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Ok this fic is in Harry's 7th year, with the new title for the 6th book being out and all I figured it safe to say I wasn't going to try and write something to that title because I can't get a story line to fit it just yet. But anyways its Harry's 7th year and there are going to be blanks about his 6th year but I'll refer to it at times (with my own creations) and give different ideas about what happened...its still piecing together in my mind...

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Harry Potter and the Final Year

Chapter 1 Widespread Truth and Research

Harry Potter sat alone in his room staring blankly across the room at nothing in particular. The year before was still all but a blur to him as was the end of his fifth year that sometimes took the liberty of adding itself to the confusion of his life. As he sat there the small familiar tingle of his scar told Harry that his enemy was pleased about something. Just what a sixteen, nearly seventeen, year old teenager would want to know at five in the morning.

Harry had improved his practice of Occlumency during the last year and was a master at it now; it helped of course, nearly every night he slept peacefully now. But nights, like this one, every once and a while though, his dreams or Voldemort's own creations would slip into his mind if he wasn't careful and sleeping wouldn't be an option any longer. Sometimes he would fall asleep before he had the chance to clear his mind properly and lock everything in his mind. That had happened this night, now he had been awake for nearly three hours.

Rubbing his eyes of the weariness what kept coming despite his not wanting it to; Harry dropped back on to his pillow and stared at the ceiling. Every time he closed his eyes the same images came to him of death, the deaths of countless people who were never meant to be involved: muggles, witches and wizards alike.

Harry, though, drifted in and out of sleep for the next hour his weariness taking over his mind quickly and easily. The images were sometimes there and sometimes not, but they always seemed to weigh on his mind when he woke. They would be there for a while, like a movie that was playing over and over in his mind.

At six, when Harry had given up on getting any more sleep he finally climbed out of bed and dress, and went down to the kitchen. He would have been getting up around this time anyways to fix breakfast for his Aunt and Uncle; Dudley was now aloud to sleep in until he wanted, which was normally to around lunch time when his hunger woke him. But Harry had to admit, cutting out one meal most of the time was beginning to do a little good for him, but he ate his percentage for lunch. Then went to his friend's house where they'd round up the gang and do their rounds in the neighborhood.

On his way over to the refrigerator he flipped on the tube to a local news station to get his fill in for the day about current events. He moved on and began to get out the materials for cooking and glanced up as the commercials ended. He put the eggs into the hot frying pan and turned his attention to the news, curious as to what the woman was talking about. As some footage began to play for a short preview Harry blinked and turned it up so he could hear it properly.

"This morning at approximately five this morning on the quiet streets of London a series of unnatural events occurred." Began the women, "Even some of these events were caught on camera by near by security cameras." Images began to take place of the women's face, "Keep in mind that this is no play of the camera." She reminded the viewers.

The footage began in a semi deserted street that was beginning to lighten in the rising sun; a few people were walking down the street. From the shadows three men, or more likely teenagers, emerged and approached a single man walking alone. It was obvious that the three were looking to rough the guy up. The man's hand immediately went to his pocket causing the other three to pull out their own weapons, which consisted of two knives and a gun. Harry blinked again as he watched the man pull out his own weapon, a wand. He watched quietly as the man's mouth moved and three red sparks shot from his wand and the three were on the ground. Some people paused and looked at him. The man panicked and looked around at the other people, putting a memory charm on the closest and he then disappeared.

The woman appeared again giving more information about what had happened; Harry jumped up as the breakfast began to smoke. Movement could be heard in the rooms above as the showers were finished. "Another video was caught recently." The footage began to play, it showed seven different men shrouded in black surrounding two men, who were clearly out numbered. Harry's eyes widened as a fight broke out in the street among the nine wizards; a local man who had only been watching was hit accidentally and fell dead.

Harry switched the channel and found the same thing, footsteps on the stairs told Harry that his Aunt or Uncle was coming down for breakfast. He found the same thing on two other channels. Before his Aunt or Uncle came down Harry flipped the tube off and started putting food on the table.

"What's this?"

Harry looked up to find his Aunt Petunia standing in the doorway, "Couldn't sleep...I've been up since two."

"Oh...well, thank you for saving me of the trouble."

Harry nodded keeping the surprised look from coming, she had thanked him. He continued to finish setting the last things on the table as he pondered on why she was being so nice.

