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-Chapter 6-

Discoveries and Learning

"Harry…Harry…" a distant voice registered with Harry's tired mind, as did the constant shaking but he chose not to respond.

"Ugh…Sod off…" Harry rolled away from the persistent voice of Hermione and pulled the enormous covers over his head.

"Harry!" the covers were ripped from his body and grasp.

"Damn 'Mione!" Harry leapt out of the bed, landing on the opposite side from Hermione, and grabbed the blanks back to cover his hardly clothed body.

"Sorry!" Hermione squeaked turning away quickly as her cheeks started to burn bright red. "I've been trying to wake you up for five minutes…We're going to miss breakfast if you don't hurry up."

Harry was jumping into a pair of pants as she talked, "Ok I'm decent…"

Hermione turned back around to find Harry pulling a black tank top over his head, soon after he was pulling on the rest of his school uniform. Hermione picked up his Head Boy badge and tossed it to him.

Harry's Qudditch reflexes helped him easily lash out his hand and catch it. Pinning it on Harry picked up his keys and unlocked the Room of Requirement once more for Alix, Hedwig, and Conan, then he picked his books up and followed Hermione out.

"Sorry about that. I thought you would get up on your own."

Harry smiled slightly looking out of the corner of his eye at Hermione, "There's something about sleeping for a week but not really sleeping that makes you tired."

Hermione glanced at Harry, "Not really sleeping?"

"Yeah." Said Harry simply looking over at his friend as they left the Head Boy's and Girl's dorms.


"I'll tell you guys later. Get Ron, Ginny, and Amaya after classes and bring them up." He leaned in close, "I have something on the Prophesy I think…"

Hermione gave a slight nod but said nothing more.

Harry paused as they walked down the hall after just leaving the stairs, his head turned slightly as his more acute hearing picked up on a familiar voice that he seemed to be dreading. His eyes that had once been full of laughter and kindness instantly grew dark.

Hermione who had been walking ahead turned to find Harry gone suddenly. "Harry?" she spun around and took a complete look at the area. After walking behind a particularly large column and not finding him she let out a sigh and made to go to the Great Hall. It was typical for him to disappear out of no where, it did it often enough over the summer.

From high above Harry sat perched on an out post in front of a window. The voice was growing louder. He began to follow Hermione from above by jumping from windowsill to windowsill, twisting and running along the stone in between. Finally the owner of the voice came into view and paused thirty feet from Great Hall entrance at the sight of Hermione, and then a mischievous grin grew.

"Well if it isn't the Mudblood." Drawled Draco Malfoy making himself known to Hermione.

Hermione kept walking ignoring him.

"Hey Mudblood I was talking to you!" he yelled after searching the area for any teachers, the three who flanked him smirked.

Hermione spun around with dark eyes, "I'd say that's ten points from Slytherin." Above them the sound of the gems could be heard shifting and changing.

Draco's eyes darkened as he caught sight of her badge. "I wouldn't dare do that Granger." He hissed.

"Really. Well I just did." Said Hermione knowingly back just before turning on her heel to walk into the Great Hall.

Harry watched as an angry Draco pulled out his wand from a pocket in his cloak. In a flash of darkness he was moving. Literally running down that wall in a pillars' shadow he landed on a bar holding up a banner which he proceeded to leap off of very cat like and land on his feet in the safety of another shadow. Walking out of the shadows he unsheathed his wand and pointed it directly at Draco, "I wouldn't."

Draco looked over at Harry startled at his sudden appearance. His wand still raised and pointing at Hermione who had turned at Harry's voice, he glanced back and glared at his companions who were looking at Harry wide-eyed. Slowly Draco let his arm fall.

Harry followed a moment later, "Twenty Points from Slytherin for threatening another student and pulling your wand out when their back was turned." The sound of the jewels shifting reached his ears quickly.

Draco's jaw proceeded to drop as did his companions.

"I suggest not threatening anyone when you don't know who may just be hidden in the shadows. Even the shadows of your mind." He whispered only loud enough for his rival to hear.

"Come on Hermione." Said Harry shortly leading her into the Great Hall. As he turned his back on Draco he could hear a hiss from Draco tell him that no one turned their back on him, or so he thought.

Hermione took a seat in between Ron and Harry fuming, "I can't believe he did that!"

Harry looked at his friend, "Draco." Responded Harry to the confused look on Ron's face

"Ah I see." Ron nodded and returned to his food as he listened to Hermione's ranting on Draco's idiocy and stuck up personality. "You've got to be hungry mate…You haven't eaten in over a week." Claimed Ron minutes later still stuffing food into his own mouth.

"Well I'm not…"

Ron and Hermione glanced at each other before returning to their own food with small sighs.

"Schedules." Professor McGonagall's voice rang.

Harry took the three of theirs, "Here..." he passed the two their own schedules and then proceeded in opening his own.

A soft groan came from Ron, "We have Advanced Defense with everyone…"

"What's wrong with that? It obviously means we have a small group of people who have the skills for the class…" said Hermione.

"I was hoping we wouldn't have to deal with the Slytherins…"

"Probably won't be many in there Ron, besides worry more about Advanced Potions, we have it double on Thursday morning, with the Slytherins…" said Harry looking at his own schedule.

Ron groaned again, "Excellent…"

"Look at it this way Ron…At least in Defense you can beat up on them if you're partnered with them." This issued a squeak of slight disgust from Hermione as she listened to Harry but she didn't say anything, she knew she felt the same way but still. In her mind Harry was Head Boy and she Head Girl, they shouldn't think like that. "Come on guys we have Defense first then we are with Hagrid before lunch." Said Harry standing.

