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Ice-filled Darkness: Prologue Part One

Shinjuku, Japan: Circa 1997.

It was a hot summer day. Not only that, it was humid too. Most of the parents had plenty of paper fans and water bottles. One auburn hared man carried a small battery operated fan in one hand and a cell phone in the other. He was trying desperately tried to pay attention to his daughter in the soccer game. Unfortunately every time the man hung up, another client called. Finally he gave up on the cell phone and threw it in the nearby trashcan.

Glad to have his freedom, the father began watching the soccer game again. Wait...something was different. The game had stopped completely. A bunch of people crowded around the center of the field. 'Did someone get run over by the other kids?' He walked down the bleachers, since most of the parents had abandoned them. Tapping one of the parents on the shoulder, he asked, "What happened?"

It was a soccer mom. "Weren't you paying attention?" The man shook his head.

"Excuse me...Mr. Nonaka is it? We think your daughter might've had a heat stroke." This time the soccer coach was doing the speaking.

Mr. Nonaka pushed his way through the mob. Just as the coach had explained, his daughter was barely conscious on the ground. She was sweating badly and some of her auburn hair was sticking to her forehead. Rika's eyes opened when she felt her Dad's hand on her shoulder.

"Hi Daddy. Why are you crying?" The seven-year-old asked.

"I'm just worried, that's all." Mr. Nonaka answered as he noticed that there were tears streaming down his face.

"Daddy, my chest hurts. It hurts when I breathe."

His eyes widened as he suggested, " Don't talk, rest until the ambulance comes."

Rika gave him a questioning look then obeyed and closed her eyes. A second later sirens were heard as they became louder and louder. Paramedics seemed to explode from the ambulance as it stopped. Like a pit crew on a racetrack they laid Rika on a stretcher. Then the paramedics rushed her inside the vehicle while Mr. Nonaka followed.

At the Hospital

The hospital waiting room seemed deathly silent. Most of the nurses were uniformly monotone in doing their daily tasks. Even the people inside the waiting room kept silent, reading magazines or making phone calls. Mr. Nonaka felt completely alone, as if no one but him cared about his daughter. He had been waiting in this cold, stark room for hours, lingering for information about Rika's condition.

Someone tapped his shoulder. "Toranosuke Nonaka?" It was a doctor, adorned in white robes.

Rika's father lifted up his head, and wiped the tears from his eyes. "Yes, that's me. Is Rika going to be okay?" He pleaded.

The doctor took a deep breath. "Well sir...I'm afraid I have some bad news." He paused again trying to find the right words. "Your daughter has a heart defect. In fact, we're shocked you and her mother hadn't discovered it earlier."

"Can't you operate or something?"

"I'm sorry. We don't believe Rika will live long enough to make it onto the donors' list. Even then, we might not find a match."

"You're just going to let her die! I thought hospitals were supposed to save people not kill them."

"Well...we could keep her on life support for awhile. But, she'll always be dependent on it. Besides there are more lives that can be saved using that hospital room she's in now." The doctor stopped explaining while he pulled out a clipboard. "I need you to sign this to authorize removing Rika from life support." He nearly commanded as he handed Mr. Nonaka the clipboard.

"I can' this."

"When you can, let me know." The doctor replied bluntly walking into a nearby room.

Toranosuke Nonaka stared at the ominous forms. He mulled over the sentences. They seemed to make sense as much as a foreign language. Repeatedly Rika's father studied them, trying to comprehend their secret meaning. Yet even that seemed to fail. Every time he attempted to read one sentence, it blurred in his mind. 'I must be tired, that's it.' Mr. Nonaka thought, taking his mind of the clipboard momentarily. Then his ear picked up a nearby conversation.

"It's capable of copying the function of any organ near it. Within minutes someone could have a new lung, brain, heart..." The male voice was interrupted by a female voice.

"I don't know sir. I've never seen anything like it on our medical inventory. Is it safe? Has this 'digital core' of yours even been approved by the government?" The feminine voice asked sternly.

" But it's really new. Just let me test it out. I'm sure somebody will agree that it works."

"But is it safe? Please leave, before I call security."