Shortly after, Harry's Uncle Vernon came down and took his normal seat with his paper under his arm. Seeing this Harry felt panic raise in his stomach, but he calmed quickly, every thing had happened a little over and hour ago. The papers were delivered around then. Quietly Harry began to eat his breakfast, though he wasn't really hungry.

"Petunia? Could you turn on the news?" asked his Uncle Vernon his head still in the paper.

Petunia turned on the tube making Harry hold his breath, commercials were running. Exhaling Harry relaxed and got up planning on slipping out of the room.

"Where are you going?" asked his Uncle sharply spoiling his plans, "You still have to do the dished."

Harry sighed noticeably and began to clear the table as Dudley, surprisingly, appeared through the door and came into the kitchen, and then the news came back on. "It has been confirmed that the videos that have been showing this past hour are not a hoax."

Harry froze at the words and his relatives looked at the tube as the same news caster continued on with the same thing Harry had seen and heard as the videos played over. They all must have been frozen for the ten minutes that the footage played and as the caster spoke to the people watching. People were interviewed, footage was shown, and new reports were brought in. Harry paled as he realized that Death Eaters were becoming more common as the time passed.

When it finally went to commercials, Harry turned and went to sink avoiding his relative's gazes; he set the dished he had been carrying in the sink. Turning slowly he looked at the three who gazed back, two with nervousness and cowardice, and one with fury and a bright read face with matching angry eyes.

His Uncle's face was a slight shade of red, "What is all of this?"

"I don't know..." stated Harry almost bored like as he turned to the dishes.

"What? Are your freaky friends deciding to go public? What of these men in black? Are you going to bring them here again? I want you out!" he finally finished as a glass on the counter burst into shards flying every where causing his Aunt to shriek and his cousin to cower.

"Sorry 'bout that...I let my anger get the best of me..." Harry commented idly turning to pick up the glass ignoring the dishes now he had been commanded to clean before.

"What was that? Speak boy!" roared Vernon moving to stand.

"Don't bother getting up, I can hardly be afraid of you when your sitting or standing." Said Harry glancing up at him, "But that was my magic going out of control...it tends to happen when you make me angry." He stood and tossed the glass in the bin. He walked back to the dishes and turned off the water he had left running he turned back to his uncle and leaned against the counter and studied him for a moment, his red face and all. "Now that on the tube is all a different matter, but I must say don't call my friends freaks again or my anger may get the best of me again." Admitted Harry, his friends were his is weak point, always were and always would be. His normally cool and calm self was fine in most cases, except when his friends were insulted in front of him. "What has been showing probably was not intended by most wizards to happen, only some planned on that I'm sure, probably Voldemort. If those 'men in black,' as you called them were to come here. Well for one, it'd probably be for me, and another I would be your only protection against them. And no I'm not leaving..." he added finished with everything now out in the open. That was the most he had ever spoken to his Uncle, or any of them for that matter in the past year, about the happenings in his world, only he alluded to most of it and didn't say anything directly on purpose. They were honestly better off not knowing it all, but there were going to be questions. Harry could see it as his Uncle processed it all.

"What do you mean they'd be coming for you?" his Uncle's eyes narrowed, "I'd be plenty able to defend my family we have no need for you."

Now Harry for the past year had changed a lot. He had learned to finally control his anger that flared easily, as the incident from earlier for proof, and had come to be able to control his other emotions. He had grown into that hero figure that everyone wanted him to be but Harry himself, and he was tall now, not taller then his best friend Ron, a little shy though of his (Ron's) six foot two, he was strong, and secretive – at least to those he wanted to be. Then there was his want to prove himself to the whole world that he was not just that hero figure they all wanted him to be, he was a real live person that wasn't invincible. In truth, under all of this he was really just a normal teenage boy who only wanted what a parentless child wanted, love. He got that from many places but he wanted a real family and he had lost that, twice. Now though much of that Harry wasn't thinking about, especially controlling his anger. Now he just wanted to blurt the truth out to his Uncle, he wanted to show Vernon that he was strong and not his servant, he wanted to give the man the darkness that he should be scared of, the darkness that Harry would face once he reentered the wizarding world.