The others followed and the trio proceeded to make their way out of the hall. "Who's the new Professor anyways?" asked Harry after they had left the hall remembering he had missed the feast the night before.

"Professor Sinister…" answered Hermione automatically.

"Rumor is that he's an elf." Mentioned Ron as they came up on the classroom.

Walking into the classroom Harry was reminded of his second year when the dueling club had been started. The desks were pushed to the sides of the classroom so they faced the wall and a long black carpet stretched the length of the room, starting a few feet from the door and going to a far desk.

"Look familiar?" questioned Harry dropping his things on a desk in the back of the room that wasn't occupied or surrounded.

Ron smiled slightly, "Looks like we'll be dueling today." He dropped his things on Harry's left and Hermione was beside him.

Harry nodded as he looked around at the other students. Many of them were from the D.A. that Harry had continued the year before, and would most likely continue this year. There were a few Slytherins there, which included Draco whom smirked at Harry's entrance.

"Quiet down class…" came a man's voice as he appeared out of thin air making them all jump in surprise.

"I thought Apparating wasn't possible on Hogwarts grounds." Drawled Draco looking at the six foot seven, black haired teacher.

"It isn't." the man's sharp blue eyes trained on Draco, "But Phasing is." He stated simply, "Only certain beings can accomplish Phasing, can anyone tell me what kind?" he looked around the class.

A hand quietly rose, this time not Hermione's for a change. "Yes Amaya…" the Professor smiled at her.

"Only elves can accomplish Phasing. It is something they are born with the knowledge of and can do it with in their first year of life but often parents bind that power so they can't slip away into trouble. Usually the bind diminishes as the child gets older and more powerful." She paused, "It is also said that the legendary Bane's can Phase, but they have been gone to long for the truth to be known about them. Very little about them is in texts, if any are alive today they are normally mistaken for sorcerers."

"Correct you are Amaya." He smiled slightly at her. "Five points to Gryffindor. Later on this year we will be studying more about other beings, such as, elves and the mystic Banes."

"I thought she was in-" started a confused Ron only to be cut off by Amaya herself.

"Gryffindor yes…I can choose to be invisible to certain peoples' eyes when I want…I'm a seventh year like you Ron." Finished Amaya in a quiet voice after she had edged towards them.

"There is only one other person in this room that I know who can Phase." Said the Professor looking around the room.

"Don't tell me it's Potter…" groaned Draco quietly, but not quietly enough.

"No it is not Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy, but my cousin Amaya. She, like me, is an elf." There were many murmurs following that.

Something clicked in Harry's mind. Looking up Harry listened as Professor Sinister started to explain what they would be doing that year, besides dueling, which was obviously seen and planned for that day; he stopped suddenly raising a hand he looked at Draco, "I advise not to try hexing a person behind their back Mr. Malfoy. I don't find it honorable." Harry turned to find a glowing hex floating feet from his back, "I advise especially not to try in my presence; you seem to under estimate me and my abilities; which I assure you are far more advanced then yours." With a twist of his wrist the glowing hex vanished in a curl of colored smoke. "But since you seem so eager to duel how about you step up, and Mr. Potter would you join him."

"Professor-" Hermione began.

"Mrs. Granger I am sure everything will be just fine." Finished the Professor looking at her slightly worried face.

Harry stepped forward onto the cleared strip and Draco followed shortly looking slightly nervous as to the fact he would have to duel Harry with actual rules.

"I was informed that last year you were introduced to the basics of dueling and I am sure you know of the rules so begin when you find it proper." He stepped back and a wall surrounded Harry and Draco that would protect the other students from any stray spells, "But mind you, that if it gets out of hand it will be stopped immediately."

Harry smirked as he raised his wand and gave only the slightest bow, Draco was looking annoyed.

Dropping into his duel stance, with one hand sweeping back behind him for balance and his legs bent Harry brought his wand up. Draco fell into his own stance and attack immediately. Harry had his shield up at the sound of Draco's voice, though the spell didn't come close to hitting him.

"Incendium 1!" Harry threw back a fire hex and successfully singed a hole in Draco cloak and burned his arm. They traded several hexes and curses, but it only seemed to be Draco that got injured, he hadn't caught onto the shield idea like Harry. Often enough when Harry summoned a reflecting shield Draco was hit by his own curses.

Minutes later Harry was hit with a sting hex that had slipped through a weak part of his shield causing it to collapse as the sudden pain averted his mind. Malfoy then hit him with the same fire hex Harry had used on him minutes before and this hit Harry in the chest like it had during their duel just over a week before. Harry yelped in pain and rubbed the spot before sending Draco sailing across the room with his Farnox spell.

Approaching the fallen Draco Harry held his wand trained on him. He stepped back and waited before Draco to accept defeat, but he never did.

"Perificus Totalus!" Harry twisted away from the spell and danced back away from Draco.

"Silenco!" Harry hit Draco fully in the chest.

Draco tried saying something but he was muted, glaring at Harry he raised his wand. Reading his lips Harry knew what was coming 'Mordondo'

Harry brought his shield up, but was too late. The curse hit him and he fell back just like he had before, in pain. Everything was disoriented to him; up and down, side to side didn't have any meaning. Draco approached his wand trained on him with a smirk like he had in the street.

Harry's memories flashed between the street encounter and what was happening to him then. He could faintly hear Professor Sinister calling Draco off, but Draco didn't listen.

Glaring back at Draco with gritted teeth he yelled out freeing himself of the spell and sent Draco flying back into the shield at the far end of the strip. He approached the fallen boy and released his silence charm on him.

