Okay, to start things off, this chapter takes place right after "Things Change". For the first and last time, I'm letting Terra do the freakin' disclaimer.

Terra: Thank you for not kicking me out.

Raven: You broke Beast boy's heart for a second time!

Terra: Why do you care?

Raven: Uh... no reason. Well, it's mean.

Terra: Uh huh. Whatever. Anyway troubled-ego does not own the Teen Titans or me since y'know, I'm not a Teen Titan.

Troubled-ego: And Raven owns Beast boy's heart!

Raven: (flustered) I do not.

Goth: Yo.

Raven: (goes paler than usual) Uh...no one mentioned anything about anyone over here. Nothing is going on. Shall we go somewhere?

Troubled-ego: Raven's lying!

Robin: Yeah...this could get ugly. On with the story.


Chapter 9 – The More Things Change, the More they Stay the Same

Beast boy held his hand open, reaching for the blonde girl garbed in a school uniform. "Come with me." He said, only to have her shake her head at him.

"You go," she started, trying to get him to leave her alone. "You're the Teen Titan. That's who you are. That's not me. I'm not a hero."

The boy frowned, still desperately holding his hand out to her. She continued, "I'm not out to save the world. I'm just a girl with a geometry test next period, and I haven't studied." The blonde girl backed farther and farther away from him. Beast boy continued to stare through the crowd until he could no longer see her; almost as if she vanished completely. Beast boy stood there, heartbroken once again by the girl he risked so much for. He went through so many sweat, tears, and blood with Terra. He loved her. Now she was gone, not forever but it seemed she now had nothing to do with the Titans and him.

The words that came from the faux Slade echoed in his head. 'She doesn't want to see you anymore.'

Beast boy swallowed hard. He lifted his communicator up to his lips. "Beast boy to Robin. I'm on my way. Over." He sounded confident even though his voice trembled. This time, Beast boy refused to look back as he ran. He ran. He ran. He ran far away from the school. He didn't look back. He just moved on. She was just a myth now. She was no longer real. Terra was a bad dream that would still haunt him no matter how many times he continued to turn his back away. But now, now Beast boy emerged from a new light, a new hope, and a new love. Even though he felt as if his heart just died, Beast boy also felt it fighting to live again. So he raced on to this new hope. He ran.

"How long is he gonna take to get here!" Robin screamed in deep frustration. They had chased this monster around for the whole day. This time, the Titans were not going to let this thing escape.

Starfire glanced around in desperation for something that could change it's evil, blazing form. "Robin! Do you have any ideas in which we may vanquish this creature?"

Robin snarled. "None at all. We'll just have to keep him from escaping and hopefully Beast boy will arrive in time."

Raven pointed in the distance and casually stated. "Well you might want to keep your eye on this thing instead of chatting, if you really want to prevent it from running away again."

Just as she pointed the creature was almost out of sight from the five teens. It was pacing around a huge tank filled with some gas.

"NO!" Cyborg screamed. "If he touches that, the whole place will detonate!"

"Shit!" Robin cried, scurrying toward the monster in hopes of distracting it away from the tank filled with highly flammable gas. But instead, the monster reached for the tank.

"ROBIN!" Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg shouted simultaneously.

The flaming monster made contact with the tank. Immediately, it heated up and exploded, causing a chain reaction of explosions. Eventually the whole factory blew up. Flames scattered around as far as the eye can see. A pile of rubble slowly lifted as Cyborg stood up, hardly damaged. He let go of his grip on Starfire. Thanks to the metallic Titan, Starfire was shielded by most of the explosion. Raven also sat up, unharmed from her psychic barrier. "Everyone okay?" she asked, worried.

Starfire looked around for Robin in fear. "Robin! Robin! Robin if you can hear me calling for you, make some sort of strange noise!"

Raven's eyes grew wide. "Uh oh."

Cyborg's eyes snapped open after hearing what Raven muttered. He grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her. "I may hear a lot of wrong things but please tell me that you did not just say 'uh oh'!" Raven's bottom lip trembled and her narrow eyes grew round. She didn't react, like she was in some sort of trance. Slowly, she inched her hand up and pointed to something green sticking out beneath the rubble.

