Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. They belong to J.R.R. Tolkien.

This will be a collection of POV of Frodo's, Aragorn's, Sam's thoughts as they hear the words "Hang on, Frodo".

Hang On

(Strider's POV)

'Hang on, Frodo'. Did I really say that? How can I tell him that when I should have been right there to protect him. I promised to take him to safety when Gandalf did not show. This gentlehobbit from the Shire, who had had no interaction with the race of Men before, put his trust in me. He even convinced his slow trusting gardner, Samwise, that I could be trusted as well as his doubting cousins.

He should not have had to hear those words from me, Strider, Ranger of the North. What was I thinking? Leaving them. It was like leaving children out to play for just a few minutes without supervision and 'kaboom' everything blows up. The Ringwraiths were on them quick as lightning. I had seen five of the dark robed creatures lurking about while I was scouting the area. I knew they were drawn to the light on the hill side. Why did the hobbits have to make a fire? Surely Frodo would have known better?

I followed the beasts up the hillside concealed in the shadows. One of the Nazgul was bending over something grabbing blindly in the dark. What was it doing? The other four were hanging back. Scanning the area, I found that the other hobbits had been knocked down and across the stone dirt floor. Then the leader unsheathed its sword and it dawned on me, Frodo had put on the Ring. He had disappeared just as he did in the Prancing Pony. Before I could intervene, the Ringwraith's blade penetrated the darkness. Frodo's scream pierced the night air. Jumping between the Nazgul and where it had engaged it's defenseless opponent, I suddenly see a hobbit reappear with Sam, once laying against a pillar, had risen to Frodo's aide when he heard his master's painful cries.

And now I tell him to 'Hang on' while we are running, him slung over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes, with only the aide of a couple of torches to light our way. I cringe at my own lack of insight when I hear him call out pitifully,"Gandalf!"