"You ever…ever do that again you won't know what hit you." Hissed Harry sheathing his wand and walking off the strip away from Draco.

"I'm not done with you Potter!"

Harry spun around, "Malfoy, you'll never be done until you're stopped and that time hasn't come now has it?" this silenced Draco.

The quiet room was interrupted buy Amaya who was approaching Harry, "You're bleeding…" she said quietly.

"Yeah I'll live…" he shoved something in his bag.

"Come here…unless you want to go to the Hospital Wing with Malfoy." Said Amaya looking up as her Uncle addressed Draco fiercely about not listening to his command to stand down.

Harry's eyes shot up and he walked over to Amaya with no complaint. Ron and Hermione flanked him like shadows.

Amaya brought up her wand and healed Harry for the most part where he had been burned; she looked around at everyone for a moment then brought her hand up and healed him faster that way. She blushed slightly as people gasped; she wasn't one who enjoyed receiving a lot attention.

"Thanks…" Harry touched the place where she had healed him.

"No problem, it's in our nature…"

Harry nodded.

"Class is dismissed." Professor Sinister's voice rang out over the classes murmurs.

Hermione, Ron, and Harry left the classroom leaving Amaya behind to speak with the Professor about something she had not mentioned to them. "Let's go to Hagrid's…" growled Harry darkly shoving his way out of the room and parting the people. Though it wasn't that hard, they were willing to get out of Harry's way.

Hermione and Ron followed with out question, as they left the school and stepped onto the dark cloudy grounds their hands linked. The grounds were quiet and damp from a recent rain. As a shadow passed over them the couples head jerked up to look at the sky.

"Its only Conan…" the two relaxed at Harry's words.

"Looks like it could rain…" mentioned Hermione randomly avoiding the silence.

Harry nodded but didn't look back at either of them; he was beginning to think the weather always reflected his mood.

The muggy air seemed to hold the present tension like it was water itself. Sitting on a boulder near Hagrid's home Harry leaned back thinking as Conan arrived.

'You seem occupied…' mentioned Conan stretching his wings once more before closing them.

'Very….' Replied Harry quietly in his thoughts.

In silence the trio and Conan sat waiting for the other class members to arrive. Hagrid approached the four from the forest carrying a basket of some sort.

"I see yeh've been taken care of me present." Said Hagrid with a wide grin.

Harry looked up and gave Hagrid a small nod and smile, "His name is Conan…"

Hagrid gave a small nod, "I've got an interesting class fer yeh today."

Harry nodded watching Conan "Who do we have this class with?" asked Harry looking up as other people approached them, coming down the hill.

Ron pulled his schedule out of his pocket and groaned quietly…

His face reflecting no emotion Harry closed his eyes then opened them slowly, "If I see Malfoy again after this class he'll turn up in the hospital wing most likely." Said Harry standing up again as the other Gryffindors approached. Hermione looked surprised by the look in Harry's eyes that told her what he said was no lie nor threat, it would happen.

"Nice job with Malfoy." Said Seamus slapping Harry on the back.

Harry gave a small nod his face still void of any emotion, "He had it coming."

"I'll bet he did…" said Neville coming up to the trio; he looked at Conan timidly who sat beside Harry.

Dean stepped up between Seamus and Neville, he looked at Conan curiously, "What's that?"

Conan looked up at being addressed then stood completely, "This is Conan…" said Harry off handedly not really thinking any thing of it.

"That thing has a name." came an annoying voice from behind the Gryffindors, everyone turned.

Pansy Parkinson came sauntering up to the group sneering at a growling Conan. "What is he your protection Potter?"

Harry's eyes darkened, Hermione stepped away from Ron and took Harry's elbow warning him. "Do you want to join Malfoy in his death wish or something?"

Pansy smirked, "You would hurt me you're Head Boy…unless you want to be expelled." He drawled.

Harry smirked making Pansy's vanish. "Oh I won't hurt you, but I think he would…" he pointed to Conan. "He has a mind of his own; he only chooses to stay with me."

Crabbe and Goyle came up to stand beside Pansy defensively.

"Have your own body guards?" inquired Hermione.

"Shut up Mudblood."

Conan's growl deepened.

A loud bell from the castle told the students that class was to start. "Ok now class…" Hagrid came forward bringing the near fight to a mere glaring competition. "Today I have a small surprise fer yeh." He picked up the basket once more.

Harry touched Conan's head lightly, 'Go on…I'll see you after dinner…'

Quietly Conan glared at the newly arrived Malfoy and Pansy who were standing beside each other in between Crabbe and Goyle before vanished in a wisp of black smoke.

Hagrid peeled back a black cloth that had been covering the basket's contents from view. Inside were black lizards and snakes, small gasps came from several people. "I've got some Elementals." He pulled out a black snake that curled around his wrist quietly but made mo move to bit him. "Elementals are now only found in these black snakes and lizards, but there are few other animals that have the elemental ability but they are much to hard to come by in large numbers like this. They are intelligent creatures and won' bite their owner, only those who might threaten them." He set the basket on the large boulder that Harry had once been sitting on. "Yeh each are gettin' one fer the year. If yeh take good care of it, it'll continue to stay with yeh but if yeh don' it'll leave ya. If yeh still have it by then end of the year yeh will be guaranteed good marks on your N.E.W.T.s." Hagrid paused looking at the students, "All righ' now…If yeh come forward here. Jus' put yeh're hand here in the basket they'll choose yeh."

No one moved, "Well come on now!" encouraged Hagrid hopefully.

Quietly Hermione stepped forward and put her hand into the basket nervously. She squeaked in surprised as a lizard crawled up on to her hand then proceeded to crawl up her arm.