Mr. Nonaka heard a sigh of defeat and exiting footsteps. A door automatically shut as the man abandoned the waiting room. Rika's father repeated the conversation in his brain. 'Within minutes someone could have a new lung, brain, heart...' When he realized the implications, Mr. Nonaka stood up and chased down the other man.

"Hey! Watch where you're going sir." A nurse huffed after being shoved out of Mr. Nonaka's way.

The man ignored the comment and kept running. He pushed past the hospital corridors. People stared at him in wonder as Rika's father rushed by the gift shop. At last he made it through the outpatient center at the front of the hospital. Within a few moments Mr. Nonaka was outside. Then he realized how late it was, for the sun must have set hours before. Suddenly he heard the familiar voice of the inventor, having a conversation with someone else. Mr. Nonaka turned his head to see what the man looked like.

"No luck at this hospital either? Too bad...the usual?" A coffee cart salesman inquired as he turned on the expresso coffee maker.

"Yeah, I was certain this one would say yes. But they didn't even let me see a doctor! Put a couple extra shots of caffeine in it, I didn't sleep well last night." The inventor replied. He had reddish brown hair and a goatee.

"Okay, but I warn you, this much will keep you wired for hours. Well, good luck with the invention thing Mr. Mizuno." The cart-man replied as he received his payment.

Mr. Mizuno nodded in response and strolled down the street. After taking sip of his coffee, the young man stopped, thinking he heard something. It was then that Mr. Mizuno noticed the other male who had been following him. The man wasn't familiar. 'Maybe one of those doctors changed their minds.' He thought. "Can I help you sir?" The inventor asked as the man drew closer.

"No, but you can help my daughter. Please, call me Tora" Mr. Nonaka replied gruffly.

'This guy isn't making sense at all.' "Excuse me?" Mr. Mizuno inquired nervously.

"You can make her an artificial heart right?"

"Yeah, but it's only experimental...." The member of the former "Wild Bunch" was rammed into a nearby brick building.

"I'll pay you anything you want! Please my daughter is going to die."

His heart rate sped up and Mr. Mizuno gulped. "I can't...too many things can go wrong. I'm sorry."

"They ALWAYS say sorry."

Cold round metal touched his right temple and Gorou Mizuno heard a gun click. He stared into Tora's eyes and realized how desperate the man was. Tears were welling up, threatening to fall down. 'He's scared.' Mr. Mizuno thought pityingly. "Okay fine. I'll help you and your kid, but if anything wrong happens...don't come looking for me."

"Deal." Rika's father replied pulling the firearm away and shaking Gorou's hand.

At the hospital (again)
The room was dark. It was also silent except for the forced breathing of a nearby patient and the beeping of the heart monitor. Moonlight poured through the window and outlined the hospital beds. Everything seemed so peaceful, until two men stumbled through the door.

One put a sign on the door saying, "Do not disturb." Then he hastily shut the door and removed his medical mask. Mr. Nonaka grinned like a child. His hopes were at an all time high ever since he stepped back into the building. Next to him was his fellow conspirator, "Shibumi" Mizuno. He was sorting through a large suitcase. Finding what he was looking for, Shibumi pulled out a small light case.

Light was streaming from the cracks in the box. Mr. Mizuno held it tightly, as if it would float away. He rested his gaze on Tora as he made his way to one side of the bed. "Better say any last good-byes. This might be the last time you talk to her if anything goes wrong." The young scientist said ominously.

Mr. Nonaka nodded as he trudged to the other side. He rested his hand on Rika's head and smoothed out her hair a little. "Hey Pumpkin, everything's going to be okay now. And no matter what happens Daddy will always be there for you, I promise." Sighing Tora slid his hand away and nodded his head.

Gingerly Mr. Mizuno rested the device on the bed. He carefully snapped the buckles on the case and removed the lid. Pink fog poured out, as the light grew brighter and more intense. Gorou lifted a small palm sized orb. Next the man placed it on Rika's chest. At first, nothing happened. Then suddenly the digital core was absorbed into her body. "Turn off the life support, we have to make sure this thing is working." Mr. Mizuno ordered.

Rika's father reluctantly obeyed. The pulse shown on the heart monitor sped up rapidly. Soon afterward it was replaced by the fatal long beep. Mr. Nonaka pounded his face on the bed, as more tears dripped down his cheeks. "Beep...Beep, Beep, Beep...." It replied, proclaiming that Rika's heart was in fact working again.

