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It's Only Forever


"Which way would you go?"

"Me? I wouldn't go either way."

"If that's all the help you're going to be, then you can just leave!"

"Ya know what your problem is? You take too much for granted! Take this Labyrinth. Even if you reach to center, you'll never get out again!"

"That's your opinion."

"Well, it's a lot better than yours!"

"Thanks for nothing, Hogwart."

"Oohh, it's Hoggle! And don't say I didn't warn you!"

* * *

...warn you...
...warn you!

Sarah blinked and shook her head. Why had she thought of that conversation at a time like this? She was falling through the Esher room after she had attempted to jump to the next platform where Toby had sat. However, she had never landed. She was falling almost floating until she landed softly on a platform. Pieces of stone and stairs floated around her as she gazed about. Then she saw him.

Shadowed, slowly walking towards her, his white feathered cape flowing behind him. His eyes looked dark, almost haunted like someone deprived of sleep. He gazed at her, no expression.

Sarah stared back, jaw set, ready to face him.

"Give me the child."

"Sarah, beware. I have been generous up until now. But I can be cruel." His voice was so smooth but his words didn't change her.

"Generous! What have you done that's generous?"

"Everything!" his voice snapped like a whip as he walked around her, "Everything that you wanted I have done. You asked that the child be taken, I took him. You cowered before me, I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations of me. Isn't that generous?"

Sarah's mind whirled and then she set on the words she had read so many times, walking towards him, "Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle, beyond the goblin city. For my will is as strong as yours and my..."

"Stop!" he raised his hand, halting her coming to him, "Wait! Look, Sarah. Look what I'm offering you," a crystal appeared in his hand, "Your dreams."

The offer was tantalizing and Sarah was tempted to take it. However, she had to save Toby. She continued at him, "And my kingdom is great."

"I ask for so little," he sounded almost forlorn, "Just let me rule you and you can have everything that you want."

Sarah's mind went blank. The words, they were gone! "Kingdom is great... Damn! I can never remember that line."

His voice was smooth, almost desperate yet alluring as he held the crystal before her, "Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave!"

Sarah looked at him, her words vanishing. Love him? She grasped for the words that would save Toby but to no avail. The words would not come, as if whisked away. She glanced at the clock.

Less then a minute!

She had to come up with something fast. Then it came to her.

"Take me instead!"

Jareth was surprised and there was utter silence. Even the clock stopped ticking. "What?"

Sarah gulped and looked him in the eye, "If you let my brother go, I will stay." She stood tall, putting on as brave a face as she could. She knew what she was giving up.

Her freedom and her old life.

Jareth started to chuckle and then laughed deeply. He threw the crystal in the air and it burst. Everything whirled around Sarah. She couldn't see anything, it was too dizzying, and she felt like she was being tossed about, swirling

"Done!" she heard his voice loudly above the whirling of wind as the clock chimes rang out thirteen hours. She was feeling woozy and almost closed her eyes when suddenly she found herself in room. Steadying herself from the spinning, she looked around her, seeing a tall four-post canopy bed, a wardrobe with two doors, and a fireplace, burying with a crackling fire with two armchairs in front of it.

The canopy bed and bedcovers were a dark wine red as were the curtains at the window and the armchairs. The rug on the stone floor was like a swirling rainbow of dark colors and there was a tapestry hanging on one wall, similar but with scenes depicted on it. Interested, Sarah walked to it and saw it depicted a medieval picnic of sorts. Ladies and men dancing in medieval clothing, trees beautifully draped with ribbons while others sat on a blanket watching or playing with... faeries? Yes, there were faeries here and there, some tiny and others almost human size, their gloomier wings so delicate and their eyebrows arched in such a mischievous way. One seemed to look right at Sarah, a smirk on his face.

Sarah gasped and stepped away.

"What do you think?" The voice was right behind her and she could feel his warm breath on her neck. Again she gasped and spun to see Jareth smirking at her. She backed away, right into the tapestry, "Is Toby safe?"

Jareth chuckled, "Of coarse. I've not let him out of my sight." He swept his hand as he turned to the bed. There, Toby lay sleeping. Sarah's mouth gaped, "But you said he'd be returned!"