"Ver' good Hermione!"

Quietly now the students lined up, Neville went next; another lizard crawled up his arm. Dean got a snake, as did Seamus. Draco received a lizard, Pansy got a snake to her dislike, Crabbe and Goyle both received lizards like Draco.

Ron put his hand in the nearly empty basket quietly very glad there were no spiders in it. A lizard crawled on to his arm. Amaya appeared out of no where at his side surprising him, he jerked out his hand quickly in surprise, "Bloody Hell Amaya you're going to give me a heart attack one day!"

Amaya smiled, "Sorry Ron." She put her hand in the basket and brought it out quietly with a snake tangled in it.

Harry smiled at the two and looked down in the basket, he was the last in line, he would either get a snake or a lizard or course, and that was all that was left. In silence he put his hand in the basket; it wasn't long before the last snake coiled onto his wrist.

"Now tha' yeh'll got yer Elementals I want ter ask, do any of yeh know anythin' about 'em?"

Hermione's hand came up quietly like usual. "They are highly intelligent creatures, only some can communicate with their masters, but that usually doesn't happen until it has been with its owner for a long time and the owner is willing to speak with it. Also once they have chosen their Master in hour's time at the least they will choose their element. Often the element they chose will reflect their Master's personality, and often their scales or fur have a pattern or color that matches that element."

"Righ' you are Hermione. Five points ter Gryffindor."

The rest of the class Hagrid explained how to care for the Elementals and told them that they were allowed to go any where with them, as they wouldn't get very large until after they had made their decision to stay with them.

Harry slipped away from the class quietly, he had actually read about them in one of the books he had gotten over the summer. He looked down at the snake that was coiled around his left wrist, its head rested quietly in his palm. Harry crawled up onto a large boulder by the lake and stared out across the waters thinking. He gently touched the scales of the snake. It would either take the element of fire, water, or light. It was very unlikely that it would take the element of earth because that could only be held in the hands of a wizard or a very magical being.

With a yelp Harry pulled his hand back from the snake and looked down at his finger, there was only a small red spot on the tip of his ring finger where he had been touching the snake. He looked at the snake that hadn't moved. But slowly Harry watched as the scales of the snake started to change to form a pattern that had a blood red mixed into it. Harry looked up again at the waters of the lake then back down at the snake that had a diamond pattern of a very dark red and black on it.

"You need a name I suppose…" Harry smiled to himself, he had yet another pet to take care of, but then Alix, Conan, and Hedwig could take care of themselves, and Harry was sure this snake could as well.

Letting his thoughts wonder the past summer came to mind and with that came Ginny, the new prophesy, and the thought of him being a sorcerer. But Ginny stuck there in his mind. They had spent a lot of time together of the summer and had gotten to know each other even better. Harry had even started to train her in apperating and what he had learned on the sword so far. Secretly he was hoping it'd become something more then friendship.

Footfalls from not to far off told Harry that someone was coming, twisting around he saw no one. Confused Harry stood and leapt off the boulder and started to make his was towards the school again. Though he could actually see invisibility charms and cloaks he wasn't very sure if this person was using that kind of magic. Harry knew just by the fact he couldn't seem them that the person was powerful and didn't want to encounter them if he couldn't see them.

Slipping into the school Harry heard the bell signaling for lunch. He wasn't all the hungry, strangely, but he'd get something to eat. He was one of the first to arrive in the Great Hall so he took a seat by himself at the Gryffindor table and started to eat some.


Harry jerked his head up so fast in surprise it hurt his neck, he found a furious Hermione standing across the table. "What?"

"Where did you go?" she hissed sitting down across from him with Ron.

He shrugged in reply, "No where."

Hermione glared at him a moment longer but said nothing more, she only muttered incoherently under her breath about his unusual disappearances lately.

Ron was looking at his schedule once more, "I've got a free class after this." He smiled brightly.

"I have Advanced Arithmancy next." Said Hermione just as brightly, she enjoyed Arithmancy a lot, just as much as Defense Against the Dark Arts.

"I have Ancient Runes." Said Harry looking up from the food he had started to push around his plate once more. "I'm going to go…" he picked up his bag with one hand and left before the other two could say anything.

Hermione looked at Ron, "I'm worried about Harry, Ron…I really am."

"I know 'Mione…I am to." Ron linked his hand in to hers.

Harry survived through Ancient Runes easily and came up with a name for his Elemental; he gave him the simple name of Rune. His scales reminded him a lot of the Runes of fire he was looking at during that particular class.

He arrived at dinner early like he had lunch and took a seat only to push his food around his plate. Shortly, before anyone else had arrived he left once more. Food was just not something he could deal with at the moment. He wanted to practice.

He ran to the Head Common room and dove through the entrance as it was still shifting. A flash of lighting and the immediate roll of thunder told Harry a storm was brewing. Alix and Hedwig sat on their respective perches eyeing Harry as he walked in and shut the door behind himself. Throwing open his trunk he pulled out his weapons, cloak, and the glove and sphere. Taking off his school robes he stood surveying his things in his khaki pants and black tank. Quietly he strapped on the sword, then the knives, the arrows he pulled on the fingerless glove that belonged to the sphere (it was the first time he had touched it since he had used it against Draco) and the other guards, and finally he pulled the cloak over his shoulders and picked up the bow before heading down the stairs of his trunk to the practice room. The meeting he had planned forgotten.

In silence he trained against a magical opponent he had discovered how to summon in his book on weaponry a night before he had collapsed.