Starfire spotted it as well. "Robin!" she cried. She flew to the spot as swiftly as she could and began to dig him out. "Robin! I am getting you out! Robin please say something! Robin!" she continued to scream his name as she scraped all the debris off of his limp body. Cyborg and Raven moved nearer, afraid of what happened. Starfire screamed with tears streaming down her face as she held him in her arms. "Robin please say something! Robin!"

Cyborg shook his head and Raven bit her lip. She didn't notice, but she bit her lip so hard, it began to bleed and she didn't realize until she tasted the blood. Now Starfire began to gently hit Robin in hopes of him waking. When nothing happened, she moved her teary eyes to her teammates. "Why won't Robin awaken? What is wrong with him?"

Cyborg and Raven sniffled as their eyes filled up with water. Raven squat down towards the Tamaranian and softly embraced her. Starfire let her hand drop on Robin's chest. She felt for something that didn't come and she was about to release her hand when she felt a small heartbeat. "R-robin?"

Raven and Cyborg quickly moved toward Robin. Raven put her hand on his neck. I don't feel a pulse.

"I have felt a heartbeat! There is still life remaining in him!" Starfire shrieked.

Cyborg gave her a serious expression. "Star, do you know CPR?"

Starfire returned a look with utter confusion. "CPR?" This caused Cyborg and Raven to sweatdrop. "So who going to do it?" Raven muttered, imagining how funny it would be if Cyborg had to.

"You do it." Cyborg stated flatly.

"Psshhht. No way"

"What do you mean no way? Someone has to do it!"

"Yeah and that someone is you."

"But why can't you do it?"


Starfire inhaled deeply. "I will do it! I do not know how but please tell me how! We do not have time to waste! Tell me what to do now!" her eyes steamed of neon fury. Cyborg and Raven swallowed.


As Beast boy flew around the city, it didn't take long for him to spot smoke coming from where one of the many Jump City factories were. 'This can't be good.' He thought as he raced off into the sky. When he got there, he spotted two figures standing and two figures slouching over. 'Maybe they caught it!" he thought, pacing towards his friends. When he got closer, he noticed no one raised their eyes at his.

"Fifteen chest compressions." Cyborg ordered Starfire, who completed the operation immediately. Beast boy wanted to ask what had happened but realized the time was not right.

"Robin, breathe in the breath of life!" Starfire screamed before placing two breaths into his mouth. She repeated the cycle several more times before she actually got a reaction; a sigh. Everyone's eyes grew wide and their smiles stretched from ear to ear. Robin did'nt move a limb, but now he gained the access to breathe freely.

"Let's bring him to the tower," Cyborg smiled proudly. "He should be fine there."

Starfire gently lift Robin into her arms. The rest of the team walked away from the rubble. Raven turned her head to face Beast boy as they walked. "Where's Terra?"

Beast boy furrowed his eyebrows and frowned. "She's not coming back."

Raven looked off into the distance. "Oh..." She paused for several seconds and said something unexpected. "I'm...sorry."

Beast boy smiled, shaking his head. "It's not your fault."

Some nerve in Raven twitched then because as if on reflex, she grabbed his wrist, stopped walking and forced him to face her. "You don't have to act all tough about it," she said sternly, still squeezing his wrist. "I know that you're hurting deeply on the inside. I can feel it. Even physically touching you, I feel your emotions coursing into my body and piercing my heart. Your sadness is like a poison, Beast boy. You can let it out though. It's alright if you cry." Her harsh eyes softened at the last sentence. Then she took him by the shoulders and embraced him.

Beast boy forced his feelings inside, yet despite protests, somehow the tears began to flow out. Raven smiled as she felt the liquid on her shoulder. "There...there."

As he rested his head on Raven's shoulder he thought about how much she changed. Ever since her father was destroyed. Raven had freely embraced her emotions. From before, Raven wouldn't even think about physical contact. Even though Raven now could freely use emotion whenever she wanted, she still didn't go over board with it and she still acted like herself.

The changeling wiped his eyes as Raven let go of his form. "Now let's go home." She walked past him. He followed.

