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Its Only Forever


Many centuries ago...

He knelt before the white queen on one knee, face down more to hide the tears threatening to come again then out of respect. He could hear soft weeping from an adjacent room from the large dimly lit throne room, and the occasional soft words, "Not you too, not you..." This caused an even larger lump in his throat for he knew it was Sarah's cousin who wept over her as Sarah had been laid out on a white pillowed, raised dais, soft light coming from somewhere high above over her. He was glad he could not see into this shadowed room, to see her pale face again. He could not bear it, not at this time.

The white queen's face had signs of no sleep and much weeping but she showed no tears now as she sat on her throne. The room was empty but for them and a few guards who stood off by the entrance. Softly, she spoke.

"Prince Jareth, I thank thee that thee hath brought mine niece back to us..."

"My queen, forgive me. I cannot be formal now for it does not feel right. I have failed my people, you and your kingdom, and now my love. I do not deserve to live."

The queen rose, hands out stretched as if to move forward and comfort him, "No Prince Jareth. You did all that could be done and more. To face your brother, even knowing you might kill him, is a great load on you. It is not your failure but that of trickery. This darkness was stronger and smarter then we had anticipated. Is it true they have a leader now?"

Jareth nodded, "A human but they cannot last as one for long with this darkness so deep within them. They will be twisted beyond any human recognition. It would appear my brother was not it. But he did have a great hand in deceiving the fae court while this other deceived the humans. Again I ask your forgiveness for my brother's act. The fae are no more and even now your kingdom is threatened."

The queen strode softly to him, helping him rise, a surprise on his face, "Rise Prince, and do not look troubled. Your brother is his own keeper. It is not your fault. You must be strong now, for your own kingdom."

Jareth shook his head, "No, my queen. I will stay here and fight for you. It is the least I can do for the memory of my sweet Sarah. I cannot go on living without still fighting for her, even if it be for those she loved."

At this, the queen smiled but grew serious, "You would go on fighting forever? You would then never stop killing, always trying to right what you thought was wrong till it turn you into something you would always hate, creating ambitions at a high price till you became your brother. No Prince. You will return to the Underground and you will rule there." Jareth wanted to protest but the queen's face grew sterner, "The underground must have a ruler to survive. That is an order."

Jareth again bowed his head, "As you wish."

The queen laid a hand on his shoulder, "I know you wish to help but you help greater by protecting your own kingdom. What must happen to us will happens, no matter the help you may give. But I fear what your grief will do to you in your loneliness. That you should end your life cannot happen." She went to her throne and picked a cushion from a table beside it. Bringing it to him, Jareth could see a gold pendant hung on a gold chain, shaped as an upside down crescent moon with a clear jewel sparkling in the center. The queen took the chain and pendant and placed it about his neck, "this pendant will one day help in your greatest need. And someday, you will find happiness again and to that person will this jewel protect as well and find its mate. Do not look alarmed at this, prince. Now you feel there is no happiness but I believe one day you will feel it again. And you will need this power to strengthen your own. Your brother still lives and you may have to face him once more."

The queen looked saddened by her next words, "You will return to your kingdom, yes even now , but remember nothing, you will. I know you do not wish this but it is the only way to save your life and the underground. The fae kingdom, us, your past, even your true love, nothing will be remembered. You will become arrogant, uncaring and yet even selfish. This is not a fate wished for you but it must be. Your wit will increase, not to mention your cleverness and your fae powers will compare with none, save one, as you will know them when they appear. This is our fate for you." She smiled softly, touching his face, "Do not be troubled, Prince. By tomorrow, all this will be forgotten and your grief will be no more. Yet, you will feel a loss, one you won't understand. And even as you won't understand, you will seek to regain this loss."

She turned and went to her throne as Jareth again knelt on one knee, as she sat. "Arise now, Jareth, King of the Goblins, ruler of the Labyrinth, protector of the Underground."

Jareth rose and looked forward, a serious face, "May I have but one request, before I am forever locked to the Underground?"

The queen nodded.

"I wish to see my fair Sarah's face once more, that I may forever remember her and say my farewells, even as I will be forced to forget her."

The queen's face grew sad yet understanding as she nodded. Slowly he made his way to the door of the room where Sarah lay. He thought he heard a soft weeping from the queen but he would not turn. Instead he left her alone with her grief, as she would wish it.

As he entered the room, he saw the queen's daughter weeping at Sarah's hand. She looked up as he came closer, her face stained with tears and seemly distraught. With one last look to Sarah's still form, she came toward him. He took her hand, giving a bow, "princess."

"I-I know I should be stronger," she spoke softly, choking on sobs, "A-a princess should not show w-weakness."."

"No, princess. That is not fair and who ever made such a decree must not have loved. But be of good courage. I swear to you and your mother, her death will not have been in vain. This darkness will be destroyed, I promise you."

She nodded sadly, touching his face, "She loved you more than anything. I would gladly embrace you as family, even now."

They did even as she softly wept into his shoulder. As they pulled away, he spoke, "And of your prince, may you find the eternal happiness I lost, even in these dark times. Go now, your mother needs your comfort."

She nodded, tears sparkling in her eyes as she looked at him, "thank you." And she silently left the room.

He turned to Sarah's still form, gentle light floating down from a small opening somewhere in the roof. Slowly, he entered the pillar of light to stand beside her. As he gazed upon her pale face, he felt the wave of emotions come over him again but he held back except for two tears that slid sown down his face. He placed his hands on her folded ones and leaned in, one last kiss on her cold lips. Rising he looked to her closed eyes, never to see them open with delight again. He kissed her and stepped back into the shadow, as if darkness wrapped him its own blanket of mystery.

"Farewell forever, my love."

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