He could hear a faint voice calling his name but he paid no heed to it. Throwing off the cloak it floated off to the side. His arms glistened with sweat as he continued. The bluish summoned opponent continued on fighting hard. Harry would tire but this opponent would never tire or die unless he stabbed it through where the heart should be or took off his head and maybe a leg. If it lost and arm it usually just used the other hand. This would train Harry for a real fight, some opponents wouldn't continue after a severe injury, some would. He needed to be ready for the latter. Unlike the clear-bluish figure he fought Harry could get injured. That was what his healing potions, sphere, and wand were for.

Harry had discovered that the sphere absorbed magic like it was food. It grew stronger with each thing it absorbed as well, but it never grew in size only in strength. He had yet to discover what else it could do though. He hadn't had the time to experiment with it lately. Only when he practiced. Using it to distract his opponent to drain it's energy and weaken it a sudden voice made him jump and the sphere flew away from his fighting form, it attacked fiercely. Harry brought his sword up and a squeak of surprise made him look in that direction.

A slash across his arm made him yell out in pain. His opponent had brought his sword down when Harry hadn't been looking and had only sliced the upper part of his arm because Harry had moved. Spinning around Harry pulled a dagger from its sheath in his belt and threw it. Planting itself in the figures head Harry ushered the sphere forward and absorbed the spell. His opponent disappeared instantly.

Wincing he looked over at his right arm where he had been cut and pulled a potion from his belt and let some run over it. The wound came back together in a few moments and the pain was gone. Now Harry took the time to turn and find Hermione her jaw slack in awe as Harry's new found abilities.

"One rule, if you ever see me working like this don't say a word until my opponent has been disabled or is gone." Said Harry firmly replacing his sword in his sheath. As he bent down to pick up the thrown dagger Hermione finally found her voice.

"Sorry, everyone's looking for you. Everyone as in me, Ron, and Ginny, maybe Amaya by now if Ron let her in like I asked."

Harry nodded and picked up his fallen cloak, staff, and bow. Walked over to the shooting range, as he had come to know it as he pulled out the three arrows he had used. "Can you ask the others to go get there things and bring them down here. You all have some learning to do."

Hermione opened her mount then closed it and finally after making up her mind on what to say she spoke, "First I thought you were going to discuss the Prophesy, another when and where did get this trunk and…everything!?"

Harry laughed, "I will talk about the Prophesy later on, for now I want to teach you all what I've learned this summer. Though it may not be much. Second I got this trunk in Diagon Alley over the break my other wasn't holding everything anymore. As for where it all came from.." he shrugged. "I even have a Room of Requirement and things I don't even own turn up in there. I read about the alter dimensions of the rooms and areas like the Room of Requirement and discovered that when things turned up in the rooms they are usually in the owners possession. But things I'm not sure I own turn up…"

Hermione's eyebrows rose slowly at his explanation impressed.

"What's that look for?" retorted Harry replacing all that things that had been knocked out of the way.

"I-it…well…I'm surprised that's all."

"Hermione you're not the only one who reads a lot now. I have a new collection of books. I'll have to show them to you later."

"Ok!" squeaked Hermione excited about the thought of being able to read new books she had most likely never seen.

"Now go get the others and have them meet down here, and do ask them to no be seen by the other students."

Hermione nodded and left quickly climbing up the stairs.

Harry left the trunk momentarily and opened his personal Room of Requirement, he wanted/needed water. Finding himself in a room that contained several shelves of books and a cabinet that contained both food and bottles of water (the bottles surprised even him). Harry grabbed a six pack of the water and left the room. Opening up his practice room again he went back down to wait for the others as he started the process of draining his first bottle of water. Putting a chilling spell on them so they would stay cold Harry left them on the marbled area.

Hermione arrived shortly after Harry had taken his seat against the far wall to enjoy his water. Her arms laden with the things she had gotten from Conan's shop she looked for a place to put them. With a flick of his wand Harry summoned a table for Hermione and three others for the soon to be arrivals.

Hermione looked back at Harry sitting on the floor, "Did you just do Wordless magic?"

Harry looked up at Hermione with out moving his head, only his eyes, he had water in his mouth and the bottle was an inch from his lips now. "I…w-well…" he shut his mouth. Harry had indeed developed the ability over the summer as his magic grew. He never became aware of it until he started to do more magic around his friends. It had felt odd saying the incantations aloud, only then did he realize that he hadn't been speaking them for the past days; rather he had been thinking them. Recently he had started to develop an ability with wandless magic, it wasn't strong yet but it was growing. He figured it had to do something with its becoming a sorcerer. Sighing mentally as he remembered his being a becoming sorcerer he started to become agitated with the thought of Dumbledore knowing he was becoming a sorcerer some how and not tell him everything.

"You know how hard it is to leave the common room and get up here with out being seen!?" exclaimed an annoyed Ron and he came down the stairs his arms just as full as Hermione's had been.

Having arrived just in time Harry didn't say anything more on the subject Hermione had brought up. Who was shooting daggers at Harry and giving him the look we-will-talk-about-this-later. Harry only rolled his eyes and got a snort of annoyance from Hermione. Harry watched as Ginny and Amaya also placed their things on the other tables.

"Spread them out if you will." Said Harry, "I want to see all that you got."

The four did as they were asked, once they were all looking back at him Harry climbed to his feet slowly. He looked at the four waiting on what he was going to say or do. "I do not think these things were meant to be 'just for show' as some call it." He began quietly; three of them noticed the change and difference in him immediately. "We will need to use them some time and I'm sure some of you don't know how to use all the weapons despite what we did this summer." A small smiled played on his lips. "And I hope to teach you just how to do more. But first I need to see what you all have." He finished glancing at Hermione's table.