Harry couldn't help but let a smirk glide onto his face, "You have no idea..." he shook his head laughing lightly, tauntingly, "Those men would kill you as if you were a damned fly on a wall unaware of the approaching hand. All because you are there and alive and breathing." He let his words sink in, "See, in my world there is a war, and you and your world have just been sucked in, and there is no honest way in stopping it."

"War? What war?" piped in Petunia now talking.

"It is complex..." admitted Harry thinking of how to explain it.

"You can't even explain your own world's war!?" laughed Vernon looking at Harry ludicrously.

Harry gave his uncle a skeptic look, "How would you explain a war that you are in the middle of and you have to stop when you meet your rival that killed your parents and tried even killing you but didn't, only to leave a mark identifying you as the only person who will be able to stop them in the future." Harry raged this in his mind but didn't speak it, he couldn't let them hear this, it was too much for them to know, "To explain it in words I think you might understand: it's a war of good verses evil. All for the common good."

It was unbelievable. Vernon started laughing and soon Dudley joined weakly. Harry leaned back against the counter that he had unconsciously moved from and watched his face serious and annoyed. A letter slipped through a cracked window and floated to Harry's hands. The laughing stopped almost immediately.

Opening it quickly, Harry read its contents:


Due to the current happenings wizards and witches of sixteen and higher are permitted to use magic in the presence of muggles in defense, to help another, and of course for homework. Be alert of what is happening around you and defend what you must.

Inside is your Apperation License. After last years experiences I know you're very well capable of the ability. I wanted you to receive it as soon as possible after this mornings occurrences.

If anything should happen report it to us or come see us immediately. We will send Mr. Weasley or Miss Granger if you are needed.

Professor Dumbledore

Harry smiled at the obviously quickly written words, he couldn't help it, but his smile vanished when he looked up at this Aunt and Uncle.

"Who is that from boy?"

"My Headmaster." He stated.

"I knew it, you were part o-"

"No...no..." Harry laughed, "Not at all...He was kindly informing me that now students of sixteen and higher are permitted to use magic in defense of to help others because of what is happening. I suppose he wants all 7th years to be able to help considering some won't be seventeen until later in the year." He said the last part mostly to himself thinking aloud. Harry looked at another piece of paper, it was his Apperation License. "If you have any other questions, save 'em. I'm leaving, don't wait up I'll be back late...I'm done with this..." he left the kitchen with out a thought.

Harry had for so long, it seemed, that summer wanted to go to Diagon Alley. But he never asked his Uncle already knowing the answer would be no. He needed books and supplies for what he wanted to do. Since a year before during his last summer, he had started gathering books and other things to enhance his knowledge and magical abilities. He would learn anything and everything he could possible so that he might possibly get an advantage in his next confrontation with Voldemort.

During his sixth year, with Ron and Hermione, they had accomplished Apperating and learning many new complicated spell that none of them would be learning in school until the coming year. Now Harry had a new objective he had come up with while he was looking through an album he had received from Remus for his last birthday when he turned sixteen. He now wanted to become an animagus, and in order to he needed to get books for more research, what he learned in school wasn't enough, and the proper ingredients for the potion he knew he'd have to make.

Trotting up the stairs to his room Harry could hear the muffled raging of his Uncle still in the kitchen. He needed to change and gather a few things before he left. Upon reaching his room he started rummaging through his trunk that was still pack to the rim with all of his things. Pulling out some pants and a shirt that actual fit him Harry tossed them on his bed then looked for a cloak without the Hogwarts emblem on it. After spilling most of his things on to the floor he found what he was looking for, after that he opened a small hidden compartment on the top of his trunk and pulled out a small bag that held some money, he'd need to pick up more when he got to Diagon Alley.

After he had changed and had everything he needed on him, namely his wand and money, he looked around and was about to Apperate when a knock came at his door and it opened. His uncle stood there looking at Harry, anger slowly rising making his face turn a slight pink.

"I wouldn't touch my things if I were you...they're protected." Stated Harry, "See you tonight." With that he vanished with a small pop leaving his Uncle behind to fume.

Laughing as he appeared on the streets of Diagon Alley he looked around smiling, but that smile quickly vanished as people began to give him weird looks remembering the things that had happened the year before. He was only more popular now because of his duel the year before with Voldemort, but it had only lasted five minutes before he left, knowing he had to learn more to defeat his enemy.