At Shinjuku park

It was early in the morning at the city park. The only sounds heard were from birds and the cars passing by on the street. Even the park seemed empty, except for one small girl. Seven-year-old Rika Nonaka sat on a red swing. She tried to propel herself back and forth, but she was too small. Tears of frustration were forming in her eyes. 'I wish Daddy would huwy up with his surpwise alweady.'

A/N: I purposely spelled those words wrong, cause little kids talk like that okay! Anyway, back to the story before the "Mysterious Voice" starts giving me cliffhangers.

"Pumpkin, I bought us ice-cream!" Her father shouted nearby.

"Okay Daddy!" Rika replied as she scurried past the bushes and into the parking lot of a nearby ice-cream parlor.

At one of the tables sat Tora Nonaka with two bowls of ice cream in his hands. As Rika was within one foot of the stand she noticed the flavors. They were both strawberry cheesecake flavored with jellybeans and sprinkles. 'My favorite!' Rika thought happily as she began to devour the tasty treat.

"Is this your supwise Daddy?"

Her father swallowed. "No Pumpkin...." He paused again struggling to find the right words. When Rumiko, her mother had discovered that Rika had received a new heart, without her knowing, she was furious. Rumiko felt that she couldn't trust Tora any more. It seemed like they fought every time they had a conversation. "Mommy and I don't love each other anymore. So I'm going to go away for a while, until me and Mommy can sort things out." Tora looked at Rika's response.

She had a betrayed look on her face. "Isn't that what they call divorce?"

"It's more like Daddy is going into a time out and then I'll come back soon, you'll see." Mr. Nonaka tried to explain.

"Are you in twouble Daddy? Is it because I got a new heart?"

"No Pumpkin, you have nothing to do with this."

Rika ran around the table and leaped into her father's lap. Tears slipped down her face as she started to cry. In response Tora began to rock her back and forth singing a lullaby that he sang to Rika since she was an infant.

"We'll be together forever, forever, Because we promised that setting sun I want to see you soon, Please convey that feeling. You unexpectedly dove into my lonely heart You kindly wrapped up the things that hurt a little It was the first time I felt so relieved So I squeezed that warmth into my outside pocket. Do you want to go walking? We'll be together forever, forever, Because we promised that setting sun In lonely times, we can look at that lengthening orange That setting sun will whisper, "It will be okay." I want to see you soon, Please convey that feeling

So that I can meet you with your very favorite my best smile, I'll hang in through every day We'll be together forever, forever, Because we promised that setting sun It might seem discouraging but we'll embrace the beautiful orange "It will be okay" is what that setting sun taught us If I really believe, that feeling will definitely reach you."

At that point, Rika joined in singing.

We'll be together forever, forever, Because we promised that setting sun Even if we are far away, We'll still feel that same orange "It will be okay" Because that setting sun connects us Don't cry anymore, In the light of the love in our hearts In the light of the love in...."

Suddenly and icy wind interrupted them. Seconds later it swept Rika from her father's arms. Then the wind materialized into a demon-like monster. It had blue-white skin and cold red eyes. Two large pointed horns rose from its head. Several tattoos adorned its body.

Rika kicked and fought for freedom. Unfortunately the monster was just too strong. Soon she was freezing cold, as if the creature was made of ice. It grinned at Rika when she stopped moving.

"Oh, sorry. Am I capturing her at a bad time?" The demon sneered.

Mr. Nonaka ignored the comment. "Who, or what are you and what do you want with my daughter!" He shouted.

"I'm Icedevimon, a digital monster, and this girl has something I want." Icedevimon answered bluntly, reaching for Rika's heart.

Tora's eyes went wide. "Stop! Please, take me instead." He pleaded, stepping forward with his hands in surrender.

"What use are you to me? You don't have the power."

"How do you know that?"

"As you wish," Icedevimon dropped Rika and grabbed her father. "Now say your goobyes!" He stated as he and Mr. Nonaka vanished. Minutes later the fog did too, leaving overturned tables and a mess of ice cream.

"Daddy! Come back, you promised." Rika shouted into the air. When no response came, she realized her father wasn't listening. With a defeated look, the young girl walked home, trying not to cry.

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