"All in good time. But now, Sarah," he walked closer to her as she backed against the wall. He chuckled and put his arms on either side of her, blocking her movement, "What shall we do with you? You've been a worthy opponent. It's not often I come against one so... daring." He was inches from her face, his breath brushing her hair. Sarah swallowed hard. She tried not to look at his handsome face but rather the crescent moon about his neck.

Jareth took hold of her chin and forced her to look at him. She breathed hard, eyes wide, looking into his beautiful mismatched eyes. She could almost see something within, a merriment of sorts. Jareth smiled, moving his face closer as Sarah held her breath. Oh, how good he smelled. She could feel herself melting as he was only centimeters from her lips, breath like a sweet tingle. Sarah's eyes began closing, almost relaxed as she waited. (AN: Ahh, another beautiful day! Why stay here? You all should get some fresh air. Oh my, I'm hearing those angry voices again. Oh, you're reading another story. Okay, so is it as good as the last one? Oh dear, I think it's getting noisier here. Better go.)

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Nothing happened. (AN: Ha! Ouch! flying debris Man, you people are touchy. Yow! ducks at flying debris) She opened her eyes and found Jareth was gone.

Sarah gulped in air as she held her throat. She could feel the color rising in her cheeks as she touched them. What had happened? How could she feel like this for such a monster of a man who had just taken her freedom. Something fought in her mind against her feelings but it was futile.

She was falling for the Goblin King.

As if in a trance, Sarah stumbled to the bed and fell in beside Toby. She couldn't breath and then she relaxed, breathing again. It was as if a spell had been lifted and her senses had been restored. What was happening to her? She had to do something but what?

"Have no fear, young maiden," Sarah gasped and turned to the source of the voice. A tall glowing woman stood there, with flowing robes and a circlet around her head. She had long, soft looking red hair and, could it be? Faerie wings? The lady smiled, "Sarah, Champion of the Labyrinth, hear me. There is a spell cast on thee. Thou art to love the Goblin King or kept in a submissive state. (AN: Humph! Why am I not surprised. Ouch! hey, stop that! ducks at more flying debris). That is the spell. It is taking place as we speak. Thou must save thine brother whilst thou still remember him. Come, with haste." The lady turned and the tapestry moved aside. There, a door stood and it opened. The lady went through and down the stairs while Sarah picked up Toby and quickly followed.

After a long, darkened stairwell, they came into a small room lined with elegantly framed full-length mirrors. The lady stood before one and touched its surface. It rippled slightly and then smoothed to show Sarah's parent's bedroom. She gasped, walking closer.

"Hurry, Sarah," the lady spoke, "Bring thine brother back. I will keep watch."

Sarah nodded and carefully walked through the mirror. There was a swirl of starlit light and something like a sigh, and then she was home in the bedroom. She sighed and smiled. She looked at Toby's sleeping face. Was it a dream?

["Hurry, Sarah!"] The voice whispered with an echo. Sarah sighed. No, it wasn't. She kissed Toby's forehead and laid him down in the crib, pulling the blankets up to his chin. Picking up her teddy bear, Lancelot, she tucked him in with Toby.

"Here. I'd like Lancelot to belong to you now." She stepped away and hear a door close below. "We're home!" he fathers voice called out. Sarah gulped back tears. She'd never see him again. "Sarah?"

"Good bye, dad," she whispered, a tear falling from her face as she vanished. The tear landed softly where he had stood.

* * *

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Chapter One


Sarah walked quietly through the garden, her long dress sweeping around her. She softly touched the petals of the blue rose she held, her face soft yet sad. She knew he was watching her. He had been for 2 1/2 years. The spell had never happened and she was granted free will. He no longer smirked but watched her with sad eyes. She saw him at dinner but not very often otherwise. He had not pushed himself on her since that day. The day she returned her brother. He had said nothing of it. Somehow, he had changed.

Sarah turned slightly, catching sight of Jareth from the corner of her eye. He was standing on a balcony, many yards away, watching. She could tell he looked sad without even looking right at him. She sighed and turned back to her rose, walking further away.