Pulling his hood up Harry slipped into the stream of people to make his way towards Gringotts. Climbing the stairs he moved aside and looked away as he saw someone he recognized then jumped past them and walked up into the large bank. Lowering his hood he looked around, his green eyes searching and thinking. He began to make his way towards one of the many goblins, he pulled his key out. "I would like to make a withdrawal from my vault." Harry handed him the key before he asked.

The goblin took the key and surveyed Harry's longer black unruly hair, that skimmed the tips of his ears, and his green eyes that identified who he was. "Follow me Mr. Potter." He leapt down from his stool and lead Harry in the proper direction.

The ride was the same a usual, Harry blinked when he looked in his vault; he had forgotten that Sirius had transferred his family fortune to him in his Will. There were many other new things there he had received including two trunks that he soon realized belonged to his parents. He was itching to look inside them but he'd wait until later, maybe further in the summer when he had more time.

"Did you know Mr. Potter that after the transfer you are now one of the richest wizards in England." Piped up the goblin.

Harry blinked and looked back at the goblin; he was a bit more talkative then the others. "No I didn't, I had completely forgotten about it as well..." he faded off and looked at the mountains of gold. Finally he moved into the vault and began to load up on money; he'd be needing a fair amount for the purchases he planned on making that day.

The ride back to the surface was just as nauseating and boring as expected. After he had surfaced he retrieved his key and took note of the goblins name, Doren, he'd come to him next time he came to Gringotts. Giving his thanks Harry turned and began to make his way out of the Bank, pulling his hood up as he went.

First he had to stop at Flourish and Blotts, then he had a few other places in mind, but it all depended on time, and he'd be in Flourish and Blotts for a while most likely and it was already after twelve, he personally wanted to be back by five to read and take a run. He'd eat in Diagon Alley before he left.

When he had finally reached the book store he pulled his hood down so he wouldn't get quite so many nervous stares. With it down he was able to hear small sighs of relief. Ducking behind one of the many tall shelves he began to search for any books he might want to use.

"Need any help Sir?" came a voice to his right.

"Ah...no, not just yet." he gave the man a small smile and continued looking through the shelves.

A black book with silver writing caught his eye Defense Against the Dark Arts: What is not seen or taught in school By: Darren O'Vares. 'Long title...' thought Harry in amusement but he pulled it out none the less. Flipping through the pages he felt he had been given a sign or something. This was the exact kind of book he was looking for. He continued to look through the 'Arts' section and found two other books: The Secret to the Dark Arts and to Fight it By: Karen Britton and Invisibility, Animagic, and the Wand By: Comrade Skies. Both he'd be able to use in the future. All three books were enormous though and were making it difficult for him to look for the things he wanted.

"Sir?" came a voice.

Harry jumped, he hadn't heard anyone come up behind him, but then he had his nose in a different book now. Looking up he found the same pale faced, black-graying man there, "Yes?"

"Would you like me to put these behind the counter?"

Harry blinked, "Oh please if you don't mind."

"Not at all, Mr. Potter." He added quietly at the end.

Harry looked up but went back to the book he was looking through, he trusted the man and his kindness. Harry had stumbled upon another good book, Animagic in the Complexity By: Dores Fieldworth. Smiling pleased to of found the book he put it under his arm and began to look some more for something under Transfigurations and Potions. He found books from both that could help him possibly in the future. As he was moving towards the counter to check out when he paused, Magical Creatures of the Night and Day By: Marq Sinister was held up buy a stand on top of other copies by the stack. Quietly Harry picked the book up finding that it could actually be of some use while seeking possibilities for his animgus form. He added that to his pile of three and moved to the counter his arms holding his load with slight difficulty as the books slid every once and awhile with his movement.

"This is everything." Said Harry setting them on the counter and looking at the same man.

"Find everything well enough?"

Harry nodded, "Everything I needed and wanted."

The book keeper looked at the first book Harry had found, "Ah so this book chose you?"

Harry blinked, "What?"

"Like the wand chooses the master, so do some books, and this one, as rare as it is, has chosen your Mr. Potter. Use it well." Said the man in a hushed voice.

"Will do." Harry gave the man a small smile. Shortly he paid the man for his books, shrank them and pocketed them for easier carrying, he turned to leave.

"Good luck from us all, Harry Potter." Whispered the book keeper as he opened the door for Harry who nodded before lifting his hood to hide his face once more.

