Starting Over: Slight Revelations

By: Bree-2006

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Motoki sighed into the telephone receiver. He sat in his office, subconsciously tapped his fingers on the desk in front of him as his old friend rattled on and on about things that didn't even interest him.

"So Raye's been acting really strange lately. All she's been talking about is the wedding and moving away from Japan." Motoki nodded as if the man on the other side of the line could see him. "I think she wants us to move out here." Motoki's eyes widened unexpectedly. Truthfully he hadn't heard a word his old friend had said up until then. Donning reluctance he shrugged.

"I don't know what to tell you Mamoru, just tell her your career is in Japan." He knew it wasn't as simple as that. The fact that Raye was naturally bossy and a bit frightening to say the least was an understatement. She was just plain scary sometimes. Motoki bit back a grin.

'You wouldn't have had this problem with Usagi'

"Anyways, I still need to know when you and Serena are able to come to dinner. And if you say no I have a feeling Raye will have to go and track you two down." Motoki didn't think he was joking, after all, he had known Raye for a very long time.

"How about tonight, Raye can't cook but she knows where the best sushi house is in town." Scratching the back of his head he looked at the clock.

"Sorry but it's nearly five o' clock and there is no way we can get a baby sitter for the twins tonight— "

"Then bring them with you, it's fine and I'll have Raye reserve us a table." Motoki shook his head.

"Wait I—"

"It's no problem Motoki, I'll see you at seven, bye." The noxious dial tone filtered through Motoki's ears as he stared stupidly at the phone in his hands.

'Perfect, just perfect' Reaching over he hung up the phone and then picked it back up again. Punching in all the correct numbers he was greeted by a voice of someone he knew all to well.

"Hello?" slapping his hand to his forehead he frowned.

"Usa, we have a problem." The woman on the other side of the line raised an eyebrow.

"Ok, what is it?" she wondered out loud, listening intently to her boyfriends answer. Of course poor Motoki was at loss for words.

"Motoki, sweetie, what is it?" worry in her voice was evident, tremendous worry, by choice. He was acting strangely, and Usagi didn't like it.

"I…um…we have to—" Usagi was becoming slightly agitated, frustrated at the man that couldn't even give her a simple explanation or answer. Tapping her fingers, the irritated natural blonde, now brunette, glared menacingly into the phone.

"Motoki, what are you talking about?" she managed to punctuate the 'are' for a little bit longer than necessary but didn't seem to notice it. Motoki sighed and mumbled under his breath.

"What was that?" she asked, pressing her ear even harder into the phone. He sighed once again.

"I said that we have a dinner date with Mamoru and Raye tonight." A hearty shriek soon followed.

"What do you mean tonight? I am not going anywhere tonight! You will just have to call him back and tell him no!" ignoring the sudden ringing in his ear from her deafening shriek, he spoke calmly.

"He hung up before I could say anything else, besides he said if we didn't go then Raye would come looking for us baring food herself." He stopped and smiled. "Do you really want her at our house?" an all-knowing moan escaped her as she let down her resolve.

"We don't have a baby sitter." She said simply, her eyes downcast at the floor.

"We have to take them with us." Her eyes widened immensely.

"Motoki…I don't, I can't…what if he finds out…" He softly called her name reassuringly.

"He won't, if he hasn't figured it out yet then he won't figure it out at all." He felt confident in himself after he heard a soft sigh from her.

He grinned into the phone. "Besides, if he were to find out, it wouldn't matter right, he's has no right to them, would it really so bad?" Usagi shook her head incredulously.

"Yes it would, what if he…if he tried to take them away?" her voice had become nothing but a whisper by the end of her question. Motoki frowned.

"He wont be able to, you are their mother, they need you…they don't need some arrogant father that broke their mothers heart." For some reason Usagi simply smiled at this. It was mostly true after all.

"I thought I was heart broken Motoki but if he hadn't cheated on me in the first place I wouldn't have the life I have now. I really should thank him for it, not hate him for it." Her words startled him, but he knew his Usagi, her heart was a pure as pure could be, she didn't have a hateful bone in her body.

"God I love you Usa." She blushed and smiled sweetly.

"As I you Motoki, now I must go, I have to get ready and dress the twins. Get home soon. Bye." He returned her smile and bade her goodbye, putting the phone back in its rightful place.

'Damn I'm lucky…'

It was nearing six thirty when Motoki had finally made it home. Sleeping soundly in their car seats were the twins, bundles perfectly for the abiding cold outside. Usagi Smiled at him from the couch, fixing the dressy pants she had decided to wear for the evenings events. He of course smiled back, making his way to her and taking her in his arms. A delicate kiss on her lips turned slightly more heated as they fought for dominance, Usagi winning hands down.

They released each other reluctantly and Usagi watched as Motoki walked into their bedroom to change. Her once cool and collected smile turned in to a horrified frown as she remembers just where they were going for the night.

'So much for starting over'

Motoki walked out of the room, new clean clothes adorning his body. She replaced her frown with the best smile she could muster and together they grabbed the twins and walked out of the house, locking it behind them.

Placing the sleeping children in the car and strapping them in perfectly, the couple climbed into the front seat and headed over to the restaurant

The ride was unusually quiet. The only noises were the roaring of the car and the radio that had been turned down rather low so as to not wake the twins. Usagi played with her perfectly manicured fingers. Her eyes scanned at the road, her face a bit paler than usual.

She was meeting with her ex, and she was definitely not looking forward to it.

Motoki sat next to her in silence. This silence that was a bit eerie for the two, seemed to dissipate once Chibi-Usa had decided to wake up from her nap, waking up Andrew only seconds later. Usagi reached behind her and held their small hands in their own.

'I guess you're dreading this too'

They pulled into a parking lot and Usagi to a deep calming breath. Motoki parked the car and gave his girlfriend a grey look.

"Are you sure about this?" Truthfully he knew she wasn't, hell he wasn't ready for this. He tried to be calm, just for her sake, but he knew he was slowly losing that battle.

"Yes, it's now or never…" he gave her a tentative nod and opened the car door, running to the other side to open hers. They took out the twins and made their way inside, stopping briefly to quiet the slightly fussy children. The grand doors to the fine restaurant opened and Usagi stared in awe, but before she could take in the whole scenery someone called out her name.

"Motoki, Serena, glad you could make it, come on Raye's waiting for us"

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