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Third part of Hang On POV

Frodo's POV

"Hang On, Frodo!"

"It's six days to Rivendell, he'll never make it!" I heard Sam cry out. Oh, my Sam. What would I do without him? He will worry so. I made him come along. Told him it would be all right to follow this Ranger, that he would protect us. Protect us? He left us!

The Black Riders are here. They do not need to be here. Why did Merry and Pippin insist on coming? I cannot protect them anymore. I am scared for myself, for them.

I remember the Ring calling to me. To put it on. I feel the gold between my fingers. Disappear. Bilbo disappeared. I can disappear and they will not find me. I slip the metal over my finger, the scenery changing from the dark world to a fuzzy white void. My eyes start to adjust to the light. It seems to be moving closer. Then it dawned on me, these were not lights, but the Ringwraiths! I was in their world. Frozen where I lay, the one with the crown looms over me. He tries to take the Ring and I pull my hand from the force eminating from his ghostly form. Pain, searing pain.

Through slit eyes, I see Strider above me. I manage to take off the Ring, the white world disappearing from around me, bringing me back to the dark cold night. Keeping quiet no longer, I scream out from the freezing pain radiating from my shoulder down my arm.

"Frodo!" I hear Sam call my name. I think that is the first time I have ever heard him call my name informally.

Then I see Merry and Pippin. Thank Elbereth they are not hurt. I see tears falling down Sam's cheeks. I try to tell him not to worry. "Oh, Sam,".

Strider is now leaning over me, holding something in his hand that lay by my side. I see black smoke rising as he throws it away with disgust. Our eyes meet and I try to tell him that I was sorry to cause so much trouble, that I am hurt, but again no words will come forward. I feel him pry me from Sam's hands, lifting me into his arms. I can no longer keep my eyes opened. The darkness is surrounding me.

"Gandalf?" I cry out softly, hoping that he would magically appear. He always seems to turn up when you need him. Then I hear the Ranger's words "Hang on, Frodo."

How can I hang on? I am turned upside down, bouncing on his back, with nothing but darkness that I will not cling to. It keeps calling me. I resist as much as I can. I have to. The Shire will be saved. My family will not be harmed. The one I need is not here. Where is he?


the end.

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