Once the Titans got back to their sanctuary, Robin had a room prepared for him (same room as in "Haunted") with a bed and monitors. He rested peacefully and the Tamaranian watched over him like a guardian angel.

It didn't take long for the phone to ring. Beast boy stood closest to it so he picked it up. "Hello?" After hearing a familiar, dreadful voice, he frowned and said, "No, she's not here. But I'll tell her that you called once she gets back." He lied.

Raven overheard from the couch and walked over to Beast boy, snatching the phone. "Hello Goth." She turned to the green human to give him an evil glare before continuing her conversation. "Yes. I can meet you then." She continued conversing, walking upstairs toward her room for some privacy.

In the meantime, Beast boy sulked in his chair. "This sucks." He stammered. Suddenly, the alarm rang. "AW! It's that stupid science project again!" Cyborg screamed. "Titans! GO!"

Swiftly, each of the Teen Titans sans Robin raced toward the coordinates of the monster from before for one final showdown. In downtown Jump City, the monster flipped over cars, terrorized civilians, and damaged property. Y'know, things that normal monsters usually do.

"Man, there is no way you are escaping this time!" Cyborg declared. "Prepare to eat asphalt!" The android set up his sonic cannon and fired. The monster leaped out of the way. Starfire flew above, firing a massive amount of starbolts. Some actually his the strange opponent. The monster then molded itself into the same material as the street. Raven lifted part of the road with her dark powers and dropped it onto the freak. Unfortunately for them, the monster caught it and held it up.

"Beast boy! Now!" Starfire cried out.

Beast boy nodded, transforming into a rhino and ran into the monster dead on. It flew back and upon landing, one of its legs cracked off (asphalt can break if it's shaped like a statue and thrown around, apparently). Beast boy reverted back to his normal form. "Yeah! Who's the man?" he did a small dance as well. "Hey Cy!" Beast boy pointed at the monster gathering more asphalt from the ground to make a new leg.

"Man! That thing can just repair itself!" Cyborg grit his teeth. Beast boy then had an idea. "Wait a minute! You know when it transforms, it's face stays the same! What if that is it's weakspot?"

Raven and Starfire nodded in agreement. "There's no harm in trying." Raven stated.

Cyborg scratched his chin. By this time the monster began to retreat. "Okay! Might be just crazy enough to work! Raven! Can you teleport me in front of that thing?"

Raven smirked. "Can do." She flew over to Cyborg and dragged him inside her cloak as she dissipated herself. Starfire fired at the monster to get its attention and Beast boy pulled down his pants to moon it. "Hey! Over here ugly!" The monster still decided to run away from them, yet as it turned around Raven and Cyborg were already in front of it. The last thing it saw was Cyborg's huge, metallic fist crashing into its face.

Upon impact, the creature's face dented further and further until half of the head flew off. The body fell to the ground as the body sparked and twitched. The team stared down at it. "Cool. So it was a robot the whole time." Beast boy said in amazement.

Cyborg stretched, satisfied. "What a long day. It's getting dark. Let's go back home and check on Robin." At the mention of Robin's name, Starfire smiled, fluttering into the air. Raven who was about to join them caught something at the corner of her eye. Across the street Goth coolly leaned on a wall, staring at her. "I think I'll be staying out for a bit." She muttered before walking towards the dark boy.

Beast boy put on a look of disgust as he stared Goth straight in the eye. Goth just stared back with the same blank look on his face. Beast boy forced himself away, chasing after the others on his way home. He continued and he ran. But for someone like him. Things Change and yet, they stay the same. Beast boy ran on one path. Now he is running on a new one, with new beginnings and a new heart. Since today, Beast boy had just started to run on that path that leads him to the black heart of Raven.


Welly, well, well. That's a wrap for now. It's been a fairly short chapter but I think it's actually more cinematic than my others so far. Ya know what we need again? We need another humor chapter in this story. So expect the humor to come up soon. Also, what do I see in SUUMER WOES! Future? I see...a heartbreak! Who's is it? Well, just keep reading as I keep updating (slowly unfortunately) and you'll find out! YAY! Oh yeah, I know I said this before but just for emphasis, Raven and Goth will not last! Yay to that too! Also the character in this story that you all hate will be making a return as well. Dun, dun, duun!