So people did believe in him, even though much of Harry's heart had indeed become weary of the wizarding people it helped when he heard the man. Though it was a small thanks and acknowledgement it made Harry feel all the better. Slowly his trust was come back to the people who had so often turned on him and made horrid false remarks and articles that Harry was so weary of.

Becoming aware of everything around him once again as he drifted out of his thoughts he looked around to get his baring straight. He needed to get Potion supplies, he had a few things actually, but not all that he needed. Harry remembered that there was an herb and potions shop next door to the Quality Qudditch Supplies store.

Making his way down the street in the direction of the store he paused as people in front of him tried going around a group of mostly kids, all younger then Harry himself, goggling at something in the window at Quality Qudditch Supplies. Intrigued Harry looked over the heads and pushed a few people aside as he tried to move forward, obviously the tallest there he easily caught sight of the new broom.

Reading the caption below it about its abilities and such he gawked at it for a few minutes before slipping into the store itself that seemed to be less crowded then usual, then he saw the sign. It read:

Those wishing to look at the new SunStar broom must do so through the window to avoid over crowding the store.

Harry smirked, Yeah and now they over crowd the street! He thought.

Harry glanced at the broom as he looked around the store, he was curious as to how much it cost, being a Professional Racing and Qudditch broom he figured it was going to be expensive. Thinking Harry remembered something that had been in Sirius' Will, 'With this new fortune you must promise me to buy something you want. Lord knows you have plenty of money now.' Harry smiled; he could probably easily afford the broom, hell he was one of the richest wizards in England. He sauntered up to the counter, now finally lowering his hood he gave the man a small smile.

"I'm curious, what is the cost of the new SunStar?" said Harry peering at the man's untrusting eyes with his own green ones.

"Go on kid you can't afford the broom it's much too expensive." Said the graying man waving Harry off and moving to more 'important' matters.

Harry sighed, "I can very well afford that broom, what is it? 2000 gallons?" he asked curiously.

The man looked up at Harry his slightly grayed brown hair and brown eyes gave Harry the idea that he was stressed so much with this job it was aging him.

"I'm being honest." Said Harry earnestly.

"It's what you say."

Harry nodded, "I'll take one..." Harry dug through one of his pockets and looked up knowing the man hadn't moved, "Ok my Godfather, the last bit of family I had, died last year and left me his money and several other things, and in his Will he told me to get one thing that I wanted badly enough knowing that I would be wealthy enough to. I don't want to disappoint him now, so a broom please."

"Of course, of course!" the man smiled, "You're the first to buy one." He commented wrapping it neatly and carefully.

Harry watched as the last of the black and gold wood was wrapped away, he had hardly paid any attention to what it looked like before, he was only amazed with its abilities that it was said to have (superb reaction to thought commands, etc.). The SunStar was made of a rare wood that was black and had gold veins that sparked with the simplest touch of light; the tail was just the same. "It's very rare, they say they won't make many, you are very lucky Sir..." babbled the man.

Now he just had to figure out what he was going to do with his Firebolt, he loved the thing but he couldn't imagine keeping them both. He'd have to think on it. Shrinking the broom the man put it in a small wood box after Harry had asked about the possibility. Handing the money over Harry received the broom and put in an inside pocket of his cloak where it'd be safe.

Walking out of the store to go next door he got a few gawks from the kids that had watched him buy the broom. Harry had to hide a smile as he moved through them to the store he had originally planned to go to.

Stark's Herbs and Potion Ingredients, Harry eyed the sign as he went into the musty store. It was a dark and dank little store but it was one of the best. A few witches could be seen in the store as well when he entered. Quietly Harry looked for his ingredients picking up what he also needed to replenish his supply, knowing he would probably be making other potions over the summer.

Looking at his list he found the last ingredient and moved to the counter where a middle aged woman waited. "Find everything ok?"

"Yes thank you." Said Harry nicely, he was in a really good mood now after buying that broom. Going through with his Godfather's wish had kind of lifted something off his heart. He smiled and paid the man and gathered his bag, not bothering to shrink this one, as it was light, he left the store.

Harry sighed and looked at his watch he had around another two hours. He glanced around at a few stores hoping to find something that could possibly help with his wanting to improve his magic and skills.