Walking over to it he began to look over her things of the purest white. He noticed the lily wasn't there but he said nothing of it. Of the weapons she had received through the prophesy were just the same as Harry's almost. Only she did not have daggers, instead there was a odd crystal block that was several inches long. Her weapons were just like Harry's only they were made of pure white wood that could have easily rivaled a unicorn's hide. Only the veins that weaved through out these weapons were only a very dark blue. There was also the staff he had shoved into her hands that day. As well as a new wand that was a pure white. The black pouch with the strange powder was present as well. A single white glove with only the fingertips cut off, and odd designs on it caught his eye. He didn't touch it though. Looking at the last few things she had gathered that included a small silver banded ring, a pendent, an odd looking key, and finally a clear container containing a strange silver liquid.

Harry nodded before moving on to Ron's table.

Ron had two swords. One was a broad and very long ancient looking sword, the hilt curved up so it shielded his fighting arm and could cause as much damage as the rest of the blade. The hilt area curved around a red gem that he soon noticed belonged to the eye of a carved dragon's head. The other sword that belonged to the weapons was very similar to Harry's in the shape and size. Only the wood of the hilt was different and had, like all the other weapons, a mysterious veined wood. The wood was a gray color that looked like it had once belonged to a gray willow, like one they had on the grounds, with in this wood gold weaved in small patterns and veins. All of his other weapons were made out of the same wood. He had daggers like Harry, a short bow, and a pair of gloves and hand gear. Other things he had picked up included an elegant dagger, a small leather pouch containing something Harry did not know of, a long handled ax, and the last thing he looked at was a glove that had held in it four spheres similar to Harry's one. Raising an eyebrow in curiosity he looked over at Hermione thinking suddenly.

"Did you look up anything on the wood?"

Hermione's eye's snapped in his direction from where they had been elsewhere. "Oh what?" she paused, "Yeah-"

Harry's hand was up silencing her, "Tell us after I've looked through the rest." Hermione snapped her jaw shut annoyed.

Next was Amaya's table. She had various different things on it. All her items were of a silver wood, a noticeable difference from the gray that Ron had, and red veins flowed through these. She had the same weapons as Harry did, the only difference in hers was the sword. It had a very slight curve to it, it was an Elvin sword. It had a very deadly look to it. Among her items she had a deadly curving dagger, another sword much like the one from her 'set,' but it looked much more worn and used, and he assumed it belonged to her. She also had a tall black staff, a potion sat beside that in a large vial, a strange silver device sat hidden and small amidst the things she had, it was a cube that appeared to be made of a silver water like material, looking away he found several other things on the table. His eyes skimmed over a pendent, a pouch, and landed on a deadly looking staff that had two blades at the ends, eyeing that he found an identical spear beside it and several others that matched even that single one.

Walking past he found himself at Ginny's table. Granting her a small smile he looked at her things. She her items were of the darkest black like Harry's, only embedded in these weapons were green veins that glowed ever so slightly. She had a katana in her set, as well as a crossbow rather then the bow that the other four had. She also had obtained a staff and a new wand. It was then that Harry realized that with the new wands they would be able to hide their identities. Looking at her various other things he found a pouch similar to Hermione's, another pouch that contained the strange blades, a single black ball that Harry looked at curiously for a moment, a spear, and finally a pendent of her own.

Stepping back, "Now…" he sighed heavily, "I seems that another prophesy has come to land in our hands and he have to grasp it with all that we have in order to keep ahead." His beginning speech was sounding rehearsed to the others. In fact he had been thinking it through for a long time now. "And now we have to train." He pulled out his wand, "I've been reading…a lot…" he looked at Hermione who wasn't surprised really, "I discovered a few handy spells that'll help us train like this on." He relaxed his shoulders back and brought up his wand, "Defendio Persona." A blue misted person appeared and Harry quickly grabbed his staff and hit it on the head before it could start to fight. "You have to kill it or knock it out in order to get rid of it, unless you want to use the counter spell… But I'm not going to tell you that."

Ron's eyebrow rose at that. "There's a shooting range over there." He pointed to the area behind them, "You can practice with your bows and arrows or your wand aim. The targets with absorb what ever spell you send at it." He paused, "Here you can practice on hard ground, and there you can practice in a more neutral area." He spoke of the marble and dirt areas.

"I'll also be teaching you what I've learned, and yes Hermione you can borrow my books."

Hermione's expression brightened at the thought.

"The prophesy on the other hand has to be assessed."

Amaya spoke up for the first time, "That's what this is for." She lifted the vial contain a potion. Harry found it now looked fairly familiar. "This will show us our animagus forms." She then produced another vial that he hadn't seen, "And this will change us."

Curious Harry fell into deep thought, animagus forms were difficult to accomplish, and you had to know of the animal before you could change into them normally.

"Don't worry Harry elves have a different kind of magic, you don't need what your thinking with this certain potion." Said Amaya basically reading his thoughts.

"I see." Quietly he conjured five different cups. "Where did you come up with the Animagus forms idea?" he asked, Harry had pondered on the idea himself. But he had never been truly sure about it.

Alix flew down into the practice arena and perched on a rack.

Amaya settled back on her heels for a moment, "There are five separate animals that will represent each of us I think from what the prophesy said, and I'm guessing we will take on those forms as animagus'." She thought a moment. "I think the items we received hinted to our forms also. Just wait and see." She poured the potion for each of them, "This'll only reveal your form or forms."

"Hermione you first." Said Harry looking at her as she picked up one of the glasses tentatively.

