Starting Over: Slight Revelations

By: Bree-2006


AN: I'm doing something I really shouldn't be doing, besides the fact that I'm typing this at the Library due to my stupid broken computer (Where's the Dell dude when you need 'em?) Actually I'm writing two stories at once. But I figured my lie of having this story out right after My Sun and My Darkness kinda made my wonderful reviewers hate my guts...I AM SO SORRY!

So now I'm here with the sequel to Love never goes our way (which had been re-edited and submitted) so for those reviewers who hate my lying guts I promise I'll never do it again. Please enjoy and for those final fantasy lovers Plz read my other stories...

Usagi sat in her wooden rocking chair looking silently out the window, she was rocking back and fourth to the sounds of nothing. This for her was a wonderful feeling. No screaming, or crying or angry fits just complete utter silence.

Snoring softly in her arms lied two 6 month old hell raisers. When one cried the other cried and soon the crying would become a never-ending cycle. Usagi soon got used to it though. After all having twins wasn't supposed to be easy but she had managed it.

She had to admit it wouldn't have been so easy without Motoki by her side. Caring for the twins when their insane crying over powered the helpless mother. She thought herself lucky for having someone so wonderful and caring beside her. After coming to stay with her he became the rock she needed to lean on.

She loved him and she knew it. There wasn't a day when she wouldn't let him know it or when she would keep her gratitude silent. The first words she spoke every the morning were 'Love' and 'Thanks'.

Most men would run from her...more so from commitment, but he would smile, kiss her forehead and tell her how much she meant to him.

The sun was slowly beginning to fall down through the horizon causing the blond to humph for another uneventful day of motherhood. Little eyes poked out from the slits of their eyelids ending what little peaceful time their mother had, and as soon as the quiet had had ended.

Piercing wails sounded through their lowly lit room causing Usagi to cringe as she swore her eardrums had shattered.

"Its ok mommy's here no need to cry," she cooed into her children's ears and with no avail she walked over to duel changing tables changing the twins at once. A door opened slowly and in stepped Motoki still dressed in his hospital wear. Kissing Usagi on the cheek he set to work on changing one of the twins.

"Chibi-Usas got a little bit of a diaper rash today." He stated casually. Usagi tossed him a tube of cream as he plastered it on Chibi-Usas sore rear. Her crying subsided and as he slowly lifted the infant onto his shoulder she quickly fell back into her dream world.

"I don't know what's wrong with Andy today..." Usagi started "He hasn't eaten much and hasn't waken up crying for milk." Motoki placed the sleeping Chibi-Usa into her crib and walked back to Usagi who had just finished changing Andy. Motoki's arms wrapped securely around Usagi, he placed sweet kisses along her collarbone and began to take off his tie.

"How was your day today?" Usagi asked him as she placed Andy into the crib adjacent from Chibi-Usas. Taking off his shoes Motoki looked at Usagi.

"Same old, same old...nothing out of the ordinary." He replied sitting on the edge of their king size bed. Usagi walked over and joined him.

"What about was your day?" He asked her wrapping his arms around her.

"It was good...I got to take a 2 minute shower!" She exclaimed unhappily. Motoki laughed kissing Usagi's shoulder. Usagi giggled and turned to kiss him deeply.

"Ahhhhh...the simple pleasures" Motoki grinned kissing her on the cheek. He stood up and walked over to the closet pulling out a dress.

"I'll tell you what, Put this on and I'll take you out to eat tonight." Usagi smiled which quickly turned into a frown. A question plagued Usagi, she wanted to get out and have some fun but something always stood in her way.

"What about the twins?" For Usagi it was always 'what about the twins' she really wanted to get out of the house but she knew it was easier said than done. Motoki sighed and walked to the dresser to pull out some boxers. Eyeing Motoki questionably Usagi continued her blue eyes scanning him.

"I'll have Taiki come and watch them...Usa you really need to get out of this house." Usagi sighed.

"That would be nice..." She trailed "But are you sure he wont mind watching them for a few hours...they are a handful." Motoki laughed.

"I'm sure he wont...we'll give'em some Nyquil and they'll be out like a light." Usagi's brows furrowed together.

"You can't give them Nyquil!" She shuttered at the idea. Motoki laughed walking over to Usagi. She seemed extremely upset. He turned her chin to look into her eyes wanting to apologize for his crude statement.

"Babe I was just joking...I'm a doctor do you actually think I don't know that Nyquil is not good for children."

Usagi smiled and reached for the dress. She daintily headed towards the bathroom to change and stopped to shout out to Motoki.

"Call Taiki were going out tonight!"

Taiki's cars reared loudly into their driveway as Usagi finished putting on her makeup. She walled to the other side of the room to look out the window and wave to her friend. Walking back to the mirror she checked on the twins who were sleeping sweetly in their cribs.

Motoki walked slowly out of the kitchen laying out popcorn and a few movies on the table for the babysitter. As the doorbell rang Motoki stood up straight to answer it. His hand touched the knob and Usagi walked elegantly down the stairs. She waited silently at the base of the steps.

Taiki walked in shaking Motoki's hand he noticed Usagi standing at the stairs. He walked over and hugged her.

"Hiya momma how've you been?" Usagi smiled, Hugging back.

"Good and you?" she asked as Taiki scratched the back of his head. Usagi let Taiki go and smoothed the invisible wrinkles in her dress.

"Pretty good." Taiki answered walking to the couch. Usagi walked over to Motoki and grabbed his hand.

"Thank you for watching them while I get out of this house." Usagi said to her friend, he smiled and nodded.

"Anytime...have fun you two." They both smiled and walked out the front door. Motoki shut the door quietly as not to wake up the twins and then turned to Usagi.

"So where to?" he asked as Usagi stopped to think.

"Well how 'bout...anywhere with food?" Motoki laughed. Usagi would eat anything. They walked to Motoki's silver Mitsubishi eclipse. He opened the door and let Usagi slip inside. Looking at her he replied once again grabbing her hand.

"Sure thing Usa"

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