A Light For the Wind

By Henrika

Henrika-My first foray into the Frontier world. It is Kouzumi, mainly because i just like those two characters the best. I may do a Junzumi later on if i get inspiration. Oh, I use the English names. Read and Review!

After suffering another defeat at the hands of the Royal Knights, six Legendary Warriors were taking a cautious break in one of the few forested areas that hadn't been scanned yet. Meat apples were toasting on a fire while the kids figured out their next move.

"We have to stop them!" Takuya slammed his fist into his palm.

"That's great Takuya. Now we just have to figure out how to do it, where they'll stike next, and how not to get the fractal code knocked out of us." Kouji sighed. "Everything we've used against them has been useless."

"Don't give up hope!" Patamon landed in the boy's arms,

"Yeah, there has to be some way to defeat them." Zoe said.

"Uh guys?" Tommy interrupted. "I think the apples are burning." There was a mad scramble as everyone attempted to salvage dinner.

"You'd think we'd learn." JP said as he blew out a small flame on his apple.

"What exactly are these again?" Kouichi asked.

Bokomon spoke before anybody else could answer. "Meat apples..." he paused for effect. "are one of the Digital World's main food sources.

"Yummy." Neemon had already started munching and the others followed suit.

"Barbequed pork." Takuya said.

"I got chicken!" Tommy crunched. "Me too." JP said.

"Hamburger." Came from Kouji and "Steak" issued forth from Zoe.

Kouichi examined his apple for awhile longer before taking a nibble. "Roast beef. Not bad." There was no sound save a contented munching and night fell as the meal ended.

"Let's make camp. We could all use some rest." Zoe pointed out. There was a chorus of nods and the group set about gathering some leaves for bedding.

"We should set a waaaatch." Takuya said, unable to stifle his yawn.

"I'll take it." JP volunteered. "I need to feel like I'm doing something useful."

"You have been JP. "Kouji said. "Without your help and your spirits, the Digital World could have been destroyed completely already. "

"Wow, thanks Kouji."

"But you're still taking the watch." Kouji smiled and flopped down by a tree.

The others bedded down and JP took his post. A few hours passed and he was weighing the merits of waking up Kouichi or Tommy as he stoked the fire. Sure is windy tonight. He mused. "Wait, what was that?"" he stood up listening hard. And hearing the unmistakable sound of a large digimon crashing through the trees in their direction. "Guys, wake up!"

"Wha...what?" Zoe moaned, very annoyed to have her beauty sleep disturbed.

"Something's headed our way. We should spirit evolve!"

"Right!" Tommy pulled out his D-tector and the others did the same.

"Execute! Spirit Evolution!"

"Execute! Fusion Evolution!"

"Lowemon! Kazemon! Beetlemon! Kumamon!"

"Aldamon! Beowulfmon!"

Bokomon, finally woken by the commotion wached as a digimon burst through the trees, crying out as he recognized it. "That's Venamarumon!" The Digi-analyser popped up with a picture of an enormous digimon that resembled a cross between a snake and a porcupine. Acid-green scales were joined by bone-white spikes on the creature's skin. "Venamarumon, a digimon who's mean even when he's in a good mood. His attacks are Venom Spray and Bone Melter."

"Why us?" Kazemon moaned.

"We're just popular." Aldamon grinned.

"Rhetorical question!"

"Well, don't ask a question when you don't want it answered!"

"Finissshed?" Venamarumon slithered for the arguing pair. "Bone Melter!" Acid shot at them, but they managed to dodge it by jumping apart. Beowulfmon took his chance and fired his laser into the digimon's mouth, but the acid destroyed the attack.

"Hurricane Gale! Frozen Hunter! Atomic Inferno!" Thunder Fist! Shadow Meteor! Blizzard Blaster!" A rainbow of light rocketed towards Venamarumon and struck him in the face, exploding upon impact.

"Direct hit!" Lowemon yelled. Their elation was short-lived as a hissing laughter came through the smoke. An unscathed Venamarumon advanced on them.

"Pathetic. Venom Spear!" The bone white spikes rocketed away from his body and headed for the warriors.

"Scatter!" Beetlemon yelled. They all flew or ran in various directions, but Kazemon wasn't fast enough, a spear piercing straight through her stomach.

"Zoe!" She instantly de-digivolved and the others were horrified when they saw that the hole was still there. She fell from the sky, unconcious. Beowulfmon was closest and caught her neatly before she hit the ground.

"Keep him busy! I'll get her to a safe place!" The others nodded, all concerned with Zoe's fate before Venamarumon's next attack drew them back into the battle. Beowulfmon sprinted into the woods, moving as quickly as he could without injuring the girl more. Bokomon, Patamon, and Neemon saw them go by from their hiding place and ran after them, but were quickly outstripped by the larger digimon's stride and speed.

When Beowulfmon finallly stopped running, he found himself in a small meadow ringed by trees. He carefully laid zoe down in the grass and examined the wound. It was roughly the size of both his human fist and ran all the way through. Zoe moaned as she began coughing blood. He knew she was going to die if he didn't do somehting, and soon.

In his head, Kouji was frantic, something rarely seen in the group's lone wolf. I have to help her, but how? Wait, unconcious people are in the darkness, so if I show her the light... He knew there was a slim chance it would work, but he had to take it.

"Here goes." Beowulfmon placed both hands over the hole and began to concentrate.

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