Magical Relics of the Ages and More, Harry looked at the elegant sign that was written in silver against a black back ground. "Interesting..." murmured Harry to himself before walking into the dark store. Inside Harry had to let himself adjust to the dark room before moving around, there were only a few candles posted on the walls. Harry looked at curious cases that held majestic looking relics that shinned silver and gold. His eyes rested on a large black cloak that was held up magically and had 'Dust Away' charms on it. He touched the soft fabric that seemed to ripple at his touch.

"Ah! What ar-" an elderly man yelped but stopped looking at the cloak in amazement as it suddenly rippled on its own and began to change; designs on it formed becoming prominent and elegant. "It's yours! Take it! You have no need to pay! That damned thing has been in this store for as long as I've had it!" said the elderly man relieved to be rid of the thing as he pulled it down and shoved it in Harry's arms.

"Thanks..." said Harry confused, "...I think." He looked at his cloak that had green, gold, silver, and red thread in it now lacing into leaves and elegant designs of a language that he didn't understand.

"Why your Harry Potter..." said the man slightly astonished, "What has brought you to my humble little shop.

"Curiosity." Admitted Harry looking around still.

"Ah well look around as much as you please, its not that often we get youngsters in here like you. And of all! Harry Potter!" the elderly man smiled brightly at Harry his old gray eyes knowing, before turning to go attend something else his long beard and hair trailing with the sudden movement as he went.

Harry let the cloak fall over one of his arms before turning to look at other things. Through out the shop there were swords, knives (quiet a display and variety), wands even, gloves, other different cloaks, and many different relics that had family emblems on them. He blinked when he looked up from a set of throwing knives that he had seriously been thinking of buy because he was curious about the hobby, and found himself looking at a full scale set of hunting gear, or that's what he thought it was. In the set there was a tall black wooden long bow with silver laced into the wood, much like his broom, and a set of matching arrows, a set of black handled throwing knives with red laced into the black wood now, a sword with green leather and black wood for its hilt, and finally a pair of fine black hand gear (for the bow and arrows, and just plain gloves) that had gold lacing. He was drawn to this set for some reason he looked at the cloak over his arm then the set. The resemblance was remarkable.

Without thinking his arm reached out to touch the swords hilt, he heard the protests of the elderly man but kept his hand out. Finally he touched it, a wind seemed to blow, the distant sound of chimes came to Harry that soon filled the room. The old man had gone silent as he watched the items glow.

"You're the one! Finally! I've had these just as long as that damn cloak! But I'm afraid you'll have to pay for all of that." Said the wizened, "But of course I'll lower the price seeing as they seem to find you to be their owner.

Harry looked up startled, this was all strange to him, but strange things seemed to happen to him all too often, and that particular day they seemed to be adding up. "I'll take them, -"

"Of course you will! I wouldn't let you leave the place with out them!" exclaimed the elder.

"I'm going to look around a bit more though..." finished Harry chuckling as he turned away to look at a few more things.

He looked at a few things as he walked by a crystal wand that caught his eye but he moved on uninterested. He glanced at another sword that curved near the end giving it a very menacing point that Harry would have never wanted to come in contact with. Looking at another set of emblems that caught his eye he didn't recognize anything.

A small chime told Harry that someone else had just entered the store. He glance over his shoulder and recognized Draco's slick blonde hair. He ducked before he looked in Harry's direction; the store keeper noticed and went to keep Draco busy.

"I'm sorry that's not for sale." Said the elder man later on to Draco who was looking at the set Harry was going to buy.

"And why wouldn't it be old man." Said Draco in a slick voice making Harry pause and looked back from where he crouched.

The old man began to fumble with his words as Draco towered over his bent body, Harry straighten, "Because I'm buying it."

Draco spun on his heel startled by Harry's voice and glared at him, "Why would you buy this shabby old stuff?"

Harry raised an eyebrow, "You seemed interested in it...so do you really think it's shabby?"

Draco glared at Harry, "What are you doing Diagon Alley Potter? I always thought you hid away during the summers." He drawled referring to his slipping away from Voldemort at his last confrontation.

"Oh so this is a question game?" asked Harry curiously not phased at all by Draco's words.

Draco only glared then looked back at the old man edging away, "I'm going to by this set. What does it cost?"

Before the man could answer Harry did for him, "It's not for sale Draco or do you not understand those words?"

"Shut up Potter." Harry rolled his eyes and watched as Draco reached out for the sword as Harry had done; only Draco pulled back suddenly with a yelp.