* * *

Jareth sighed as he watched Sarah move towards a marble bench near a brick wall covered in roses and vines. How softly she moved as she walked and sat down, so gently touching the rose she held. She wore one of the many dresses he had provided her. It was sea blue, long and soft with a lovely neckline trimmed with soft lace. It was medieval styled and draped her beautifully. Her hair was up in a twist with a tail trailing and little baby's breath dotted here and there. He knew she also wore soft slippers of similar design, seeing as he had provided the wardrobe and wanted her to be comfortable. But what had him transfixed was her face. Rosy like alabaster and eyes so deep brown like the deepest still pool. Yet sadness still dwelled in those eyes. Why had he not seen into her eyes before?

Before she had become a prisoner.

He turned away sighing. Over the years he had fallen for her. It was no longer a physical desire or want to conquer her. He had begun to understood her.

On the day she had returned her brother, Jareth had been watching in his throne room. He would have stopped her but instead he watched, intrigued by her willingness to sacrifice everything to save Toby. Jareth had noticed the glowing lady and it had startled him. He was sure he had seen her before, a very long time ago. Perhaps it was her presence that had stopped him from going after Sarah and Toby as they vanished through a mirror.

Instead, he watched as Sarah returned her brother and saw the utter sadness as she said good bye to her old life forever. It hit his very heart to watch, a tear falling as she returned. The lady had been silent as Sarah was led back to her room where the lady then disappeared. Sarah had stood there, sad and still. Then she had flung herself on her bed, weeping.

She did that for a week, neither eating nor sleeping. Only at small intervals did she sleep, only to wake weeping again. It was during this time that Jareth removed the spell. He could not let it remain. He had never seen her so weak and vulnerable. But shouldn't that have been the perfect opportunity for him to take advantage? He couldn't. Instead he watched her, almost wanting to reach out and comfort her but resisting. What comfort was he? He had taken her freedom.

Eventually she had stopped and sat by the fire instead, continually watching the flames. Jareth tried one thing. She saw her friends again.

Hoggle had knocked softly at her door and entered with the others. She had looked overjoyed and hugged each tightly. Hoping it was all she needed, Jareth stayed away. Eventually Hoggle, at Jareth's calm request, asked her if she would eat something. Food was brought and eat she did. She had looked so pale and the food seemed to improved her.

Over the following months she was shown the library and then the gardens which she seemed to enjoy. It was quite some time before she would eat in the dining hall with him but she did now. Few times did they actually talk but when they did, they did not speak of that day. And so it was this way during the years.

She was not as melancholy as she had been in the beginning but there was still a small amount of sadness in her eyes.

Jareth again looked in her direction. She was leaning against the wall, her eyes closed. He smiled. How peaceful her face looked. If only he could... no, she wouldn't want to hear it. It would only dredge up the past. He groaned at his aching heart, wanting so dearly to express his love for her, his care and understanding. But it may only hurt her, remind her of the day he tried to rule her and force her to love him. No, he'd rather die then hurt her like that again.

Then why didn't he return her to her world? He couldn't for two reasons. She had taken her brother's place which meant forever. No human could go back after staying in the Underground for so long. They wouldn't be able to handle it and it may even cause them to go mad. The Labyrinth had that effect on the mind back in the human world. Once the Underground had you, it was forever. That was why a human could only stay for thirteen hours, if they ever wished to return to their old lives. All they would think about would be the Labyrinth and getting back. Jareth didn't want that fate for Sarah.

The second reason, he couldn't live without her. The thought of her being gone forever tore even more at his heart then her not knowing his love. As much as it saddened him to see her sad, he couldn't bring himself to letting her go.

He continued to watch her, then turned and left the balcony.

* * *

Sarah opened her eyes. Jareth had left. She turned away, her eyes saddened. He rarely spoke to her as if a sudden shyness had taken over him. It was very strange coming from him. He was kinder and offered her anything she desired.


It had been on her lips in the first few months when he asked if she needed anything. But now, it did not so readily come. Something else was growing in her heart. Another longing, a desire.

Love. She would gasp at herself every time the word seemed to drift into her mind like an unknown voice. How could a prisoner fall for their jailer? It was unheard of, wasn't it? And yet, she did not feel like a prisoner as much as she use to. She saw her friends, she was able to wander the castle and grounds freely and she still saw her family.