"I…Ok…" closing her eyes briefly before taking the potion, Hermione downed it as quickly as she could to avoid the fowl taste, she winced. A misty gold form of Hermione separated from her body for them all to see. Quickly it started to change, a Unicorn stood before them for a moment then the mist started to compress and a larger then normal owl flew in place with a wingspan wider then Hermione's arms could stretch. The gold mist gave a small spin and reentered Hermione. A deep in take of her breath told them she had felt it physically. "It's like a part of you is ripped away suddenly then returned in a punch." She shook her head and leaned against her table for a moment, Ron walked over to help.

"I'll go next." Said Ginny stepping up slightly. As Hermione had, Ginny took it all down as quickly as she could, wincing at the taste as well. The same golden mist separated from Ginny making her gasp and in a whirl the mist changed quickly and never stopped until it landed on a tiger. Then it entered Ginny again causing her to stagger.

Harry looked at her curiously, "I think you're supposed to be a shape shifter, but the tiger is your main form." He scratched his head, he had read up on shape shifters over the summer in one of his many new books. They were like Metamorphmagus' who could change there appearance, only shape shifters could change into animals, not other humans or people they knew. It was only possible to become a shape shifter, when it wasn't inherited, if an object influenced the gift.

"When did you get tattoos?" asked Ron suddenly eyeing his sister.

The other three were taken aback but the sudden question not sure where Ron had come up with it but Ginny answered calmly, "Those bands I got…I put them on to see what they were like one day and well…Um they don't come off exactly. I think they make me a shape shifter…." Her voice was quite as she answered almost unsure.

Harry nodded, "It makes sense." He lifted his glass, "Bottoms up." He took the potion. The sensation it caused was most unusual. He felt a part of his soul being ripped away but never completely detached from his body. He vaguely watched as his winged lion form appeared then a blur of one he didn't recognize. It was a snake of some sort, larger then most of course. Striking patterns traveled down the length of its body. The coiled snake blurred and became a bird; it took Harry a moment to realize it was a Phoenix. Then the golden mist rotated into spiral of smoke and entered his body making him rock back on his heels. "That is very odd…" his murmur came out more of a thought to himself as he rubbed the spot on his chest where the mist and come and gone.

"What's the difference between a Winged Lion and a Griffon?" asked Ginny contemplating Harry for a moment.

"Several things actually, the appearance for one. I read a while back that the Day Winged Lion is the same as a Griffon, it only given that name because the man who saw the Days and Nights together on their first sighting thought the Day was completely different from the Griffon. Only it isn't, the Night Winged Lion is the different thing, they are also known as the Night Griffon." Said Harry explaining, "I thought of it as well a while before term started. I had to check out Flourish and Blotts because the book I had didn't tell me that."

"Oh…" Ginny nodded, as well as the others as they listened to what he said.

No one said anything after; only Amaya raised her glass and took it down with a grimace. The a silver mist came out of Amaya rather then the gold that had exited the other three. Instead of whom they saw her as a different form appeared. They saw for the first time what she really looked like. The true Amaya was a few inches taller and had much longer black hair that seemed to move on its own, her ears noticeably came to a point, her silver blue eyes where the same, as was her fair skin; however, there was a different look to her, something more regal about this different form. They only saw it for a split second before it became a tall Night Unicorn. It twisted again and became a cat. It was actually a kneazle, none of them actually saw that, only Amaya knew because it was part of her. Following that was something none of them were expecting, Amaya's form changed back to her original appearance before shrinking suddenly to a small fairy. A moment later she was leaning against her table like Hermione had done before.

Ron looked down at his cup quietly, as if he was debating whether he wanted to take it. Hermione leaned over and whispered something in his ear that Harry couldn't hear. A few moments later Ron drank it and shook his head with a disgusted look on his face at the taste. Ron's gold form instantly changed into a dragon, a down sized one, and changed suddenly and he was a larger then normal wolf. The wolf turned and leapt back into Ron's body. "Bloody Hell…" he rubbed his chest.

"It's odd…" Amaya began, "That we all have more then one form, normally the average wizard only has one. It's amazing that Harry and I have three. I don't know how to explain it…" she frowned as she thought.

Hermione piped up after hearing what she said, "I think it's because both you and Harry have higher magical ability then the three of us." She glanced at Harry who was looking at her with a mixture of surprise and uncertainty.

"That makes sense."

Harry glanced over at Amaya before looking around at the other realizing that they now all stood in some what of a circle. "Now you guys have to make the potion."

"What do you mean 'you guys'?" questioned Ginny with narrowed eyes.

"Well you don't of course. And I have some left over from this summer…"

"You mean you changed this summer?" asked Amaya referring to the ability they were all going to have soon.

Harry nodded, "I only have one form. That's my winged lion form." He paused, "All you guys have to do is make the potion, you can do that here if you'd like and research your creature. Though some of them look like they aren't magical they may be. Like your owl Hermione, I think there is something more to it. The same with your wolf Ron."

Silence followed, "Now about-"

A misted form started to appear in the middle of their circle making them all go wide-eyed. Conan was there, there was a sound of him clearing his throat then he began.

The first task of the Prophecy has been completed and the rightful five have knowledge of their first gifts.

"First?" hissed Ron his jaw dropping as he listened.

The gifts of the elementals will be laid on the chosen shoulders: Light, Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. Once more they will live as whole, not in the diminished powers of wizard and witches alike.

Upon the night of the blue moon the five will be revealed to those that need to see.

The old souls of the past will become known in those minds of the chosen if they listen carefully. What has always been there will have a new meaning.

The night of the blue moon.

The war will be laid on the shoulders of one as was done before.

The form of Conan spun around and vanished in a wisp of smoke.

