I know! Can you believe it!" Suddenly he began to lose his balance since he was concentrating so much on Starfire. He tumbled over into the water with the wave crashing over him. Arriving up on shore, he blew out some water from his mouth. "That was fun."

Starfire grasped something on Robin's arm and pulled it off. "Ooh! What is this Robin? Is this the things that are called falling stars? Did one fall into the ocean?"

Robin got up and chuckled. "No Star, this is a Starfish. It's a sea creature. Falling stars are entirely different."

"Woah." Raven looked up into the sky, shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand. Beast boy looked up with her. "Hey, is that a skydiver?" Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg saw it also. It was a falling figure from the sky. When the person was close enough, they pulled a cord and a parachute shot out from it. The parachute led the person to the ocean where they crashed. Robin ran into the water. He swam and swam. The person was actually pretty far away from the shore. "Don't worry. I'm coming!" He swam until he reached the parachute. Robin lifted the parachute and found the person paddling their way up from the water. When Robin saw the person he gasped. "J-June! What are you doing here?"

June smirked. "Hi Robin. Thought you'd never see me again, eh?"

The only thing Robin could manage to do was smile and it was not a real smile. Inside of his head, the thoughts seeped into his mind. 'Here comes the trouble again. Why? I was having such a good time and I was getting so close to Starfire...'

"You have such a cute smile, Robin." The brown haired witch (as Starfire would call her) elegantly swam past Robin.

"Um...thanks?" He soon swam after her back to the shore.

The face on Starfire's could not be described by anything. It looked almost as if she had exploded from the inside. Her eyes burned with jealousy and hatred. Steam for the fire inside of her streamed out of her ears. If you looked close enough, you would see an aura of bright neon green surrounding her form. She managed to choke out a very sarcastic welcoming. "W-well, it is n-n-nice to s-see you ag-again, J-J-June!" Slowly a crooked smile formed on the alien's mouth. As she "smiled" the flames in her eyes grew bigger. She clenched her fists so hard that she began to feel some warm liquid oozing from her palm and grazing along her fingertips. She sawed her teeth together, grinding them until sparks of electricity flew from her mouth. The hair of her neck stood up on end as Starfire stared into those cold, blue orbs that she wanted to pop out.

Deep in the mind of our young Tamaran friend, a Chibi Starfire walked up to greet a Chibi June. "It is very nice to see you again!" Chibi June smiles and shakes Chibi Starfire's hand. Suddenly something electrocutes the Chibi June and she dies. Chibi Starfire laughs and reveals a ring with a button on her finger. The ring says electro-prank ring.

Back to reality, Starfire glares. Beast boy, Cyborg, and Raven walk up to the newcomer. "Nice to see you again, June!" Beast boy shakes her hand. "Likewise." she returns the handshake.

"So," Raven began. "What brings you here?"

June shrugged. "Just wanted to hang out with somebody. And school ended yesterday so I thought that it would be a great opportunity to catch up on my skydiving. I do it every summer. Then I just happened to come across you guys at the beach. It was a nice surprise, huh?"

"Yeah!" Beast boy and Cyborg shout. Raven just calmly nods. 'They don't know how she really is.' Robin thought. 'But I have a feeling that they are about to find out.'

June snapped Robin out of his thoughts. "So guys, since I'm here the party is only beginning! What should we do?"

Cyborg stroked his big metal chin. "Anyone want some ice cream? It's getting hotter out here by the second!"

Starfire's grim expression transformed into an excited one as she heard the word ice cream. That was enough to make her hop up and down. "Oh yes! Let us travel to the shop of frozen creams of flavor!"

"That's great!" Robin agreed. "Let's get ice cream!" He was about to walk up to Starfire and hold her hand on the way there but June snatched him by the arm and ran with him to the ice cream place. Starfire flew with her feet grinding across the sand. She returned to her grim expression. Cyborg ran ahead as well and Beast boy was about to follow him, so that he could possibly beat the metal head in a race. But he saw Raven walking behind him and he just had to stop. "Don'tcha wanna run?" he asked, jogging in place next to her.

"What's the point?" she asked, walking along the sand as if she had all the time in the world. "I like to take my time. There is never really a need to rush with such things. It's just ice cream anyway."

Beast boy thought about it while walking along with the telepath by his side. 'It is just ice cream...If Raven wants to take her time, then I will too!' He turned his eyes on her and merrily smiled. Raven looked back at him and gave him a look like he was crazy. "Can I help you?"

Beast boy giggled. "You look nice today." Raven quirked an eyebrow. "That was rather...random."

The green one agreed. "I know."

"You are seriously freaking me out now." She turned her stare away and sped up her walk. Beast boy sped up with her. "What's the rush?" he teased. "Getting away from you!" Raven countered, speeding up even more until she tripped over something. She yelped in surprise and brought Beast boy down with her. Beast boy landed on top of Raven and he looked down at her. He was on her back. "Well this is an interesting position..."

Raven looked up and gave him a dirty look. Beast boy stood up and offered his hand to his Gothic friend. He pulled her up while she offered him a rather dirty look. "What," Beast boy began, holding his hands up. "I wasn't the one who tripped."

"Forget it." Raven spat and she continued to walk to where everyone else was present.

Meanwhile, the person behind the counter of the ice cream place and waited for the order of Starfire. "I will have the strawberry with the peach and with some delightful chocolate. Oh, and I'll also have sherbet and coffee. In fact, I don't really want the peach too much. How about rocky road?" she babbled. The guy who was behind the counter sighed. 'Aliens...' he thought. Finally when Starfire thought of what she really wanted, she ordered and was served with her strawberry, vanilla, sherbet, chocolate cookie dough ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on top and one cherry. When Starfire took up five minutes to examine her ice cream, she looked at the nametag on the person. "Thank you for the delicious ice cream...Jon-a-than."

