A Light for the Wind

Chapter 3

By Henrika

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A new camp was set up in the clearing and the group now took turns watching over Kouji and Zoe. Zoe had insisted she was fine, but after some encouragement she had agreed to take a nap and had instantly fallen asleep. Bokomon, Patamon, and Neemon had decided to do the same and were draped on various tree branches.

"Will they be okay?" Tommy's voice broke through the heavy silence.

"Sure they will buddy." Takuya patted him on the head.

"They just need to rest for awhile." Kouichi said.

"Yep, they'll be up in no time." JP said with an enthusiasm he had trouble believing in.

"Alright." Tommy poked a stick at the fire. "I wonder if they have marshmallows in the Digital World?" The others snickered.

"Do you have graham crackers in your pockets too JP? We need s'mores!" Takuya said. All the tension in the air dissolved into a fit of giggles. Unbeknownst to them, Zoe was awake and had quietly wormed her way over to Kouji's side.

"You need to wake up Kouji." She whispered. "We all need you here. You have to be Kouichi's brother. You have to keep Takuya in line. You have to be here...for me." She wiped away the tears that had suddenly sprung up in her eyes and let out a soft gasp as she realized what her last statement really meant to her. "Please, you're not alone anymore. You don't have to be because we're here for you. We care about you. I care about you. Please wake up.""

Kouji had opened his eyes seconds after the bright flash and found that he was no longer with Zoe. Instead he was on a plain made up entirely of plae blue light. "Kouji." A voice said behind him. He spun around defensively and came nose-to-nose with Kendo Garurumon. "Finally. I figured you'd never get here. Hop on."

Kouji was a bit bewildered as to why one of his spirits was physically standing ing front of him, but he shrugged it off as an oddity of the digital world. After all, I have seen stranger things here. He thought as he climbed onto the armoured wolf's back and grabbed ahold of his golden wings as his wheels went down.

"Hang on." Kendo Garurumon added unnecessarily. They rocketed away and Kouji saw that three familiar figures were waiting at their destination. Lobomon, Beowulfmon, and MagnaGarurumon to be exact.

"Found him, eh?" Lobomon said as Kouji dismounted.

"Where am I? Why...how are all of you here?" Kouji asked.

"Straight to the point." MagnaGarurumon said.

"I always have liked that about him." Beowulfmon said. "Basically, we're all her because you used too much of your own light to heal the girl."

"Zoe! Is she okay?"

"Fine." KendoGarurumon answered.

"You on the other hand," Lobomon said "need some help."

"Why?" The boy asked still relieved that Zoe was alright.

"Did you know that you're unconcious?"

"What?!" Kouji had been unconcious a fair amount of times in this world, but this had never happened during one of those times.

"Your spirit needs time to recover so we're helping you stay alive in the meantime." MagnaGarurumon smiled sweetly, a very strange sight in Kouji's opinion.


"You're welcome." The four digimon said in unison. Kouji blinked and decided not to question it when more questions popped into his mind. "How is it that MagnaGarurumon and Beowulfmon are here if I don't have the other spirits and you two are here?" He pointed to Lobomon and KendoGarurumon.

"Kouichi and JP have unknowingly lent you a part of their spirits. I'm here because we're all a part of you. And we still have our energy because you only tapped into my spirit." Beowulfmon answered, including information Kouji had been wondering about. "I'm a little weak, but not as bad as you."

"Ok. How long will my spirit take to recover?"

"Depends." Lobomon said.

"On?" He found himself being hushed and urged to listen. And what he heard was Zoe's voice saying "You need to wake up Kouji. We all need you here. You have to be Kouichi's brother. You have to keep Takuya in line. You have to be here...for me. Please, you're not alone anymore. You don't have to be because we're here for you. We care about you. I care about you. Please wake up."

"Wow." Kouji breathed.

"Who would've guessed your feelings were returned." Lobomon said making Kouji splutter.Turning red, he opened his mouth to deny it, but MagnaGarurumon beat him to the chase.

"We do know what you're thinking Kouji. Remember when we said we were a part of you? We always will be."

"Think he's recovered?" Beowulfmon asked.


"Go ahead and kiss her." The last thing the caught sight of was four smirking digimon before another flash of light made him shut his eyes again.

Kouji found himself staring into Zoe's teary eyes. She gasped softly when she saw he was awake. Kouji, remembering his spirits' advice, closed his eyes and gently captured Zoe's lips.

In her head, Zoe was estatic. He's kissing me! Luckily, her heart took over. She shut her eyes and returned the gesture. It was short and chaste, yet sweet.

"Feeling better?" Kouji asked sweetly, slipping double meaning into the question as he blushed.

"All thanks to you." Zoe answered both questions.

"Good. Glad I could help." He flashed her a rare smile before a shout interrupted the moment.

"He's awake!"

"Kouji!" Kouichi came to his side. "Are you okay?"


"We were worried about you buddy." Takuya said.

"What happened?" JP asked. Kouji shared a quick, secretive glance with Zoe.

"I used my light to help our little wind fairy," he said, only Zoe catching the endearment. "and I needed time to recover it. No problem."

"But you're alright now?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah, I feel ready to save the world. Anyone with me?"

"Yeah!" Another rotating watch was set and the group passed the rest of the night in peace. In the morning, they would set out to protect the remaining fractal code. But for now, two warriors rested side by side, happy to be alive and with the hope for that tomorrow that they would face together.

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