"Was that your friend?" asked Hermione.

"Yes…" said Harry not looking at her but knowing the question was directed towards him.

"We have until Halloween." Stated Amaya, "That's when the next Blue Moon is, seven weeks."

The other four nodded, "We need to get to work." Said Harry. "People are dying constantly and Voldemort is becoming far too powerful. After the Blue Moon that will all change." He looked up at the others his eyes dark, "Lets get to work."

"He speaks of the Great War…" came Amaya out of no where before Harry could begin.

Harry looked up at Amaya, "It has already begun…"

"What?" Ron looked at the two.

"The once separated worlds have come together, though not completely the muggles know about us."

The other four nodded in agreement. "How in the all that is good on this world will we actually convince the separated Houses and the two worlds to come together under one person?" asked Amaya.

"They sure won't listen to 17 year olds…" said Hermione.

"And a 16 year old!" added Ginny, they all laughed.

"They won't know it is us." Harry stood took his cloak off the table he had put it on and threw it over his shoulders, then brought up the hood. "They'll think we are something we aren't."

Ron looked at the cloaks. "We are supposed to be neutral."

Ginny looked at her brother confused. "What?"

"We are all in black, white, and gray. We are all neutral except well Harry…You are the one that's going to lead us all."

Harry's face dropped, "Excellent just what I always wanted…" he grumbled but they couldn't hear.

Harry removed the cloak quietly as Ginny voiced her own thoughts, "So who gets what element and what about these voices?"

"We'll see about the elements tomorrow when we meet, I need time to think on it. As for the voices…" Harry faded off not sure about that part of the prophecy himself.

"Our conscience…" said Ron who blinked surprised with himself, "I don't know where that came from…" he admitted.

The others laughed, "We all have those moments." Said Amaya with a small smiled, "But that does make sense. Maybe there's something more to people's consciences then we think…."

"I'll look in on that." Said Hermione. Silence took to them all as their thoughts took over. "There was another attack in London." Said Hermione looking up again.

Harry shifted, he knew that already.

"Ten muggles were killed and four wizards." She finished.

"There becoming more common every day. The Death Eaters are coming out into the open day light now. They aren't afraid like they used to be. Voldemort has done something to make himself stronger." Said Harry getting odd looks from the others, "The scar remember?" he said literally reading their thoughts of question. "Even when I block him I still feel his emotions, like I feel all of yours."

"You what?" Ginny looked at him sharply.

Harry looked up at them and shut his mouth; he wasn't supposed to say that, "Nothing."

"It's not nothing Harry." Said Hermione annoyed.

"I just can't tell you right now ok." The tension in the room didn't lift at his words that even told Hermione that the conversation she had been hoping to have with him was most likely not going to happen now.

"The feast." Said Ginny leaning forward after drifting away from the moment of the thought the had fallen into after the silence had taken to them again.

They all nodded in agreement. That's when it would happen, and some how they would have to disappear without anyone knowing they were gone.

A yelp from Ron and Hermione made everyone jump, "Ow! The effing lizard bit me!"

"Ron it's sleeping!"

"It still bit me, it could me playing opossum!"

"They don't bite their owners Ron." Said Hermione giving him an exasperated look.

"Well this one does!" Ron peeled it off of his cloak where it had been holding on and held it away from himself.

"Its changing Ron, same happened with my snake." Said Amaya holding up a now black and white snake.

"Watch its scales." Said Harry.

Hermione looked at her own lizard, "I have water…"

"Well mines red…" said Ron looking at his lizard.

"I guess I'm the only one who got light." Said Amaya looking at her snake.

"Hey these can probably help us figure out what elements we have!" exclaimed Ron.

"Yeah Ron that'll work really well considering you and Harry have the same one!" retorted Hermione looking at her boy friend skeptically.

Ron looked at little crestfallen at Hermione's answer.

"He's not entirely wrong…" said Amaya. "I obviously have Light. You might have water."

Hermione thought a moment, "Possibly we'll have to wait and see though I guess…"

Harry sighed and stood, "Were getting side tracked." He amused smile eased them, as they had thought the was upset before. "Training starts tonight and will be every night, except those that we have Qudditch practice." He nodded to Ron. One advantage to Harry's becoming Head Boy was that he knew Ron would get to be Qudditch captain. Ron had become much more skilled in the Keeper position the year before and was still a good strategist, something that was required in a Captain and that Harry didn't have a lot of in the Qudditch field. He only really paid attention to his part and only his part.

"When are try outs any way?" asked Ginny looking at her brother.

"Oh next Thursday, we are let out of classes early for something or another the teacher have to attend to." He shrugged.

"Ok now that that useful piece of information if out of the way lets stay on task." Harry smiled over at his slightly blushing friends. "Well start with weaponry, then spells. If you want to borrow any books just ask I have a library practically. Tomorrow we also have to work on what we'll be doing on Halloween night at the feast…" Hermione brightened even though she knew she'd be getting some of the books already. "Amaya, from what you have I think you are already skilled in weaponry use, you're going to have to help me teach these three, minus Ginny who knows some from what I taught her this summer."


"Shove it Ron…" said Ginny before Ron could get any farther into his retort about Harry teaching his younger sister with out his knowing or being there.

"We have to put a stop to the attacks…or soon there is going to be no trust between the wizarding world and the muggle world." Harry looked at them all "If we don't bring his attacks to a stop…There may be no hope for us…" he sighed, "Something has to be done soon or the school is going to fall apart."

They all nodded.

"There is only one house that is keeping us from uniting."

"Slytherin…" said Ron.

"And I know just the person who is keeping it from happening…" said Harry looking at the others.

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