Jonathan nodded and asked who was next to serve. Soon enough, all of the Titans and June had their ice cream. Robin simply had strawberry with chocolate sprinkles, Cyborg had cookie dough, Raven had chocolate fudge (is it just me, or are all girls obsessed over chocolate and fudge?), Beast boy had orange and he made sure that the ice cream was made of soy milk. June had the same thing as Robin. But Starfire's was the weirdest of them all and quite possibly the tastiest.

After everyone had devoured their ice cream treat, they all took a walk on the street where restaurants and hotels were aligned. Shops filled the area with bathing suits displayed in the front windows. June watched as people drove by in some strange looking bike that could carry either one or two people at a time. The bike was positioned so that you pedal while lying somewhat on your back. Her eyes glistened as a new idea struck her head like the very arrow of Cupid. Sadly, all of us wish that this was a real arrow and not a figurative one. "Robin." She grabbed his arm. "Look at those things."

The young man with the black mask over his eyes raised an eyebrow. "What about?"

"Doesn't that look like fun?"

Over hearing, Raven looked over at them. "Are you serious? I wouldn't be caught dead riding one of those."

A few minutes later...

"I can't believe they forced me to ride in one of these things..." Raven muttered. Starfire nodded her head. "Yes, I do not like how Robin and that witch are sharing the same one."

Raven rolled her eyes. "Love is an emotion that only gets in the way of life."

Starfire's eyes glowed a dangerous neon green. They were aimed at Raven's forehead. "Uh, can't always be that bad...Love is great..." Raven sweat dropped and changed her mind about the whole love thing. "Your not gonna shoot lasers out of your eyes at me, are you Star?"

Starfire grit her teeth, then moved her gaze back to the front where Robin and June were pedaling their banana bike. "Just keep pedaling!" she ordered the empath.

Robin sighed a deep and stressful sigh. He was stuck with June again. The boy looked back at Starfire and innocently smiled. He also managed to wink. This brightened Starfire up. He saw Raven roll her eyes but then Starfire gave Raven another glare and the lilac haired Goth put her hands up in defeat. Robin turned back to his normal position and sighed again.

"So," June began. "Aren't you glad to see me?" she asked, turning her blue gaze to the spiky haired boy.

Robin snapped out of his thoughts. "Uh, no-I-I mean yes-I mean...w-what was the question again?"

"Are you glad to see me again?"

"Right," Robin scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, I'm glad you're here." he lied. June smiled. "Isn't this such a wonderful day? Perfect for a romantic walk on the beach." Robin stopped pedaling causing the banana bike to stop. The other bikes ended up slamming into Robin and June's bike. Raven came out with a sarcastic remark. "God, I hate traffic jams."

Robin shot up from his seat on the bike. "I have to go to the bathroom!" Then he bolted away to find a shop with a bathroom as one of it's contents. Everyone walking by stared at the teenagers who where standing next to a group of banana bikes smashed together. "The bike dude is going to be pretty mad after he sees his bikes smashed together. I think we should bail!" Beast boy declared. Cyborg nodded his metallic head. "Salad boy's right. We should go."

The vegetarian clenched his fists and growled, "Salad boy?!"

June looked off into the distance sadly. "Why'd he run away?" This was Starfire's time to shine. She moved right behind her enemy and teased, "Maybe you scared the mirflocks out of him with your fergu face that resembles much of an orthax." June spun around and gave the Tamaranean princess a weird glare. "What?"

"I said—" Starfire was cut off as Raven began to look uneasy. "Um, is that the guy we borrowed the bikes from?"

Beast boy's eye popped out of his green head. "Run away!" As soon as that was said, all of the teens scampered away from the angry looking bike rental guy. "You blasted teens!" he screamed, shaking his fist in the air.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom that was in some mini mall on the beach, Robin did happen to have to go to the bathroom a little bit, so he went. While using the urinal, all the other guys in the bathroom stared at him. One of the guys whispered. "Dawg, is that Robin from the Teen Titans?" The other guy nods. "Yeah, I mean, who else has a mask like that?" Robin tried desperately to concentrate on getting his business done but everyone was looking at him. "Uh, nice day isn't it?" he asked with embarrassment. Everybody just continued to stare. Robin finally finished what he had to do and he went over to wash his hands before leaving. He didn't even bother drying his hands.

It took some time to find him, but the boy wonder was rediscovered. "Everything come out okay?" Beast boy joked, observing the expression on his leader's face. "Yeah, sure. Maybe we should all leave now. I mean look a storm seems to be on its way." Robin pointed to the sky it looked as clear as can be. Raven and Cyborg quickly caught on to what Robin was trying to do. " Oh yes, I really see the dark clouds approaching, Robin." Raven replied in a dull voice etched with sarcasm. It was a tool she used quite often. "Yeah, looks like rain." Cyborg also played along. "We'll have to go home now." Robin nodded. "It's such a shame that such a lovely day has to end so suddenly." The three Titans zoomed after the car. Cyborg had to come back to drag a clueless Starfire and Beast boy who were looking at the sky. That left June all alone. After some time, she finally caught on. "Robin! Why do you run away from me!?!"

First chapter of SUMMER WOES! has now been completed. I hope you all liked the first chappy. The next one will involve a park, heat, ice cream, and action so stay tuned. SUMMER WOES! will be a longer story than SCHOOL WOES! because I'll be working each on the Robin/Starfire and the Beast boy/Raven romances. Not only June makes an appearance but Allison returns as well as Goth. We might see some teachers too. I'm not sure about them but I know the latter three will definitely be in the story. So it's gonna take me some time to post the next chapter but I'll do it as fast as I can. See you guys later!!!!!