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The Origin of the Scar

Harry Potter was a pretty ordinary boy: messy hair, cheap glasses with no magnification so basically they were just glass, a lightning bolt scar, lived in a cupboard, was a full time chef and maid to his Aunt and Uncle—and was a wizard and didn't know it! I know what you're thinking…pretty damn normal. Well, he actually wasn't normal…as I said before, he was a wizard! And here our story begins…

Hedwig's theme plays… Doo Doo Do Do Doo Do Doo Do!

Here we are at 123456789 Private Drive …basically we're in England.

One gothic witch and one cross dresser—I mean--Professor Dumbledore and McGonagall are holding a baby dressed in a potato bag.

"Was a Potato bag really necessary McGonagall?"

"I didn't dress him up Professor Dumbledore, Hagrid did! He has a new line of clothing called 'Hagrid', styles for primitive and barbaric women, men and children, from sizes 1 to 20033039, it's for giants too and it comes in all different shades of barbaric brown and goblin gray!"

"This isn't time to advertise clothing, Minerva—which is, by the way, located in all dirt poor areas near you! Now hurry up, throw him onto the doorstep, there's a party at the Three Broomsticks since Voldemort is officially gone!"

"OK!" said Professor McGonagall, throwing Harry onto the pavement, Harry's head slammed onto the side of the curb.

"Damn! That's going to leave a scar!" said Professor McGonagall.

"Do you think he's hurt?" said Dumbledore, 'wisely'.

"Let's check!" said McGonagall, "Damn, 3 cuts forming a lightning bolt! What are we going to do?"

"What do we do about what? VOLDEMORT GAVE it to Harry, when he was trying to kill him. It's as simple as that".

"Hmm…pretending it was Voldemort…brilliant, it's your word against his, and I'll wrap Harry up and place him on their doorstep, neatly, to make it look as if he was well taken care of by us!" said McGonagall.

"Very good!" said Dumbledore.

"Wait, Dumbledore! Only idiots would believe that story! I mean, come on! A lighting bolt scar given to Harry by the Dark Lord, so perfectly cut! Who is actually going to believe this?" asked McGonagall.

"Oh, everyone will, we live in a magical world for god's sake, and what I say goes—oh and people always believe what they read", said Dumbledore, eyes twinkling, eyes winking.

They placed the baby in front of the door, which is actually very dangerous since, if the door was opened quickly, it would hit Harry and most probably knock him out. Dumbledore and McGonagall left to go to the party, smiling at their brilliant plan.

Let's just say, it's best if Harry did know about the origin of his scar, he would hate his teachers, not hate Voldemort so much, and would fulfill his destiny to become the heir of Slytherin, and kill all the 'good' people like Dumbledore…no, we wouldn't want that to happen, now, would we?