Yes, she saw them even when they didn't see her. She had discovered her dressing table mirror was enchanted. On a day where she had missed them dreadfully, her mirror had suddenly glittered and there they were, sitting around the kitchen table eating breakfast. Her father was reading the paper, looking a bit haggard, her Karen was drinking coffee but watching Toby for any spills he made.

Toby, he had grown. He was then a toddler, about 2 1/2 to 3 or so it looked. His hair looked more sandy colored and his eyes twinkled blue. Sarah had smiled when she saw that he could drink from a cup now. He was growing up.

She had heard them talk as well and it brought tears of joy to her eyes to hear them and see them again. They spoke of normal things, what was planned for the day, a dentist appointment for Toby, work, and so on. Sarah even somewhat missed hearing Karen which was a surprise. Her family was okay.

But their discussion halted when out of the blue Toby spoke up, "Where's Sarah?"

Sarah was surprised he could talk but her eyes watered when she saw the sadness in her father's eyes. He quickly mumbled about going to work and left as her stepmother quickly cleaned up the dishes and dumped them into the sink. She leaned heavily on the counter top and sighed, looking out the window. Toby was still quizzical but kept silent, continuing with his cereal.

Sarah had reached to touch the mirror and the image had disappeared.

Sarah sighed again and looked at the rose in her hand. Yes, she still saw them. And strangely she believed Jareth had something to do with it. He provided her with what she desired. Still, was it love she felt within her? She wished she could understand it, to grasp what her mind didn't seem to accept. It wasn't the same as the day when she knew it was a spell. No, this felt normal, more natural. But what could she do? She recalled a bit of advice her mother had once told her when Sarah was younger and had a crush on someone.

"Close your eyes. Look not with your eyes but with your heart."

Sarah took that advice now. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes, pushing aside appearances and instead looked into Jareth's behavior, his personality as she had seen it over the years. His kindness, gentle stature and sad eyes. Oh, how sad his eyes seemed. But why? Then it came to her. He cared for her as she did for him. Why hadn't she seen it? She opened her eyes and was startled to see Jareth standing there. He was wearing a handsome forest green doublet and jacket, gray hose, black leather knee high boots, and a green cape. Sarah again saw the sadness in his eyes but it was gone as quick as a blink. Jareth hid it when he thought she was looking. She too hid her sad look when she could, not wanting to show pain or longing.

"I wondered if you'd like a stroll through the gardens," he asked. He almost sounded unsure but it was so hidden. Sarah smiled a little, setting aside the blue rose, "That would be nice."

They wandered down the pebble path through the various flowers and came through a stone arch covered in vines. Sarah gasped. It was a rose garden, a rainbow of colors so splendidly spread in every direction like a swirling tapestry, covering the stone walls and curling up to a beautiful marble fountain in center. There were two stone statues, back to back, in the center of the fountain, holding a vase together that spewed water above them. They were faeries, clothed in forest like attire and serene faces. The fountain base was carved with vines, roses, as well as unicorns and faeries here and there. Goldfish swam in the water, glittering in the sunlight, and a few lily pads floated on the surface. There were also a few marble benches near the fountain and along several pebble paths near the wall and leading away from the fountain. As well, Sarah could see a few willows and fruit trees by the walls and near the center.

Sarah brought her hands to her face feeling tears well up in her eyes. For some reason the garden seemed to bring such emotion to her. Jareth gently touched her shoulder, looking with concern at her, "Sarah, what's wrong?"

Sarah blushed slightly at his touch. He had not done so in years. She turned to him and he looked surprised at the two tears which rolled down her cheeks. "The garden," she whispered.

Jareth looked troubled, "You do not like it?"

She shook her head smiling, "It's beautiful."

Jareth relaxed, smiling with relief, "I'm glad. I had it prepared over the last few months for you. It was a surprise. That is why you never saw it. Magic does have its advantages," he paused, "It is your birthday if I'm mistaken."

Sarah nodded. Once, she had mentioned the date to him, she didn't remember why, "My 18th. I was 15 1/2 when I came..." she stopped herself, not wishing to bring up the past.

Jareth saw her hesitation and understood. Stepping back he spoke, "I'll leave you alone if you wish."

"No," she turned to him ,absently taking both his hands, "Please stay. You've made me so happy with this garden and I thank you."