"I don't think the sword likes you..." said Harry laughing almost.

"Shut up Potter." Repeated Draco glaring at him now.

Harry laughed and looked down at the cloak in his hand, though he knew he'd burn up for this he threw it on over what he was already wearing. "They belong to me Draco so leave if there is nothing else you find interesting."

Draco raised his eye brows at this, "Are you challenging me Potter?"

Harry raised his chin, "For one you aren't worth challenging, and another do you really think you could do anything?" Harry looked down at one of the glass boxes, inside was a glowing sphere, Ok it wasn't doing that earlier...rang Harry's thoughts. Silently it phased through the glass and rose in the air, a glove inside followed and stopped in front of Harry.

"Put the glove on boy!" said the shop keeper receiving a glare from Draco who looked close to hitting the man.

"Don't touch him." said Harry pulling the glove on and let sphere float above the circle in the gloves design.

Draco looked back at Harry now and pulled out his wand and mutter a spell before Harry could react. Raising his hand as if to guard himself the spell was absorbed by the sphere.

"Oh...I like that..." said Harry with satisfaction looking down at the glove.

"You can't save him Potter!" said Draco his wand pointed at the shop keeper.

"Nooo!" Harry instinctively threw the small glowing ball as the curse or hex was released from Draco's wand. The small ball paused in front of the old man and took the spell before returning to Harry who had his wand out. "You will not harm him." He said his voice dripping in force and command, "Leave, now."

Draco paused before sheathing his wand and glaring at Harry on his way out. Most likely to go complain to someone about his Heroism, there was going to be more between them the next year then Harry would like.

"I'll take this too." Said Harry with a small smile looking up at the man who was looking at him like he was a god.

"Of course! Of course!" said the old man with a smile.

Harry moved to the counter to pay for his things which added up to 200 gallons, much less then he would have originally paid for them, he figured it had something to do with saving the mans life.

Now sweltering he pulled the cloak off and wrapped the 'set,' the name he had given it for the time, in it with an exception of the knives and gloves which he place in one of his many pockets. Along with the metallic glove and sphere, that wasn't glowing now.


"No, thank you Mr. Potter..." the elder man watched Harry leave with a smile.

Harry looked back at the store as he left now curious as to why Draco, of all people, had come in. Yeah Harry had gone in himself but Draco wasn't the type. At least he didn't seem to be in Harry's mind.

Harry looked down at his watch, he had spent over and hour in the place, he decided to get something to eat before heading back to the house. Finding a small pub that he found suitable he ordered a chicken sandwich and some pumpkin juice to go with it.

Pulling out a random mini book he reversed the shrinking charm and returned it to its normal size. He looked down at the book; Harry had pulled out Animagic in the Complexity by: Dores Fieldworth. He flipped through it quietly just to get an idea; he'd stop at a few pages curious about pictures he saw. He stopped when his food was delivered to his table. Shutting the book he gazed out the window thinking as he ate. He looked down at his food then jumped when someone tapped on the window where he was sitting; he hadn't even noticed the shadow. Cursing himself he reminded himself that he had to be aware like Dumbledore had asked.

Harry found Hermione staring through the window at him, her hands on her hips looking slightly annoyed. She said something, but all Harry got was a mumble through the window. He motioned for her to come in.

Suddenly there was a small pop and Hermione was standing there looking at Harry still just as sternly. "Hey, 'mione."

"We've been looking for you everywhere! Gosh we thought you had fallen off the face of the earth!" she exclaimed sitting across from him. "This book is huge! And you say I read a lot."

Harry laughed, "I just bought it, along with a few others. I'm doing some research this summer."

"Research you say?" Hermione looked at the title, "You're not really?"

Harry nodded, "I need every advantage I can get..."

Hermione nodded quietly, "You need to get back to your house ASAP before you get murdered by a few of your own friends."

"What's wrong with everyone? I can take care of myself!"

"Harry...You know...It's just..." she sighed, "Someone will be getting you with in the hour at your house. Just a warning." With a small pop she disapperated right in front of him.

Harry sighed; finishing his dinner he picked up his things and returned to his room at the Dursley's. Dropping his load on to his bed, his cloak soon following, he made sure everything was as he had left it, and it was. He turned and left the room, they'd be eating at this time, and now was the time to answer there questions, if the had any.

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