Surprised, Jareth glanced briefly at their hands and then smiled at her, taking a small step forward, "You're welcome."

* * *

Jareth had escorted her from her room where she had been getting ready for dinner. Never before had he done so before (Hoggle usually did) and it had felt rather regal to Sarah. Now they sat
at the table, not far from each other, enjoying a quiet meal.

Soon after, Jareth looked at Sarah, "What do you usually do after dinner?" He didn't often converse in small talk but he thought he'd give it a try.

Taken slightly off guard, Sarah hesitated, "Well, uh, most often I read. I always have since I was small. Mother used to find me curled up on the couch with a book, asleep." She smiled at the
mention of her mother. She had rarely spoken of her since her death.

Jareth chuckled, warmed at the fact that she was sharing with him, "You must have been a cute site."

Sarah blushed slightly, smiling. Jareth beamed. He loved how lovely she looked when she blushed. They chatted for a while longer until Sarah began to feel sleepy. Rising, Jareth escorted her back to her room. "Sweet dreams." He gently kissed her hand and strode away.

Sarah was so surprised and enraptured, she almost stumbled into her room. Once inside she leaned against the door, blushing furiously and holding her hand close. She sighed and practically
floated to her bed, flopping down. Never had she felt so happy. This was defiantly not the Jareth she had known from the beginning. He was different. And she liked it.

She sighed and turned on her side towards the fireplace not faroff. She started, rising quickly. Someone was sitting in one of the armchairs facing the fire. She got off the bed and walked
over quietly.

It almost seemed as if the person glowed or was it the flicker of the fire? Coming around the back of the other armchair, she glanced over and gasped.

The figure was glowing a faint ivory blue glow. She turned to Sarah and smiled. It was the fae lady Sarah had seen so many years ago but she saw no wings now. Her dress was medieval and
faint blue with a silver belt that dangled down the middle and a silver circlet around her head, setting off her fiery red hair. "Hello, Sarah."

For the first time, Sarah seemed to notice that the lady had something like an Irish accent. The lady gestured for Sarah to sit in the other chair which she did, slowly at that, "Do you
remember me?"

"How could I forget," Sarah spoke, "You helped save Toby and warned me of the spell."

The lady nodded gravely, "Yes. And so it seems the spell is gone. He has not tried again. Jareth seems more caring an thinks of you often. The garden was very generous of him."

Sarah blushed a bit, "Yes. It reminded me of a park where I used to practise my lines back home. It meant so much."

"You shared your precious memory of your mother with him."

"Yes. It felt right," Sarah grew confused, "How do you know these things?"

The lady chuckled, a tinkling sound like bells, "Oh, I have my ways. Tell me, Sarah. Do you love him?"

Sarah was taken completely by surprise at the blunt question. She stuttered, "I, uh,... I don't know."

The lady smiled, "It is alright. I know your heart and the confusion you feel. And Jareth, I know his as well."

Sarah almost looked at her with hopeful eyes. The lady laughed, "No, I cannot tell you. It wouldn't be right. You must learn for yourself. But this much I can show you." she opened her hand and floating a few inches from her palm was a soft image. Jareth was watching Sarah from the balcony, his eyes sad. He turned away, his face filled with turmoil as if a battle went on in his head. Sarah almost wanted to reach out, to ask what was wrong.

The lady closed her hand and the image disappeared. Sarah sighed.

The lady's deep blue eyes seemed to sparkle, "Sarah, in your heart you will find your answer. Use it and not your eyes. You do not betray your family by this. They will always be in your heart
and see them again, you will." The lady's eyes seemed to dim suddenly, "Beware, Sarah, of the dark wood. A danger so envious and jealous of Jareth, lurks there and it would do anything to
destroy Jareth. Be careful. Avoid the darkness at all costs."

She rose and began fading. As she did, she motherly brought her hand to Sarah's face, "Be well, child. If ever you have need of me, just call out 'Felara'. I will come." She backed away and
seemed to melt into the firelight until she was gone.

Sarah suddenly felt very tired after everything that had happened. She got ready for bed and as she curled up under her covers she thought of Felara's warning. As she drifted off, she
involuntarily shivered slightly.

She suddenly didn't feel as content as she had before.

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